family tradition and kula deivam

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Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruvae Namaha,

Madhippukuriya Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam,


I have been having a doubt for a long time and last month or so i heard in one en-pani lecture where you specified that maintaining family tradition is important and also gave example form Bhagavat Gita. (I cannot locate the exact number as i cannot see enpani audios beyond 800 in website now)

So for devotees who are born in non-vaisnava families , but later but saintly association of people like you , start becoming partially practicing vasianvas, their state is very pitiable, they can neither completely give up family traditions nor can completely follow the family traditions.

They are not yet very pure to disregard the family traditions, especially worship of kula deivam .

What should they do ?  why are they so placed in such a complex situation?





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2 on January 2, 2018

Namaskarams Swami,

Let Swamy answer to the question.

Adiyen fortunately got Lord Venkateswara as our Kula Deivam. Adiyen could not understand the background of question completely and the traditional practices mentioned here.

Adiyen just had a recent discussion with one of book authors in our tradition, who wrote lot of books and would like to explain few based on it.

Adiyen was preached the importance of praying Lord Narayana. The author said, “there are many Devatas who can grant material benefits. But, we shall understand that Lord Narayana is Antaryami of these Devatas also and all those are granted by none other than Him. If we start praying other Devatas, it will definitely start yielding fruits. But, slowly our interest will turn towards that Devata and we may totally start praying the Devata.

But, the Devata who granted all wishes will not be able to grant Vaikunta as Vaikunta prapti is granted by Lord Paravasudeva (Lord Narayana) in His Swaroopa. So, by having Abhimanam towards other Devatas, we may lose our liberation and fall into samsara again.

Though Krishna describes people seeking material benefits are of lower brains, Lord feels happy if that is prayed to Lord Krishna Himself, as people will develop Abhimanam on granter of Moksha and will develop real Bakthi/Surrender at some point of time.”

Once, when Adiyen visited and had Darshan of Thirukkurungudi Jeeyar Swamy, Adiyen asked Swamy to preach Adiyen the way for Moksham. Jeeyar Swamy said, “Narayanan kitta vandhootalla, nee edhu ketalum avan Moksham dhan koduppan. Avanukku adudhan pradhanam”. That is the speciality of Lord Sriman Narayana.

Now, coming to the question, we have to be attached to Lord Sriman Narayana as He is Parabrahma and cause of all. At the same time, we cannot stop praying Kula Deivam and abruptly cut our ancestral practices.

So, Adiyen would suggest that you may be in Narayana Smaranai always. While doing Kula Deiva Pooja, do as per ancestral tradition but always have the thought that Kula Devatha is also dependent on Lord Sriman Narayana for functioning and see Lord Sriman Narayana as Antaryami of your deity also. Other times, you may keep praying the Lord in His roopa as we see in temples. Lord will offer His Swaroopa Darshana also at some point of time.

Adiyen don’t know if the reply was appropriate. Adiyen just told what Adiyen understand.

Ancestral traditions may include offering alcohol, non-veg etc to Kula Devatha. In that case, Adiyen don’t know how to address.

Let Shri U.Ve.Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy, our Acharyan, talk on this. Adiyen is also interested to see how it is advised in this case.

Sarvam Shri Krishnaarpanamastu!

Daasanu Daasan Srinivasan Pranesh

on January 3, 2018

Namaskaram Sir,

Thankful for the empathetic answer.  Your answer seems appropriate. That is what i have been doing as of now, seeing other devatas as servants of Lord Krishna while worshipping.

When i refer to family tradition, i am referring to practices like yealry abhishekam, anna dhanam, homams  etc done by our our ancestors in Saivaite temples for Lord Shiva, Muruga or Bhairavar.

The replies given below by other bhaktas, ram and Kongil pirati are also appropriate and correct but applicable once after one is quite pure and steady, until that point i don’t want to be duplicitous and abruptly stop ancestral practices.

All replies are appropriate , but the most suitable one for a particular person in particular situation has to be administered by expert doctor , that can be done only by a guru.

We will also wait for Velukkudi swamy to answer if he so desires.

Dasanu Dasan

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0 on January 2, 2018

Dear bhakta,

Since bhakta told “started practising vaishnavism partially” adiyen giving this reply

If bhakta is well convinced and interested about Sri Vaishnavism then bhakta can undergo Samashrayanam (Sharanagathi) under an acharya. If so, after sharanagathi you may well give up the practices which are not in the Sri Vaishnava tradition and continue to follow only those practices stated in Sri Vaishnavism.That is you may for sure give up the practice of Kula Deivam worship(in case of devathaantharam) after Sharanagathi (this adiyen is saying based on Velukkudi Swami’s reply to a similar question found in the archives).

If adiyen stated something wrong, requesting bhaktas to correct me.

Adiyen dasan

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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,


Dear Bhaktas,


Based on GitAcharyan SriKrishna’s teachings to PoorvAcharyas to us via Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami, adiyen’s understanding as below:


1) Regarding Kula Deiva Vazhipaadu,

Yes, it is Dharma Sankatam situation for those Bhaktas or for a Family of Bhaktas who have been following a family tradition.

The family tradition should be IN-LINE with Shastras. So yes, Kula Deiva Vazhipaadu should be done by those who follow such traditions.

At the same time, we should understand, that by doing Kula Deiva Vazhipaadu, what is our final goal.


What does the Kula Deivam give us.

* Does it remove our poverty. Then, yes, to continue.

* Does it remove our pain. Then, yes to coninue.

* Ok, these are effective for this Janma. So, good results.

* However in Previous Janma, we didnot go Moksham. So this Janma.

* Does it remove our next Janma. We know the answer is NO, since only SriKrishna as KULA Deivam removes our “Karma-Janma-Karma” completely and we reach Moksham ‘SriVaikuntam’.



We are very smart enough to go to a Job in a totally different field like “Software industry” by completly throwing off our Mechanical field edcuation, because of personal interest and more money and more comfort. We are very smart to convince our Parents that, it is my personal life and I want to move-on to have good satisfied life. But, this is for just this Janma job.

Also, if the company is providing good salary, but squeeze lot of work from us, then we look for another company with same salary but less work. So , we already know, how to be very smart.

So, for Materialism (Temperory LIFE), we bend accordingly to satisfy our life, following some Morals just to Satisfy the Body.



However, for Spiritualism (Permanent LIFE), “We need to satisfy the Athma and not Body, so We need to understand that we are “JeevAthmas” and Property of SRIMAN NARAYANAN”. This is very straight forward simple thinking. But, we are not acting in the same way as how we acted for Materialistic changes, though we know how to do.


So, we Chit “JeevAThmas” are here to do Kainkaryam to Divya DHampathis (Sriman NarayanAn ONLY). This is JeevAThma SWaoopam.


So why follow ALwars & Acharyas. That is because they are DASOHAM (Adimai) to Sriman NaryanANAN, and other DEVATHAs DONOT exibhit DASOHAM to Sriman Narayanan. So avoid them and more over JeevAThma has relation with paramAThma only.


So, avoid Devantra Poojai, if MOksham ‘SriVaikunta’ is the Permanent Lakshyam in our life consdiering teh countless Janmas that we took.


We can atleast show a positive Sign to SriKrishna by MIND that, my family situation is not allowing me to DO SHARANAGATHY on YOUR LOTUS FEET via Acharya Ramanuja Sambhadham. IF we show our AARTHI (THUDIPPU) to BhagavAN SRIKRISHNA, HE will defenitely show way for them. There are MANY and MANY who has come across these kind of sitautions. Tehse situations are NEW for US, but NOT NEW for SRIKRISHNA, as HE has seen amny JeevAthmas transitioning.


Morover, if the KUla Deivam (which is another JeevAThma with a DEva Body) of that family Decide to go to Moksham ‘SriVaikuntam’, then whom does that family have as KUla Deivam. So the Ultimate Goal is SURRENDER to SRIKRISHNA’s LOTUS FEET.


If there is ONE STAUNCH SRIKRISHNA Bhakta in a family, then Perumal will give MOksham to all of their family including the JeevAThma that was inside that Kula Deivam.



2) Regarding SHARNAGATHY Post Rules,


Yes, What Bhakta said about avoiding Devantras is correct as per SriKrishna Charam Slokam in BhagavAT Gita based on PoorvAcharyas Pravachanams via Swami.

“Sarvan Dharman………..Maam Eekam Sharan Vraja……….Mokshayisami Maa SUchaha”.

SriKrishna didnot say “Maam Saharam Vraja”. BhagavAn added the word “Eekam”,

“Maam Eekam Saharam Vraja”, means Yennai Mattumaey Sharanam yendru Pattruvaai aaga (No Devatras and no one else).

So, after Sharanagathy, if we go behind Devantra Poojas, it is DISRESPCTING our HUSBAND SriKRishna, that HE is not CAPABLE, so I’m going behind others to help me. So, Yen Kanavar SriKrishnar Yennai Kaapar yengira Nambhikkai Vendum. This is called Maha Vishwasam.


LIke going to Devantras, is asking for RS 10,000 (Temperory happiness), but going to SriKrishna is getting a Blank Cheque. The Blank cheque is Moksham ‘SriVaikuntam (Permanet happiness). So, Moksham nammakku kudukkiravar, RS 10,000, namakku kudukka maattaraa?.



So the five Post Criteria for this Sharanagathy Margam needs to be followed by anyone if we are ParamAThma’s SriKrishna Bhaktas and need Moksham in SAME birth. These 5 are are breakdown explantion of SriKrishna Charama Slokam by PoorvAcharyas.


1) Anukoolyasya Sankalpam –> Do only what SriKrishna LIkes.

* Be good person, Satvik,

* Eat MY Ucchistam as Prasadham.

* Unmai paesanum (Talk Turth)




2) Prathikoolyasya Varjanam –> Don’t do anything that SriKrishna DON’t Like).

* No Praani Himsai (NO eating non-veg, NO Goat, or aninals Bali should be done).



3) MahaVishwasam

BhagavAn Sriman Narayanan meedhu Aparaamaana Nambikkai. Yedhu nadandhaalum BhagvaAn nammalai kaapathuvaar yendru nambikkai.



4) AKinchanyAm.

Not even take a single effort (Muyarchi like Karma-Gyana-BHakti Yoga Margam) to reach Moksham. Believe in BhagavAn THIRUVADI (Sharanagathy Margam). Avaraey namma kaapathuvaar because we are BhagavAn sotthu.



5) AnanyaGathitvAm.

Don’t have a place to go except BhagavAn ThiruvAdi. All places like Demi-God worship (Brahma, Shiva etc..) Will not yield Mokshsm, since they themselves need to go to Moksham at some point from this Samsaram after getting rid of their Brahma Post or Shiva Post etc…. So Perumal-Thayar ThiruvAdiyai Thavira vera GADHI yenakku illai, adhu naalaey AnanyaGathitvAm].



Only Interested person who wants to reach Mosham in same Birth, through the way that SriKreishna has showed us (the above 5 steps) will reach Moksham.


Let’s try these with Acharya Krupai and Swami’s Anugraham, if we don’t need another Janma. One small step by us is enough for BHagavAN to take countless step to HELP us. So, DOn’t worry.



Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami THiruvadigalaey Sharanam,

Thayar-Perumal-Alwar-EmperumanaAr Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam,

Sri Rukmini Thayar Samedha SriKrishna ki Jai.

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu,

Sarvam SriKrishna Kudumbham.

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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam,



Dear ‘Enpanifan’ Bhakta,


Kindly, please don’t consider adiyen as Yogi level. Adiyen is a LOW LEVEL JeevAthma and still in improvement process.


Thagudhi Illadha Adiyenai Thagudhi’ udayavanAakkuvadhum Sri Velukkudi Swami’yin Arulalaey.


We all Bhaktas are only sharing the BhagavAt Sath-Vishayams with Acharya Ramanujar Krupai that we learned from Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami’s Upanyasams, so it will be useful to other Bhaktas.




Sri Velukkudi Swami has said, SriKrishna BhagavAn is full of KARUNAI ullam “NirHedhukai Krupai (Causeless Mercy).


SriKrishna will not let any Bhakta down. Once, Bhakta understands that, Bhakta is SriKrishna’s Property (Wife). Then, how come Husband will let His wife struggle/suffer. We are not talking about ordinary Husbands here. We are talking about SriKrishna The ONE-and-ONLY PURUSHOTHAMAN (Husband for all JeevAThmas “Chit” Humans like us or Devathas).




Paartha Saarathy Perumal is SriKrishna (Chariot Driver), and HIS AVataram is Swami Ramanujar as Swami says in GuruParamparai Upanyasam.


Please also follow the below simple Doable things daily to see changes in Bhakta’s life based on Swami’s Pravachanams.


So Don’t Worry.


a) Pray to Swami Ramanujar that “DEVAREER, PLEASE DO WHAT IS ‘HITHAM’ FOR ADIYEN”, whenever Bhakta face any odd situation.


b) “Guru-BHAKTHI”, means Gratitude towards Sathvik Gurus/Acharyas, which Bhakta is already doing it. So, please continue “Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami THiruvadigalaey Sharanam”


c) “Acharya Ramanujar Dhyanam” daily morning, minimum 5 minutes.


d) Guru Paramparai Chanting while doing Acharya Dyanam.

             “Asmadh Gurubyo Namaha”

             “Asmad Parama Gurubyo Namaha”

             “Asmadh Sarva Gurubhyo Namaha”

             “Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha”

(THese includes all PoorvAchryas from BHagavAN SrikRishna GItaAcharyan to Present Acharyas, and we willl receive their blessings all the time).

Keep Murmrurring “the d) sequence” always, ‘There are NO restrictions’. So, whenever there is a Bottle-Neck Situation in Bhaktas life, Swami will take care.


e) Saying “Sri Hari” seven times in the morning immediately as soon as we get up from bed. BhagavAn will eliminate any Bad Prarabhta Karmas or Paapams that we committed knowingly or unknownigly.


f) Walk towards the direction of SriRangam Temple as we get up from bed, take 7 steps minimum and say “SriRanga Ranga Ranga Ranga ………”.


g) Everytime, before having the prescribed Sathvik Food Prasadham or Water, always say:

                  Sri Achuthaya Namaha (CLeanses our BOdy)

                 Sri Ananthaya Namaha (Cleanses our MInd)

                 Sri Govindaya Namaha (CLeanses ourself “The AThma”).




Agyanathi Moozhgi Irundha adiyenukku, Thayar-Perumal-Alwar-EmperumanAr-Jeeyar-Acharyar ThiruvAdi’yai Thandhu Aruliya Sri Velukkudi Krishnan SWAMI Thiruvadigalukku Pallaandu Paadi Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam,


Anaithu Ulagam Vaazha Pirantha SWAMI Ramanujar THiruvadigalaey Sharanam,


Ranu Chod Rai SriKrishna BhagavAN ki Jai,

Sarvam SriKrishna Kudumbham,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu.

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