Focusing internally Vs external

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Srimate Ramanujaye Namaha!

Sharing an analogy that came across to mind. (I think Velukkudi Swamy has mentioned similar analogies before, I vaguely remember but not sure if in the same context)

There is a central power station in a city and generating power. The generated power is transmitted to different substations in the different areas of the city and then to different local transformers in every street. Then power gets transmitted to our house electrical distribution board and from there it is transmitted to individual appliances like computer, phone etc.

For a phone to get charged well its battery should be healthy, phone software and other accessories must work well, the phone charger must work well without loose connection and finally the switch must be switched on.

The same analogy can be seen in Bhagawan’s mercy flowing through different sampradayas and reaching us. We are like small phones who need small amount of power to get charged. The main important thing is how well are we equipped mentally and how well are we connected ( in this case it translates down to truthfulness, honesty, non-violence, cleanliness, nama sankeerthanam, shravanam etc) rather than the power capacity of the substations transmitting power.

So our focus should be on these aspects of getting ready to receive the charge instead of discussing which substation has highest capacity and which is the nearest substation to power plant etc.. ( these are analogous to comparing different sampradyas)..

Velukkudi swami has also highlighted that we need to focus on the common aspects and common teachings of different sampradayas instead of focusing on the differences.


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Beautiful Analogy and Explanation Enpanifan Swami! 

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