En Pani topic 70 -Bliss and Service

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Dear Swami,

I had always wondered about how some people are able to enjoy and talk about Perumal and Pirati’s Azhagu for hours together. Though I like it, I have always been a person who was particular in execution. I was all along thinking that I am not a God loving person. I was really worried about it. 

Yesterday I happened to hear Velukuddi Swami’s En Pani topic Bliss and Service. He explains about two types of people – Guna Nishtargal and Kainkarya Nishtargal. I am really relieved and happy to have got this message from Swami himself.

Since I am interested in kainkarya, I would like to know what services are available for an employed person who can definitely spare some hours on a weekly basis to do service. Please let me know whom and where to get this information.

Thank you very much for the services Swami and all the volunteers are tirelessly doing. 


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