How to tolerate rude behaviour in sathsangam?

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Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan
How to handle rude/loukika behaviours of people as well as self in sath sangam?

We come to sathsangam to escape loukika but what can we do if we face same loukika crap in
sathsangam as well

This is so frustrating sometimes when people who are supposed to set examples are being ridiculous , do not learn their lesson and repeat the offences.

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4 on July 16, 2020

Such cheap behaviours ,knowingly repeating offenses gets on nerves.Sathsangam is supposed to be safe haven from loukika and not the other way around.

Swamy, if we are facing such a situation, it means we have unknowingly or knowingly, in the recent past or in the distant past done something to deserve it. Let us introspect and pray to our Perumal to help us overcome that defect and move on.

What others should do, that is their business with their acharyan and Perumal. It is not our business to to worry on their behalf. If at all they are someone with whom we have a good relationship, then we may express our veiws at an appropraite time. If we do not have a good relationship with them, whatever we may say is not likely to have any effect; so, pray for them and move on.

In the Bhagavad Gita several times Perumal instructs us to tolerate the opposites such as sukaha-dukha, labha-alabha, jaya-ajaya, ninda-sthuti, sheetha-usna, harsha-amarsha, so on.

So, the ‘getting on nerves’ situations are an opportunity to remember Perumal’s instruction and pray to Him for the quality of tolerance.

I am also trying just like you.

adiyen dasan.

on July 16, 2020

Dhanyosmi Swamy for the soothing words , Adiyen will try to connect with NamPerumal when such frustration arises.

on July 16, 2020

Adiyen was frustrated when we have highest respect and greatest value on people on sathsangam and we get disappointed the same way as in loukika but its million times worse , when we are already suffocated in loukika and come here for breath of fresh air.

on July 16, 2020

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

Perumal pAthukarAr. Devareer is not alone but one thing adiyen observed situation will subside if we become polite & submissive in Sath Sangan.

Let’s not expect anything from anyone..

We all are on a specific learning curve.

Lowkikan is not easy to overcome. We may feel upset when reality is different from prescribed Spirituality.

Not everybody is KoorathAzwAn to say “I might have thought someone’s thiruman is slanting so i lost my eyesight.”

Nobody is an exception.

Let’s try to perfect ourselves and be closer to PerumaL.


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Namaskaram Swami

Who Knows it could be Bhagwat Sankalpam, in order to bestow his grace, making you involve in a satsangam and when  unwanted situation arises, then what all good actions which we could have heard in upanayasams and as liked by Bhagwan, could be implemented, like Patience, Endurance etc can be developed moreover Pagutha Arivu can also play an important role i.e of which things to give importance to and  of which not to. so a great opportunity.


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0 on July 25, 2020

Yes, swami, it’s sad to see

All we can do is –

Stay away from them but with respect – the best option
If you are at a position of giving them guidance, try to speak to them – risky

Ultimately – your devotion or Saranagathi matters. Ignore the unwanted

If you can’t tolerate, walk away from them

Jai Srimanarayana

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