Jeevathma and Paramatma

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Namaskaram Swami,

I have 4 questions:

1). You have said the seat of both Atma and the Paramatma as Antharyami is in a person’s heart. Nowadays there are surgical procedures where doctors transplant the heart of a person. During this process a mechanical pump circulates the blood and keeps the patient alive while his heart is removed and replaced with the donor’s heart. So in the time between the swapping of hearts, when the body is kept alive by machines with no heart in it, where will his/her Atma and hence the Paramatma as Anthryami reside? The Atma must not have left the body as that would result in death but we know the patient is alive.

2). You have also said in one the upanyasams that the Parmatma who resides in our heart is of the size of our thumb. If the Atma is sookshma, how can Bhagavan who is the Antharatma be of the size of a thumb?

3) If a Jeevatma enters Heaven or Hell to suffer the consequence of its Karma, how can the rebirth of that Jeevatma be based on previous Karma as by spending time in Heaven or Hell it exhausts all the accumulated Karma?

3) Who are the Pithrus in Pithruloka? How can they be my ancestors as they must have either reborn in this world or attained Moksha?

Please clear my doubts and pardon me if the questions asked seemed naive or offensive in any way.

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All these questions are answered in the en PaNi audio clips. Please browse The previous audio clips of En PaNi in

on August 17, 2016

Thank you for your reply Swami. I will listen to the clips as you suggested.

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