Karma Palan VS Namasangeerthanam

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Adiyen Dhasan Dhasan Dhasan. Anega namaskarangal to Velukkudi Swami and to all Bhagavathals.

Out of my sheer ignorance adiyen is unable to fathom the following – adiyen’s sincere request to Swami to help clarify.

Kaliyuga dharmam Namasangeerthanam – the Palans of it in both ivvulagam and avvulagam are explained by Swami. Question is – if we are destined to experinece the Pava Palans of mun janmams, by Namasangeerthanam are we not counter effecting/reducing/minimizing/ the Karma Palan. Then how will Karma Palan be drained/spent?

Basically are the Pava Palan of previous janmas and Namasangeerthanam’s Palan, kind of Paradoxical in nature.

Kindly Clarify!

– Dhasan (Vivek)


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This is replied in En Pani 1575

on December 3, 2019

Adiyen Dhasan Dhasan Dhasan humbled by Swami’s response to Adiyen’s query. Knowing Swami’s extremely busy schedules and barrage of queries that Swami comes across every day, Adiyen did not expect that Swami himself will address this. Acharya kribhai, Bhagavathals Kribhai and Swami’s kribhai to have got the reply from Swami himself!
Swamigalukku adiyenin siram thaanzhntha nandri (words have limitation to express the thoughts).

Oppilla dha andha appan Oppiliappane Saranam!

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