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How many different hastam positions are there for perumal and what are their meanings?

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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,


Dear BhagavAta,


Supreme Sriman NarayanAn’s different Hand (Hastam) Postures that adiyen understood from Swami’s upanyasams/Anugraham and Acharyan Arul/Krupai as below:


  1. Varadha hastam
  2. Katiga hastam
  3. Samhara hastam
  4. Gyana hastam
  5. Abhaya hastam
  6. Hrudhaya hastam
  7. Aahuvaana hastam


Varadha hastam

Perumal’s hand posture indication to all us BhaddAthmas to Surrender on to HIS Lotus Feet (HIS hand pointing towards HIS Lotus Feet). This hastam also means, Perumal says, I will give you what you need, like any Varam (boon) நாம் கேட்டதை கொடுப்பார் etc…..



Katika hastam

Perumal’s hand posture indication to all us BhaddAthmas that HE will DRY out the Ocean of miseries till the HIP that we face in this Samsaram, if we surrender to HIS Lotus feet. ‘Kati’ means HIP in Sanskrit. Perumal Hastam pointing towards HIS Hip.



Samhara hastam

Perumal holding Chakkarath Alwar on HIS right hand indication that HE will wipe out/destroy (Samharam) our paapa karmas and theeya gunas, if we surrender to HIS Lotus feet



Gyana hastam

Perumal Holding Shangu Alwar on HIS left hand indciates that HE will provide the Anukoola Gyanam , means the Necessary Spritual Knowledge that is needed to enjoy HIS Countless Kalyana Gunas, and NOT to focus on other Spirtual Shastric knowledge that wil not give Moksham.



Abhaya hastam

Perumal’s hand posture indication to all us BhaddAthmas that DON”T WORRY (MA Suchaha), looking at our Karmas and the Samsaram. Surrender ONLY ON TO ME, and not to anyone else (AnanyaGadhitvam), then I will take of you.

Thayar also has Abhaya Hastam which says, DON”T be afraid Looking at Perumal, I will take of you from Perumal’s kopam….. Swami tells this in a funny way.



Hrudhaya hastam

Perumal hand posture pointing towards HIS Vaksha stalam (Hrudhaya Kamalam) where Thayar is residing, which indicates that through Thayar’s Purushakaaratvam (recommendation), Perumal will erase our Paapams and will take to Moksham ‘SriVaikuntam’ for Nithya Kainkaryam.



Aahuvaana hastam

Perumal’s hand Posture is like CALLING us (Yen Pakkathula vaa), means Azhaitthu Vaazha Vaikkum Perumal (அழைத்து வாழ வைக்கும் பெருமாள்).

In other hastam cases, we go and surrender, this called Swagatha Sweekaryam. But in this Aahuvaana hastam, it is Perumal coming towards us to bless us and erase our karmas and take us to Moksham. This is called Paragatha Sweekaryam, due to Acharya Ramanujar Krupai.

Sholinghur BhaktaVatsalan Perumal and Thayar hand posture is Aahuvaana hastam. All hastams are Greta, but Adiyen’s favotire is Aahuvaana hastam (Paragatha Sweekaryam/ அழைத்து வாழ வைக்கும் பெருமாள்).



Swami has said that one who spends 24 katigais (24 minutes) in Sholinghur Divya desam, then they will get the Anugraham of Swami Dhoddacharyar (who built the Sholinghur divya desam with the local kings), plus more Krupai /Arul from Swami Ramanujar and Alwar and Thayar Perumal Kataksham for Moksham SriVaikuntam in same birth.



Vardha-Katika Hastam


Varadha-Katiga hastam of Perumal and Aahuvaana hastam of Thayar


Aahuvaana hastam (Bhakthavatsalan Perumal and Thayar)


Abhaya Vardha hastam of Perumal and Thayar


Hrudhaya Hastam SriKrishna and Thayar in Perumal’s VakshaSthalam



Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,

Sarvam SriKRishnarpanam Asthu

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மிக அருமை கொங்கில் பிராட்டி சுவாமி?

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