How to increase memory power for Spiritual Progress (Adiyens’ Notes from Swami’s audios)

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Sri GodhaGraja’yai Namaha,

[Sri Anadal Godhai’kku, Annan (Brother) aaga Irukkum Swami Ramanujarai Vanagukiraean]

Sri Dasarathi’yai Namaha,

Srimad VaraVara Munaye Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruvae Namaha,


Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigalukku Pallaandu paadi Sharanam.



Adiyen would like to share some Notes with ALL Bhaktas that adiyen has grasped/picked during adiyen’s spiritual progress with Acharya Krupai and Sri Velukkudi Swami Anugraham regarding the topic “Memory/Gyanam increase for Spiritual knowledge progress and how to get Anukoola Gyanam (necessary knowledge)“. If answer is already known, please enjoy again like how Lord Anjaneya, though fully educated (Nava Vyakarana Pandithar) and very well knows Srimad Ramanyam by LIVE involvement, He still sits and listen over and over again whenever any person (immatured Athma like adiyen) narrates Ramayanam in different generations/yugas.




ANYONE (male, female, children etc..) can improve BhagavAt Vishaya Gyanam (Spiritual Knowledge) by many ways (A-1 thru’ A-4 & B-1 thru’ B4 & C-1 thru’ C-2, D-1), but all ways are REALTED to each other. SriHayaGriva Perumal also blesses for improving materialistic knowledge as well, if the materialistic knowledge can be used for Spiritual progress:




A-1) Chanting the below Sri Hayagriva Slokam daily after paying respect/gratitude to Baktha’s own Guru-Paramparai.


GyanaNandhamayam dEvam nirmala SphaTikAkruthim |

AdhAram sarvaVidyanam HayagrivAm upAsmahE


The Hayagriva Stotram (33 slokams) was written by our PoorvAcharyar Swami Vedanta Desikar.


If we know to chant full 33 slokams, it is good, if not just play the stotram and listen (Shravanam), or atleast learn to chant the above two lines Thaniyan slokam of Sri Hayagriva Perumal. We will defenitely see the changes in our life.


Sri Velukudi Swami in “Sri Hayagriva Stotram” CD explains in detail the meanings of each line of the stotram.


[Sri Hayagriva Perumal is the Primary ‘Moola’ source of Vidhya or Gyanam (WEALTH of SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE). HE has given that knowledge to many Acharyas like Swami Ramanujar (Swami’s ThiruvAaradhanai Perumal is Sri HayaGriva) and these knowledge was transcedental from Swami Ramanujar through ALL Paramparai Acharyas to Swami Pillai LokaCharyar, Swami Vedanta Desikar , Swami Manavaala Maamunigal etc till Asmadh Acharya and recevied to us via Mahans like Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami]




A-2): by having GURU-BHAKTHI, which is the ultimate answer that adiyen has understood so far from Swami’s Upanyasams [“Bhakthi/KrithakjGyatha(Gratitute) towards SAATHVIKA-Guru”].

Swami’s EnpAni #601 says about the Guru-Bhakthi using Wi-Fi as example.. Wi-Fi network is the is the BhagavAn; Wi-Fi Password is the Acharyar Sambandham. Wi-Fi netwrok is always there everywhere, but without log-in password, we will not receive the Messages (BhagavAt Anughraham for Gyanam/Bhakthi) automatically.

Swami on Vithura Neethi #577 in the starting of the EnpaNi audio says about Guru-Bhakthi.




A-3): Swami also says, we should show RESPECT/GRATITUE to “GURU-PARAMPARAI” lineage of preceptors ALL the time by chanting the sequence in the morning and further murmur throughout the day starting from “Asmadh Gurubhyo Namaha (Present Acharyar)” till “Sridharayai Namaha” (GitAcharyan BhagavAn SriKrishna)”, since without PoorvaAcharyars ThiruvAdi Anugraham, we don’t get Moksham in this same birth. This is the essence of BG Sloka 18.66 to reach Moksham ‘SriVaikuntam’ in same birth. (……….Maamaekam SHARANAM Vraja…., means Surrender ONLY on to my LOTUS FEET which is nothing but the lineage of Acharya Preceptors ThiruvAdi leading to GitaAcharyan ThuruvAdi (LOTUS FEET) via Swami Ramanujar ThiruvAdi as a chain link. So, how to get GitaAcharyan ThiruvAdi is to go and do “Athma Samarpanam” (PRAPATTI) means surrendering ourself Athma to Perumal via Acharyan, Returning the stolen property) to Acharyan and get Swami Ramanuja Sambhandham, who is none other than Thuruvellikeni PaarthaSaarathi Perumal “GITACHARYAN SRIKRISHNA”.








Enpani 1005.


Chanting Guru-Paramparai does “CHitta-SUddhi”, cleanses our Karmas, and the Athma’s original GYanam is revealed automatically.



B-1) Think/Imagine about Swami Ramanujar and our Asmadh Acharyar (Sanyasi or Gruhasthar) keeping their Holy ThiruvAdi on our head all the time (@ home or work or outside etc..) as much as possible, since Asmadh Acharyar is the UPAKARAKA Acharyar who surrenders us (the Athma) to the lotus feet of Swami Ramanujar/Sriman Narayanan. Swami Ramanujar is the UDDHARAKA Acharyar (who lifts us from this Samsaram & makes us cross the Virajai Nadhi to reach the other side SriVaikuntam (SriKrishna Lokam/ Nithya Vibhoothi/ ParamaPadham/ Yamma Veedu) for Permanent Happiness by doing Nithya Kainkaryam.




B-2) Think/Imagine about Swami KoorathAzhvan ThiruvAdi, so we can get Swami’s Anugraham/Aasirvadham. since Swami has high level memory capacity as we know that Swami was able to remember each line of the “Bodhyana Grantham” after reading it only once in anight time before it got lost on next day. When the grantham got lost, then Swami koorathAzhvan was able to reflect back from His memory, so Swami Ramanujar could write SriBhashyam, which is the explanation for Veda Vyasar’s Brahma Sootram.




B-3) If we learn any slokas or sandhai or meanings of slokas from other Acharyars or Pandithargal/Vedhanthigal of Parathantra Acharya lineage, then we need to think about their Holy ThiruvAdi as well.

Due to this gratitude, those slokams and meanings gets into our mind/memory with that Guru’s blessings who wrote it.




B-4) Since PoorvAcharyars teachings are known to us from Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami’s upanyasams, we have to think/imagine about Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami keeping His Holy ThiruvAdi on our head before hearing any of Swami’s Pravachanams/Upanyasams. Prostrate in Mind or directly on Swami’s ThiruvAdi (if situation prevails or applicable) that Swami’pravachanam need to reside on adiyen’s head/buddhi inorder to execute in day-to-day life for Anubhavam.


References for B-1 thru’ B-4:

From Swami’s “GuruParamparai Upanyasam CD”, we have heard that Swami Ramanujar didnot receive any kalakshepam/upadesam from Swami Alavandar directly, sicne Swami ALavandar wnet to ParamaPAdham ‘SriVaikuntam’ before HE could teach Swmai Ramanujar about BhagavAt Vishayam. So when Swami Ramanujar was learning about the meaning of a paasuram during Thiruvaimozhi kalakshepam from Swami Thirumaalai Aandan (Swami Alavandar Shishyar), at that time, there was a difference of opinion between them. Swami Thirukottiyoor Nambi (who is another shishya of Swami Alavandar) resolved it by saying Swami Ramanujar interpretation of the paasuram is correct, same as Swami Alavandar explanation. When asked by Thirumaalai Aandaan how did you get this knowledge, Swami Ramanujar said, like how Ekalavyan to Dhronacharya, adiyen is Ekalavyan to Alavandar and adiyen did dhyanam on Swami Alavandar ThiruvAdi and thus adiyen received the knowledge.


Similarly, adiyen has heard in Swami’s “GuruParamparai” upanyasam as well as in recent “Swami Ramanujar Avayava Prabhavam” upanyasam post sessions that Swami Vedanta Desikan has said that He is Ekalavyan to Swami Ramanujar and thus acquired knowledge about Swami Ramanujar’s teachings. Swami Vedanta Desikar Guruvae Namaha.





C-1): Though we cannot be Ekalavyan like Swami Ramanujar or Swami Vedhanta Desikan, but with the help of BhuVaraha Perumal anugraham, we adiyargal can PRIMARILY prostrate on Perumal ThiruvAdi to help us to keep the neccessary memory to think about PoorvAcharyars/ Asmadh-Acharya /Sri Velukkudi Swami’s ThruvAdi at ALL the times, which will definitely yield better results for BhagavAt vishaya gyanam improvement and much beyond (reach Moksham ‘SriVaikuntam’).


Why choose BhuVaraha Perumal, is due to the fact in Varaha Charama slokam “Sthithaey manasthaey swasisthaey………”, Perumal has said if we cannot remember “Narayana” Naamam in the death bed, then DON’T worry, at-least say it ONCE in our lifetime when our mind/bhuddhi is in Good/Saathvika coinciousness as “Sharanam on Sriman Narayana Lotus feet (I’m YOUR property)”, then BhagavAn will remember on our behalf, even-if we cannot remember HIS naamam in our end days (“Anthima Smrithi Varjanam” as said by VaradhaRaja Perumal to Swami Thirukatchi Nambi for Swami Ramanujar’s doubt). We can apply same method and ask BhuVaraha Perumal through our Acharyar ThiruvAdi to ADDITIONALLY remember on our behalf and make us think about PoorvAcharyars/ Asmadh-Acharya / Sri Velukkudi Swami’s ThruvAdi at ALL moments (in good or bad times), since we cannot rely on our deteriorating memory and especially we cannot trust this Leela vibhoothi for doing Bhakthi/Spiritual progress.




C-2): We are further fortunate that, we don’t need to be an Ekalavyan like Swami Ramanujar & Swami Desikan , since we can go directly to our AsmadAcharyar & Sri Velukkudi Swami and do Saashtaanga Dhanda Pranaamam and get Aasirvaadham for “Gyana-Vyragya-Bhakthi” and also receive blessing as Nalam Antham Illathor Naadu Puguveer (“Enter in to a Place where the Happiness never Ends” which is nothing but ParamaPadham/SriVaikuntam)” at end of this birth for the final goal “Nithya-Kainkaryam (Permanent-Service)” means:

* “BhagavAt Anubhava Preethi kaaritha Kainkaryame ParamaPurushartham“.

    [“BhagavAnai anubhavikkanum, avan gunangalai anubhavikkanum. Gunangalai anubhavikka anubhavikka, BhagavAn melaey namakku Preethi undaagum, intha preethi/anbhu jaastiyaagum podhu Kainkaryam pannuvoam/pannugiroam“].

So, Nithya-Kainkaryam is the end goal of JeevAthma Swaroopam. Reference from NamAlwar ThuruvaaiMozhi paasuram “Ozhivil Kaalam Yellam Udanaai Manni Vazhivilla ADIMAI Seiyya Veandum Naam….” . End goal is ADIMAI’thanam means Kainkaryam to BhagavAn. Swami has said this in “Sharanagathi Questions & Answers” upanyasam. In Leela vibhoothi, what we do is Anithya-Kainkaryam (Temperory-Service, which doesn’t last continously due to deteriorating body & due to the immatured Leela viboothi, we face problems).




D-1): Other ways to improve memory for BhagavAt Vishsya Gyanam are:.

1) Avoid Tamasik & Rajasik foods. Have Saathvik food and offer to Perumal and have it as Prasadham. Acharyar utchishtam is the ideal food.

2) Sleep early at 9~10pm and Getting up in Brahma muhurtham (4:00am) & learning BhagavAt vishayam.

3) Doing Praanayaamam three times a day, 10 cycles each time. Swami has said that both Ladies & Gents are eligible to do Praanayaamam.

Enpani #737 “Physical Excersice and Pranayana”.

Enpani #738 “Yean Mookkai Pidikka Veandum” (why to hold the nose).

Enpani ##739 “Health and Pranayama”.

Swami’s “KKT Calender 2018 Bakthiyum Mukthiyum” CD, additionally show visuals and explanation about proper method for Pranayanam, etc


[1 cycle is:

  1. a) closing right side nose & through left side nose inhaling (4 counts),
  2. b) then holding the breath (4 counts) with both noses closed and
  3. c) then exhaling (8 counts) through right side nose.
  4. d) Do the same using the left side nose closed, inhaling through right side nose, holding the breath with both nose closed & exhaling through left side nose.

Do Each steps a) thru’ d) steadily/slowly which makes up 1 cycle.

1 count means time taken to snap the finger (Chodakku podum neram).

This is one of the method to balance left & right side brian and keeps oxygen flow uniform. Memory will be sharp].




At the end, the Gyanam improvement done by Shravanam, Keerthanam for spiritual progress is all for time –pass (Kalak-Shepam) for a SHARANAGATHAN till we leave this body in this birth, since Karma-Gyana-Bakthi Yoga Maargam is NOT means to Moksham for Sharanagathas (applicable only for Rishis), but the SriKrishna Lotus feet which we get through Alwars/Acharyas and more over Swami Ramanujar KAARAI-KARUNAI /Acharya Abhimaanam is the means to Moksham SriVaikuntam.

“Sri Vishnu LOka ManiMantapa Maara DHayye, Ramanujo Vijayathey YathirajaRajaha” as said by Swami KoorathAzhvan & Swami MudhaliAandaan.


Adiyen’ai shamikka prathikkiraen for long answer from Swami’s Upanyasams.


Dhanyosmi for reading the known answers, like Lord Anjaneya listening to Srimad Ramayanam again and again whenever someone ignorant like adiyen narrates.


Adiyargal ThiruvAdi’galukku Pallaandu,


Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam,

Acharyar ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam.

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,

Alwar ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam,

Thayar-Perumal ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam.


Sarvae Janaha Sukhino BhavAnthu,

Loka Samastha Sukhino BhavAnthu,


Sudhama’vin Nanban’aaga Iruntha Sri Krishna BhagavAn ki Jai.

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu.

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Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha.

Thank you for your valuable explanation.

Adiyen DASAN.

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1 on August 31, 2018

Namaskaram Swami !
அற்புதமான விளக்கம் சுவாமி.
Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan!
Adiyen Velukudi Krishna Swami Dasan!

on August 31, 2018


Thank you for the detailed and useful explanation.  We feel very confused at times how to achieve the bakthi and do Sharangathi.  Our mind always gets distracted by material activities, listening to Swamy’s upanyasam and reading Dharma Sandeha and chanting thaniyan and pasurams brings us back to normal position.

Engala Bhagavathas thaan kaapthanam vera engeyum manasu pogama.

Koti Namaskaram


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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruvae Namaha,

Dear all BhagavAtas,

Yellam Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdiyilum adiyenudaya Acharyan ThiruvAdiyilum samarpanam.

Namma yellarayum, Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami thaan kaapathugiraar intha Samasaratthil irundhu. Avar thaan SriKrishnar.

There is additional Sookshma Artham, that adiyen grasped from GuruParamparai, which adiyen will share as below.

“During Swami Ramanujar kalakshepam on Srimadh Ramayanam, Swami was explaining about the TWO maargams to SriVaikuntam (Moksham), one is Upasana maargam (karma-gyana-bhakthi yoga maargam) and another is Sharanagathy maargam., then Swami Embar or Swami Urangavalli Dasar or Swami Mudhaliyandan started Crying when they geard about the tough Upasana maargam, and they further Cried LOUD when they heard about the Tougher Sharanagathy maargam Post rules that SriKrishna has set-up. They got up in middle of Swami’s kalakshepam. Swami Ramanujar immediately called them and asked, did I say anything wrong during kalakshepam. They said, Devareer didn’t say anything wrong. We only LOST HOPE to reach Moksham after listening to the Two maargams procedure, since WE CANNOT DO BOTH, as it is beyond our capacity.

எள்ளுக்கே (upasana) இங்கு வழியை காணோம், எண்ணெய் (sharanagathy) மட்டும் எப்படி செய்வது.

So, we thought that there is no point in hearing further kalakshepam and hence walked out with no hope left out. Swami Ramanujar smiled and asked “Do you have Hope that I will Reach Mokshsm in this Janma”. Immediately all of them unimously that “YES, Devareer’ukku illama Vera yaarukku Moksham kidaikkum.”.
Then Swami said “அப்போ நான் மோக்ஷம் போகும் ப்பது உங்களையும் என் கூட அழைத்து சொல்லுகிறேன் கவலை வேண்டாம்”.

Then all of their faces became like a blossom lotus and they never worried about Moksham thereafter, since “RAMANUJAR NAMMAI KAAPPAATTUVAR”.

So what do we need to infer from this Story in this present period. We Dont have Lively SriKrishna or lively Ramanujar, since their avataram period is already gone.

So in this present period “who taught us Moksham and who taught as Athma-ParamAthma, who taught us about Swami Ramanujar. Yellam namma Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami thaan namakku solli kudutthaar.

So when Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami goes to Moksham, Swami will take ALL OF US to Moksham with HIS KRUPAI, since Swami follows Swami Ramanujar “KrupaMaatra PrasannAcharyas”.

This is called as 5th maargam to Moksham
Panchomaupaya Nishtai, which has been followed by our PoorvAcharyars since Swami Ramanujars avataram.

So we dont need to worry. Lets improve Gyana for Time-Pass listening to Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami’s sudios, but for Moksham Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami WILL TAKE ALL OF US ALONG WITH HIM, due to Swamis Krupai.

Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,
Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,
Sarvam SriKrisharpanam Asthu.

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Sri acharya u ve velukudi krishnan swami thiruvadigale saranam, beautiful discussions happy to read through all ques and ans swami 🙂 all selfless
prarthanai will be heard swami i humbly request kongil pirati swami to do prarthanai to acharyar and sri hari for memory and share with everybody swami 🙂 all bhagavathas and future adiyars should always receive sri haris krubai and should always be in bliss thats adiyens prayer 🙂

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