In which direction we are not supposed to sleep?

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Namaskaram Swami,

My parents say that I should not keep my head on south direction while sleeping. Is that true? Is there any scientific reason behind it?

Thanks in advance


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Yes. Since south is the direction of Yama, we don’t place our head in that direction while sleeping. West is guarded by Varuna, North by Kubera and East by Indra. By “scientific”. I presume that you mean “logical”. It is logical because when someone is dead his head is placed in the south. To identify that we are alive and also to avoid the negative effects of south, we place our head in the other three directions. As per Puranas, one who is destined to go to Naraka takes the southern path and to go to Svarga the norther path.

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At my home, we are not allowed to sleep placing our head towards the northern direction also.

Only East and West are considered good.

Is there any reason for avoiding North also?



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Namaskaram Swami,

 I want to recite namasankeerthanam. Please provide the complete list of Namasankeerthanam ?




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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,


Dear Srivats Bhakta,


Yes, As Swami has said, we should avoid keeping our head towards South side while sleeping.


Yes, Adiyen has also heard from Sanatana Dharma Pracharakars that keeping our head facing towards North side while sleeping also to be avoided.

The reason as follows:

  • ‘Earth’ North Pole and South Pole is powerful. Perumal has designed our ‘Body’ in such a way that, our body itself has a smaller North pole & South pole. Our Head is the North Pole & our feet is South pole.
  • When two magnets with each of its North pole facing same direction and South pole facing same direction are brought close together in parallel (side by side), then the weaker magnet REPELLS/deflects away very fast and loses its magnetism slowly.
  • Same way, consider, Earth & our Body are two magnets. When we sleep keeping our Head (Body’s North pole) towards North Direction (Earth North Pole), then through-out night for 8 hours, our body’s North Pole (Head) keeps Repelling/fighting with the Earth’s North Pole, since our Body’s North pole (head) is very weaker compared to Earths’ North Pole. This causes our PRAANA SHAKTHI to be exhausted/drained through-out the night instead of having a peaceful sleep (Brahmam Anubhavam). We can feel very tired when we get up in the morning instead of a fresh sleep. So avoid keeping our Head towards North direction.


    • Also, We can image how Perumal has designed this Earth. BhagavAn made sure that, there are no inhabitants in North Pole or South Pole, by making it as full of ICE (Artica & Antartica).
    • In Artica, when one stands up, their head is ALWAYS in same direction as North pole. So, BhagavAn has made sure that, we cannot live in a place through-out day or night, where our Praana Shakthi will get drained all the time due to North Pole of our Earth deflecting the North pole of our body. What a beautiful design by Perumal.
  • So, all Human beings in any country other than Artica or Antarica, when we STAND_UP, our Whole Body is ALWAYS in horizontal/Perpendicular (90deg) to North pole and our Head is always in West or East direction while standing. Consider India or America or Africa etc… We stand vertical with our head facing the sky, but our full body is actually perpendicular to North Pole all the time. But, when we sleep, we can tend to sleep in all four directions. So avoid, Head facing North direction. [Adiyen is not sure, if everyone can visualize what adiyen is saying].



  • Also, it is preferred to keep our Head towards ‘East’ facing and avoid West direction while sleeping as Earth rotates from West to East. So, if we sleep in opposite direction of Earth rotation (Head facing West), then we keep again resisting/Friction with Earth rotational movement. This also makes our Praana Shakthi loose through-out night, though we would have spent 8 hours of seeping, Still we will feel very tired in the morning instead of a good sleep.



So, keeping our “Head facing towards East” is the preferred direction while sleeping all the time.

As Swami has said, Avoid Head facing South Definitely, and avoid North facing for sure & try to avoid head facing West direction as well while sleeping.


Try this for a week. Eat within 1hr after dusk (around 7:00pm) for better digestion and sleep at 8:30~9:00pm by thinking about BhagavAn/Acharya Naamaas, we will automatically get-up early in the morning at Brahama Muhurtham fresh. We can clearly feel the difference. Once, we keep this routine, it becomes an Abhyasam and we will feel fresh in the morning.


[Definitely avoid Coffee/Tea in the morning in Tropical places. We feel fresh for the very instant, but it causes TIREDNESS after 1~2hours of consumption (Loss of Praana Shakthi) and further health issues as well. Swami has said in many Upanyasams that BhagavAn has said to avoid coffee/tea. Adiyen will explain the technical reason as well based on Sanatana Dharama pracharakars information, why Coffee/Tea to be avoided in a separate post].


Swami has said in Upanyasams that, A Good sleep itself is ‘Brahamam Anubhavam’. It also provides supplements like reduced Health Issues, since we are Re-charging our body for 8 hrs for a fresh next day to continue our Acharam/Anushtanam/Aaradhanai/Kainkaryam. Try sleeping with Head facing East direction everytime we sleep.


Share the information to all family, friends, kids etc…..



Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,

Sarvam SriKrishna Kudumbham.

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