Happy teachers day Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy GuravEy Namaha

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Happy teachers day Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy GuravEy Namaha
Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe SriVarAha MahAdEsikAya Namaha
Srimathe Vedantha Ramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Srinivasa Ramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Srinivasa Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Vedantha Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Sri ManavAla MAmuniye Namaha

Tath Sarvam KshamyathAm Deva GuravEy namOsthuthey

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4 on September 5, 2019

Happy teachers day to Sri Velukuddi Krishnan swami????????

on September 6, 2019

Who is greater person? Our Swamy or Dr.Radhakrishnan?

From an objective evaluation we know for certain that our Swamy is greater. So, we should observe ‘Teacher’s day’ on our Swamy’s special day and not on the birthday of some ordinary person like Dr.Radhakrishnan. Just about a month ago we observed the ‘Teacher’s day’ of our Swamy!

Let us stick to the traditional festivals and observation of ‘special’ days passed down by our predecessors and not fall a prey to the gimmicks introduced by the new age people. Please.

Thank you.

adiyen dasan.

on September 9, 2019

Elaya Azhwar swamy namaskaram.

Thank you for your kind message. It is unfortunate that my message has been misunderstood to be finding fault with the two bhakthas who have expressed their devotion to our acharya. Expressing our gratitude and love to acharya is a fundamental right of everyone and no one can interfere with it. So, my posting was not finding fault with their expression. The focus of my posting is clearly mentioned in the posting itself – “Let us stick to the traditional festivals and observation of ‘special’ days passed down by our predecessors and not fall a prey to the gimmicks introduced by the new age people. Please.”

Devotion is a quality of our heart. One important factor that has facilitated us to awaken the devotion in our heart and nurture it is the system of tradition laid down by our acharyas. We may not understand the significance of every single thing that has been given by our acharyas. But it is important for us to practise it, preserve it and pass it on to the next generation so that they too have the same facilities we are having to awaken the devotion innate in their heart, nurture it and mature in it.

For example, whenever I hear about a child being born I may be reminded of Sri Jayanthi; I should definitely cherish that feeling in my heart and remember the appearance of our Perumal. But if I start celebrating Sri Jayanthi on every such occasion in a grand manner, then the next generation may not realise the value of the traditional Sri Jayanthi day given by our acharyas.

In our heart we must experience ever-deepening devotion every moment; in our practise we must stick to the tradition given by our acharyas.

Sticking to the acharya given tradition is an very important way of expressing our gratitude to them. Mixing with newer systems or introducing newer systems is the opposite of expressing gratitude. If some lay person does that, that is quite acceptable. But more experienced practitioners such as ourselves must be more careful; we must realise the gravity of the need to preserve and pass on the acharya given tradition without adulteration. 

Talk to any acharya; they will tell, their foremost concern is to make sure there is atleast one person who will strictly represent the poorvacharyas without change and pass it on to the next generation.

The main reason the younger generation is confused with very little regard for the sampradaya is because they are exposed to myriad of information from all quarters, most of which are not authentic information. They do not know what is the real tradition and why such tradition is authentic. 

My humble request to all bhakthas is that we must do our little mite to preserve the tradition, and do our little mite to prevent any kind of adulteration.

So, kindly refrain from the fault of finding fault in my posting. Thank you.

adiyen dasan.

on September 9, 2019

Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Dear Kambhan BhagavAta,

Where did ElayaAlwar BhagavAta mention about finding fault with your posting. Adiyen think Bhagavata is flip-flopping ones own statements depending up how one is responding with a preconceived mind.
Adiyen can point out BhagavAtas first posting to Vikram BhagavAta and then later to Komal Srinivasan BhagavAta in earlier threads. Then Vikram BhagavAta gave a strong reply to you, then you got tapered down. It is no doubhts that everyone is improving by “residing in a glass house and throwing stones at others”.

It is same situation in your this posting as well. Vikram bhagavata and Nivethitha BhagavAta posting is for Swami and not for you or anyone of us.

You are contradicting your own statements, as if others misunderstand your posting. One side you are saying “you cherish by heart as SriJayanthi when a child is born”, so that us your own way of cherishing, and it is not necessary that everyone should cherish in the same way. We cannot impise it. Someone will say SriJayanthi during the non SriJayanthi days. So what. It’s their own way if showering oice to SrKrishna. So Please go can fix Brahma who is doing creation with Mishra Satvam and not ordinary devotees.

You basically remembered whose birthday fall in in these occasions and as ElayaAlwar BhagavAta said “Also it is not necessary that everyone of us are aware that Teachers day is celebrated on a particular persons birthday, untill devareer mentioned it.”

We also show grattitude to our GuruParamparai during ThiruAradhanai. If someone asks us in English, then we say, it is called as “Thanks giving” to our lineage of Acharyas. Does it mean we are celebrating Thanks Giving Day., And what’s wrong in posting as “Thanks Giving Day” to GuruParamparsi during the actual Thanks giving day. It could also help ones attention by diverting the attention from practical day ThanksGiving to GuruParamparai Thanksgiving.

ElayaAlwar BhagavAta clearly says it in a polite way that the posting is for Swami and “Swami is the Enjoyer and not us”. Please read with ElayaAlwar’s posting with a open mind and not with biased mind.

There are some good ethical postings that you are doing as well which is CONSTRUCTIVE POSITIVE for all. So please continue such information’s and please don’t continue your PROTRACTED conversations projecting as if others misunderstand your posting. The posting Teachers Day by BhagavAtas is meant for Swami and not for us. Finish.

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam.

on September 9, 2019

Dear Kongi Piratti swamy

very happy to hear from you after a long time. (I was somewhat concerned). Good to hear from you.

One more time I fail to get across the message of the utter importance of sticking to the system given by acharyas without deviation and adulteration. Everytime until now the responses are way off and misses the focus and I so decide there is no point in continuing the discussion. After some time I try again with the hope atleast someone will see the importance this time. Well, this time again there is no indication of such change.

For example your whole message does not focus on the main point of preserving and passing on the system given by acharyas. In the mean time the society (particularly the youngsters) are getting more and more confused by the aviyal of practises they come across! Already we have deviated a lot.

Anyways, ultimately Perumal is taking care; I just have to keep doing my little mite. If I expect to see a specific result right in front of my eyes that is foolishness.  

Sarvam Sri Krishna-apanam.

adiyen dasan.

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0 on September 7, 2019

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,

Namaskaram Kamban Swami,

Adiyen personally feel with Acharya ThiruvAdi Bhalam that Vikram Swami and Nivethitha Bhaktai does Guru Pranaamam to Velukkudi Sri Krishnan Swami EVERYDAY, and when the Teachers Day celebration has popped-up or heard in this practical world, they couldn’t resist showering the everyday grattitude with increased intensity to Velukkudi Swami in this particular day as well, which is a result of this thread posting, adiyen believe. Also it is not necessary that everyone of us are aware that Teachers day is celebrated on a particular persons birthday, untill devareer mentioned it.

BhagavAn accepts if we call HIM as “GoVinda” or “GoHinda” as long as, it said with pure devotion, as said by our great Acharya Mukkur AzhagiyaSingar Swami, and Mukkur Swami has said that we are not supposed to correct a Devotee to call BhagavAn as “GoVinda” instead of “GoHindha”.

Similarly in this case, the “Bhoktha (Enjoyer)” is Velukkudi Sri Krishnan Swami and the “Kartha (doer) is us. So adiyen believe that Swami (Bhoktha) enjoys the Adiyars (Kartha’s) posting of Happy Teachers Day to Swami on this occasion, to show their grattitude towards Swami, though other Adiyars lije Devareer can have different modes of showing grattitude towards Swami, and it is not necessary that the Happy Teachers Day as posted by Adiyaars is a remeberance of a persons birthday, since the context here is different as it is clearly meant for Velukkudi Swami, and we Adiyaars should respect it without interfering between Bhoktha and other Kartha’s, like GoVindha or GoHindha, since the Enjoyer is Velukkudi Swami and not us.

Adiyenai kShamikka Prarthikkiraen.

Adiyen Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan

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