En Pani vishnu sahasranamam

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Can anybody please help me to find en-pani vishnu sahasranamam series that swami had talked about as a part of en-pani program. this was narrated in 2018 and i missed it that time. I heard from some bhagavatas that it was word by word meaning and very detailed. It will be really helpful to me. I tried searching in velukudi discourses if I could purchase it but unfortunately did not find it. can anybody please help me.

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Pranaams to Swami.


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1 on March 5, 2021

Namaskaram, Velukkudi discourses website has ‘ Nama Velvi’ discourse by Swami on Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam – with meaning for each Tirunamam.



on March 8, 2021

Thanks a lot ! I searched as Vishnu sahasranam. Now i found it after your reply. “NAMA VELVI”.
Dhanyosmi,Adiyen 🙏

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