Kalakshepam Approval

Updated on April 6, 2020 in General
4 on February 3, 2020

Dear swamy,

Adiyen registered for Kalakshepam some three weeks ago. But not able to login. Adiyen suppose it is not approved yet. Have not rec’d any mail.
Seeking some information.

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3 on March 7, 2020

Swamy expecting your reply to this thread.

on April 5, 2020

Thank you..Adiyen received the credentials through SMS to my mobile.

on April 6, 2020

Sounds good. Super Ram Swami. Adiyen is glad to see devareer back on track to “Nishkrishtam Vesham Nokku” and recovered from the maayai Ideology of repositioning Athma and Paramathma inside body for Kainkaryam from the other thread.

Adiyaargal Vaazha ArangaNagar Vaazha……….

on April 6, 2020

Swamy ,
Recovered nu eppadi solla mudiyum? We all have some confusion or the other in this mayai. So getting clarity is a good thing. Each one’s thedal seeking is different.

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