Dushyanth Sridhar Sir got angry on live television?

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5 on May 27, 2023

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Sri Varaha Mahadesikaya Namaha
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy Thiruvadigaley Sharanam

Even Arnob Goswamy quoted that Dushyanth got angry & he is on a roll in Sengol issue.

For what?
He said Namaskaram,
Opponent said “VaNakkam” and quoted Namaskaram not a tamil word

So when one gets personal even the greats cannot manage their emotions

Adiyen recommend “Manamey Dhanam” audio. Adiyen yet to listen but I beleive it will be the solution to our emotional issues

Idhulerndhu enna theriyardhu?
Advice ellAm namakku dhAn


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1 on May 31, 2023

En Swami neenga vera! Mulla mulla la edukanum

on June 2, 2023

Anger management technology owner himself getting angry!!!

=>Getting angry on common issue is one thing (Mul MullAla edukardhu)

=>Getting angry personal is another thing

You have forgiven Vairamuthu on AndAl issue
Such a good soul!!! Appreciated.

Swamy Desikar footsteps. Sari.

Unna sonna kovam varum
AndAl amma va sonna kovam varAdhA?
Ennada logic idhu?

Then what Sampradayam are you preaching?
VyAsa peetam apdi ipdi nu sonniye?

Nowadays if a person has 4 contacts he is a BIG person.

When you are personally questioned on live television
You get angry?

I didn’t say, Arnab Goswami told.

Look how our Velukkudi Swamy handled AndAl issue. He channeled his anger in assertive way. That is called maturity.

This payyan Dushyanth is knowledgeable because he knows Sanskrit Periyava panna punniyam but not yet mature in lifestyle in my opinion. Young blood may be.

The one who preaches must follow isn’t it?


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2 on June 2, 2023

By the way why I brought this issue up in this forum?
Our SriVaishNavam image is represented worldwide.

The credentials was “Spiritual speaker” not IIT or IIM.
So I wanted to understand how to manage anger. If that was the correct way.

Is this response correct?
I know 4000 Divya Prabandham
I know ThirukkuraL

Thank God one did not claim
I know 4 VedAs

“Reminding SriRam’s verses towards Hanuman”

What you know? Your name itself in Sanskrit not in tamil first change it & come back???

Swamy Desikan would have handled in the above way?
Just asking…

Let him say na, VaNakkam is Tamil & Namaskaram is Sanskrit. What’s wrong. He says what he knows. Why are you getting personal on him in live television?

What if that guy went personal on Dushyanth in live television? Will it not hurt even more?

See, he is telling you to become angry
Why are you becoming Angry?

Just laugh it off
“IdukkaN varungAl naguga” – ThiruKkuraL (I believe)

I know some Gentleman would come back here and ask why you don’t tell this directly to Dushyanth Swamy esp. Kambandasan Swamy & likes

I am not his PA or his Motivation speaker. He already blocked me. I don’t have private channel for communication. One can read through Internet and stumble upon this thread to find out. If he raises questions I will answer in “Dharma Sandeha”.

If one can accept Praises & appreciation
Such person should accept criticisms also IMO


on June 30, 2023

Ok swamy ! Vidungo -> Perumal Mela ulla patrlua angry aayitaar ! Yaanikum adi sarukum

on July 5, 2023

Perumal Mela ulla patrula Angry aganumna, Vairamuthva yaen mannichAr? Adhu thAyAr , PerumAl kidaiyAdhu adhanAlayA?

We listeners know between originality & rhetoric.

SanAthana Dharmathai thappa pesum podhu angry aganum, thannai kurai sollum podhu mattum kovam veli padugiradhu adhan kelvi?

Nee yaen namaskaram sonna vanakkam sollala nu kaetAn. Idhu perumal Mela ulla pattrA?

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