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‘Naan Yaar’. Ellam avan seyal nu othunuta, doctorta po pdathu, padika kudathu. Apdi irundhaal Avar kapaathuvaar.

Example not sounding correct Swami. KarmAvai senjundey irukkanum avan thiruvadigalukku samarpikkanum nu geethaila solli irukkarey?

Prahlaadhan paatasaalaiku pogAmaiyA irunthaan?

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as an ardent swami’s follower try to explain u,(swami kindly forgive me if i told anything differently)

  1. “naan yar” …

          bhagavan sri krishnar karmam sei nu solli irukar, ellamey karmam dhan. for example walking, talking, seeing, touching, etc., this is human body made with full 5 bootham which all are disposable, only athma is permanent.. if ur question is exactly about going to education institution means.. we have to study and earn money and do with pattru atra manasu..

because we cant simply sit atleast we need to eat etc., right ..

if u read srimad bhagavatha book 8 and 9 condo.. u see krishna doing daily rituals without fail.

because as we are his followers devotees .. only if he do .., we will do..


another example 

arjuna also asked “y u saying me to do war, if gnana yogam is great,, y i have to do karma yoga and krishna told to arjuna because from childhood u learned war art only.. u r not trained or practiced for gnanam or dyana yoga., and so u do this war and do surrender to me”

another example,

there is a saying bishma is great devotee of krishna he did the war and did surrender all the bows arrows pughazhal to his krishnas feet.

so going school college , job whatever it is just surrender to him with innocent bhakthi..

“manikavam s








on October 29, 2016

Dhanyosmi Nivethitha BhAgavatha
Appo andha example suits only for Yogis like Veda purushan jata bharathar & not for normal people like us.

Normal people like us should be doing karma yogam and still expect bhagvaan to protect us as a prapannan/sharanAgathan.

Even otherwise wait for the time to do sharanaagathi and expect bhagavan to take over.

So Vishnu is doing see
VishnO karmAni Pashyatha
Not we are doing

Naama Santhosham & dhukkam rendukkumey poruppethukka kudathu & mudiyadhu. It’s the owner’s job & not property’s job to protect itself.

Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigaley Sharanam

on October 29, 2016

Happy Deepavali

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