“Live-In Together” is ALMOST getting legal like the Shastric Marriages. What to say Swami.

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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,



Madhippukkuriya Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam and all Dear BhagavAtas,



Adiyen would like to bring to notice regarding some present day transformations that is happening in this Practical world regarding Marriages and male-female relationships. Adiyen don’t know the correct word to say about these?, if it is “scary or interesting or necessary”.  Devareer to address these based on Shastric pramaanams that can be applied in a Practical way and what does Acharya’s say about these adjustments. Adiyen understand Acharya’s focus on “ATHMA UJJIVANAM ONLY” for all samsari’s either in male or female bodies, and Acharyas/Mahans responsibility is not to interfere and change the course of action of BhagavAn’s Kali Yuga, but to spread the Moksham Margham (Sharanagathy). However, Acharya’s also have families/kids who are involved in material mingling’s as well. General public/youngsters easily get carried away in this doomed Samsaram. So, these kind of transformations that is happening in this practical world (a.ka Kali Yuga) to be made aware of and to be addressed and Pray for Lokha Shemam, if not, it will be too late to recover for present youngsters/kids and it be a headache for the Parents.


Here is the Content that adiyen wanted to Share about

  1. Marrriage,
  2. Domestic Partner (a.k.a “Live-In Together”)


Definition of “Marriage”

The institution of marriage is a socially and ritually accepted union and a contract between spouses that institutes rights and legal obligations towards each other. In light of the diverse culture in India, separate laws have been formulated which lay down the procedure and guidelines for proper execution of marriages in various religions.



Definition of “Domestic Partner” (a.k.a “Live-In Together”):

The definition of a domestic partnership is when two people live together and are involved in an interpersonal relationship sharing their domestic life as if married, however they are not legally married. Domestic partner (DP) is a term that refers to an unmarried partner of the same or opposite sex, and are not married to anyone else. There is no law binding the partners together, and subsequently, either of the partners can walk out of the relationship, as and when they wish to do so. There is no legal definition of live-in relationship, and therefore, the legal status of such type of relations is also unconfirmed. The right to maintenance in a live-in relationship is decided by the court by the Domestic Violence Act and the individual facts of the case.


This is legal outside India (in USA) and one can go and register in Govt office and get a certificate as “Domestic partnership” Certificate to get the benefits of Health insurance and so on etc……


This is same as “Live-In Together”. Now, it is getting almost legally common in India in a such a way that, Supreme Court is accepting these norms as below, though not officially married can be treated as married:


In 2013, there was case for Ms.Indra Sarma vs. V.K.V.Sarma, where Supreme Court


– (1.) Leave granted.

(2.) Live-in or marriage like relationship is neither a crime nor a sin though socially unacceptable in this country. The decision to marry or not to marry or to have a heterosexual relationship is intensely personal.

(3.) We are, in this case, concerned with the question whether a “live-in relationship” would amount to a “relationship in the nature of marriage” falling within the definition of “domestic relationship” under Section 2(f) of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (for short “the DV Act”) and the disruption of such a relationship by failure to maintain a women involved in such a relationship amounts to “domestic violence” within the meaning of Section 3 of the DV Act. FACTS:;



The first one Marriage is legal as per Shastras and Material Laws and we call them as Dampathis/Spouse.

Now, the 2nd category is also becoming Legal. Not sure what to call them.

Presently for any Govt applications, or Bank Applications or Tax filing or Health Insurances or anywhere, there are only few available options as “Are you Married, or Unmarried or Divorce”. Once the Category2 situations keeps raising more, Sooner we will have Government issued Certificates with additional options asking us to fill in forms as “Are you a “Domestic partner or Live-In Together”. What a pathetic Kali Yuga. More Challenges for Vaidhehas/Bhaktas and their families.



Swami’s words in upanyasam, “Oru Porul Padaikka Patta Payanukku Upayogapada Vaendum (ஒரு பொருள் படைக்க பட்ட பயனுக்கு உபயோகப்பட வேண்டும் )” (An object invented should be utilized for the purpose of the invention only). Like this Body is an Object/Tool for the Athma to Serve BhagavAn Sriman NarayanaAn.

Example: The Manufacturer makes Knife with appropriate Material (Steel grades….) and then does Heat treatment (hardening/tempering process) for Strength, so it is Durable to CUT vegetables for a defined period of time. So the manufacturer releases the “MANUAL” along with the product on how to USE it and how to do periodic MAINTANENCE on it. If we follow the manual, then the product will last till its defined period with minimal issues. If we don’t follow the manual and deviate from its actual usage purpose, still the product will be useable to some extent, since the manufacturer has built-in some buffer margin for wrong use or serious misuse. However, the overall durability of the product significantly reduces and becomes non-usable sooner than its lifetime.

In the same way, the Manufacturer (BhagavAn) has created the Product (body) with appropriate Material (24 PanchaBootha tatvams) and does Heat Treatment for Strength (BhagavAn puts the JeevAthma inside body, so the JeevAthma’s DharmaBootha Gyanam gets spread over the body and finally the body gets the strength which makes it usable). The Manual (Manu dharma shastram etc…) is the guidelines to use the product knife (body with JeevAthma) to CUT vegetables (Kainkaryam to BhagavAn-Thayar/Acharyar/Bhagavatas). If the product is used for its purpose (kainkaryam), then the durability of the product reaches its defined period (In this Kali-Yuga, the life span for this body is 100~120 yrs, if utilized as per shastras).



ACTUAL Definition of Marriage as per Shastras:

So every activity that we do using this body should be focusing towards the Kainkaryam as per BhagavAn, and marriage is one of the activity to do Kainkaryam to BhaghavAn at Home.

  1. The mantra chanted by the priest during Vaidheeha marriage as per Sanatana Dharmam says, the purpose of marriage is to “Join hands together in search of Brahmam (Sriman Narayanan) and finally reach Moksham (SirVaikuntam)”, which is the MAIN GOAL.
  2. The wife (JeevAthma) is NOT for Husband (another JeevAthama) and vice-versa. Both are for BhagavAn ONLY. This is said in Brihadaranyaka UpanishadEnPAni #294”.



When a couple gets married, if the above main goal is understood by them at the time of marriage, then they continue the married life as a Kainkaryam to BhagavAn like,

  • Having Kids is for “Kula Vrutthi”. The couples understand that they should know more about Brahmam (ParamAthma) through-out their married life. At the same time, the couples realize that there are so many JeevaAtmas sticking outside & inside to our Sthoola Shareeram (body). So as a married couple, they continue their relationship with a desire to give a body to one of the Jeevathma which is sticking to their body based on BhagavAn’s grace. Then, teach the kid about Brahmam what they have learned, by doing Pancha Samskaram and Prapatti and do the same for the kids as well. This is a minimum 18 year Kainkaryam (till kid grows up) that every couples undertake with-in their family in-addition to the other Kainkaryams at home. This type of kainkaryam could be considered as a sub-category of “Drupta Prapatti”, since the couples wanted to spend some time in this samsaram by doing kainkaryam to BhagavAn by raising a kid and teaching the kid about Brahmam by themselves or sending to proper Paadashaalas. If the couples doesn’t release this type of kainkaryam at the time of marriage, then they can start doing this kainkaryam at the time they know about it.
  • At the same time, after the couples get married, if they want to reach SriVaikuntam without further spending time in this Samsaram by having kids, they can ask BhagavAn as “Aartha Prapatthi” to release them sooner with BhagvAn’s PURE NIRHEDHUKAI KRUPAI/DHAYA instead of spending temporary kainakryams in this Samsaram. Sometimes, Acharyas/Mahans miss to understand this, and they consider that the couples age is younger, so they will reach Moksham after they get Gyanam at the older age, when they know BhagavAn’s KARUNAI/KRUPA is the ONLY route to Moksham and not Gyanam. So, what resort those type of couples have now?.


Either way, now the Actual Definition of Marriage as per Shastras itself is not even being followed in present day Material Legal marriages. Now it has still deteriorated to “Domestic partnership/Live-In Together” which is being legalized in such a way that it is considered neither a Crime nor a Sin, as if it is their own Personal decision as long one complies with the Domestic Violence act. All going behind “Shareera Sugham”, ஆத்மாவை வெயிலில் வைத்து விட்டு, உடம்பை நிழலில் வைப்பது. What to say Swami about this Kali Yuga. Is REALLY “Kali Sadhuhu” (Kali Yuga is Good) as per Veda Vyasar statement to Narada maharishi. But Yes, Kali Sadhuhu due to More Virakthi looking at the Kali Yuga and a Fruitful immediate solution is Swami Ramanujar Avataram.



Devareer has said in previous 2018 KKT Calendar about the Ultimate Slokam as below, if one keep saying these daily during their life daily, then they will be protected against all the ODDS of these Kali Yuga.


Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr THiruvAdi (உய்ய ஒரேய வழி உடையவர் திருவடி)

(The Only way to succeed is by Grasping UdayvAr ThiruvAdi!)

Kaliyum Kedum Kandukonmin (கலியும் கெடும் கண்டுகொண்மின்)

(Kali will be vanquished; ‘Wait and Watch’)



Swami Ramanujar Adi Panindhu Uyindha, Sri Velukkkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigaaley Sharanam.

Ubhaya Vibhoothi Nayagan (Swami Ramanujar/UdayavAr) ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam.

Sarvam Sri Krishna Kudumbham,

Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu.

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Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe SriVarAha MahAdEsikAya Namaha

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy Thiruvadigaley Sharanam

Swamy clearly answered saying “Marriage is for doing Bhagavath BhAgavatha Kainkaryam together”

தப்பு இன்னிக்கி interestinga இருந்தாலும் நாளைகி feel பண்ணுவா


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