Formless Brahmam – Brahma swaroopam and para rupam

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Namaskaram swamy,

adiyen listened to devareer’s upanyasam titled “உருவ வழிபாடு சிறந்ததா அருவ வழிபாடு சிறந்ததா in Youtube channel “Velukudi krishna swamy upanyasam rare” (5 parts)

In part 1 :- Patanjali muni’s ashtanga yogam was explained. While describing about samadhi, Brahma swaroopam was mentioned as formless and being formless, it is very difficult to worship / meditate on Brahma swaroopam. Also, Vaikuntanathan’s rupam is mentioned as para rupam.

Swamy, I could understand that the manifested forms of Brahmam are with form. The benefits and easiness of worshipping with form are well understood. But, here I am not discussing about manifested forms.

My mind somehow revolves in believing unmanifested form of Brahmam (Brahmam in it’s original condition) could be formless. The difficulty of worshipping formless Brahmam is a different issue.

If Brahma swaroopam is formless, then Brahmam is also formless?.

Whether para rupam (Vaikuntanathan’s rupam) is also formless?.

After understanding about Brahmam, for many years I used to worship the Brahmam in sila rupam.

Swamy, I have a feeling that I am comfortable in worshipping formless Brahmam. Even now while worshipping, the sila rupam does not get into my mind. I have to force myself on the form. It may also be due to the meditation I was practicing earlier.

I would be very happy to get the clarification on the above, to put an end on the form of Brahmam, which lingers in me.

Hope I will get the clarification.


Sri Vaishnava dasan

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0 on November 17, 2023

Resp U. Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy,


Thank you very much for providing an enpani audio #3007 titled “ப்ரஹ்மம் யார்?” for adiyen’s query.

Very much moved, speechless and got emotional to get the reply. No words to express my feeling. The audio neatly explains about the quality of Brahmam and five stages of Brahmam. A skilfully narrated detail, difficult to get in a nutshell.

I had a long thought, whether to break my word of not posting in Dharmasandeha forum ‘visibly’.  One do not get such detail, that too so crisp, anywhere so easily and directly. Considering that this can be referred in future by an enthusiastic spiritual knowledge explorer, I intend to post ‘visibly’.

யான் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெறுக இவ்வையகம்.

I take மானசீக  permission and post this query in Dharmasandeha forum ‘visibly’.   

அநேக நமஸ்க்காரங்கள்

Swamy, adiyen would like to meet you in person and express my gratitude. Kindly advice.


Note : adiyen do not intend to get into any discussion.



Sri Vaishnava dasan

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