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9 on August 12, 2016

Namaskaram swamiji,

As per our scriptures a brahmin should not cross ocean. Accordingly he should not go to foreign countries. But now a days all brahmins are going to foreign countries including the vedic scholors. Is it right? or we not going against our scriptures? what is the prayachitakarma for this.

I request swamiji to explain in what’s app message.


Viswanathan B.V

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2 on July 13, 2016

Namaskaram Swamiji,

I have a question about atma. I have listened your discourses very keenly to understand about our dharma.

In one of your discourses you said that due to atma inside our body we feel pain and pleasure. Further atma never sleeps and it is always awake.

My question is when a doctor is in a surgical mode, he gives sedative to the patient inorder to keep him with out pain. But the sedative is for the body not for the atma. When atma is always awake why the patient doesnot feel pain? because as you said that atma is only feeling the pain or pleasure not the body.

is sedative is for the atma or body?

Kindly reply.

on August 14, 2016

aatma does’nt feel any sukha or dukha it is only the manas which feels it. aatma is only pure knowledge or conciousness who is in nityaanandam. it is clearly depicted in ayurveda that manas feels sukha and dukha and it is made up of pancha mahabhoota (which is evident from shrusti utpathi and satkarya vatha) and hence giving any sedative can make the manas( may be a quantum reason for for sensory and motor activities) not to be active in that particular part and he may not feel the pain. some natural sedatives such as cannabis is used by sushrutha for surgery there are reference for such things and they have explained the above mentioned theory for it’s proof

Namaskram Swami

Its true that Atma Swaroopam is of GyanaAnandam, however, Atma is struck in samsaram due to past life karmas and that only restricts it to enjoy its true self and because of the Karmas, Atma has to suffer  and enjoy both Pain and Pleasure respectively, however it can’t enjoy it directly, it needs a shareeram to experience those.

Now as far as Manas is concerned, it is just a tool to think and create desires when we see , smell, touch, hear and taste substances, it sends signal to Atma then Atma throws light to Bhudhi and Bhudhi with Paguta Arivu chooses whether to accept it or not, So whether it is Manas , Bhudhi ,Indriyas all are Achit ( Gyana shunayam), it is only the Atma( Gyana Ananda Swaroopan) which throws light to Bhudhi to accept what the indriyas show to Manas .

As far as the question, why does a particular part does’nt feel the pain during surgery with sedative provided, is concerned, the samadanam could be, the dharma bhoota gyanam of Atma does’nt reach that particular part, but herein one do feel pain after the surgery is over and  also when the sedative restraining power comes down.


Also a non- sequitur, when one practices fast during Ekadesi days, at the begining its like I’ll not survive , but the next morning when the same person wakes up, does his parayanam and breaks his fast, he becomes elated of having followed what Bhagwan desired, so here is the catch during Ekadesi whole day he feels pain and weakness which is true and becomes happy when eats the following morning , the same continues but with stableness the following ekadesis, so its just the ManoVikaram what one experiences but it gets stable and even perfect with continuous Austerities when followed, so that ManoVikaram actually causes displeasure or pleasure in order to carry out , and when one does carry out it effectively and efficiently its not the Manas but the Bhudhi’s Pagutha Arivu, directed by Atma for Anandam of ParamAtma.

Contents above are of Krishnan Swami’s Upanayasams, in case of any mistakes,its completely on Adiyen part .

Kshamika Prathikkaren


Adiyen Dasan

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1 on July 17, 2016

Kanchi Paramacharya has given an apt reply to this question about losing brahminhood when crossing the ocean.

He says that if one does not do sandhyavandanam for three continuous days, then he should do prayaschitham at Rameswaram. In old days, the travel used to be through ships which would take a very long time and so, one would not be able to do sandhyavandanam for several days. Now, after travel through sky, in less than two days one can reach any part of the world and can start doing nithya karma before the lapse of the stipulated three days.

on July 22, 2016

Your answer is relevant to sandhayvandanam, but is it correct to urinate or defecate in the sea. Whether you fly or go by ship all your defecation go to the sea only.

So what is the prayachitam for this.Let swamy to explain.

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Yes. Crossing ocean and visiting other countries is a violation of sastra. Prayaschittam is prescribed. But you would agree with me that prayaschittam is effective only when the violation stops. Exception cannot become a rule. So if we decide not to cross again, then Sethu snanam and krucchra dhanam there is the remedy.

on October 26, 2016

Swamy Namaskaram,

Adiyean Ramanuja Dhasan Srinivasan.

Just a query on this topic: Is there any reason why Sasthras say so as all places are part of His Sareeram.

While on this, one point strikes my mind- that means the Sasthras clearly identify the boundary on the earth? Meaning, that Sasthras apply to only Bharath Kanda? How about other places on the earth as well as other Kanda’s / Other Lokhaas? 

Does that also mean that Sasthras doesn’t recognise/refer to people/Aathmas from other regions/countries. Now, if some one from other countries wants to follow our Sanathana Dharma and Sasthras, how Sasthras treat them??


on October 27, 2016

This reminds me of udayavar sharing Thiru mantram in spite of guru’s words
We are living fine because of your words Swami
Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigaley Sharanam

on October 27, 2016

Adiyen would like to mention one more point which my friend told.
During old days travel is via ships. Urinating in water is prohibited. So to be avoided. Via air it’s different.
My opinion:
Still we had pushpaka vimanaana etc in older days Ravana abducted via Sitha piratti via aeroplane. Crossed sea to reach Lanka.


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