Doubt regarding ramanujar’s mother

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Sri ranga nachiyar samedha sri ranganathan thiruvadigale saranam?sri mathe ramanujya namaha?swami, namaskaram ?I have a doubt regarding ramanujar’s mother.Some say that ramanujar’s mother- Gandhi mathi is an avatar of boomi piratti.If bashyakarar’s mother was an amsam of boomi piratti then his father must be an avatar of perumal.My doubt is-,after ramanujar’s marriage,few years later ramanujar’s father died and gandhi mathi lived as an amangali.How can perumal’s dharma patni-boomi piratti can live as amangali?If I had did any apacharam,i request perumal,boomi piratti and all adiyars to forgive me.?sri vaishnavargalin thiruvadigale saranam?Adiyen ramanuja dasan?

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Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,


Namaskaram “G” Swami,

As per authentic GuruParamparai text, below is the only Authentic information available, so adiyen will share with Acharya ThiruvAdi Bhalam & Sri Velukkudi Swami’s Aasirvadham.


Swami Thirumalai Nambhi is Maternal Uncle of Swami Ramanujar.

Swami Thirumalai Nambhi had two younger sisters.

  • Smt. Bhoomi Piratti &
  • Smt. Periya Piratti as the youngest one.

Smt. Bhoomi Piratti’s also has name as “Kanthimathi”. She was married to Sri Kesava Somayaji to whom Swami Ramanujar was born with childhood name as ElayaAlwar.

Smt. Periya Piratti was married to Sri KamalaNayana Bhattar to whom Swami Embar was born, whom is the 2nd Acharya in Lineage as per “Oran Vazhi Guru Paramparai” lineage after Swami Ramanujar’s return to ParamaPadham (SriVaikuntam).


Sri Kesava Somayaji and Smt. Kanthimathi, and all of Swami Ramanuja’s family members were very PIOUS Souls, due to which Abhimaanis of them (like us) consider themselves as Thayar & Perumal, which is what devareer would have seen. Moreover Smt. Kanthimathi maami’s name is also Bhoomi Piratti, which makes the Abhmimaanis of Smt. Kanthimathi to relate her as Bhoomi Piratti itself, which is well accepted, since Shastras says “Maatha Pitha Guru Deivam”. So we have to treat our Mother as Thayar MahaLakshmi itself, if our Mothers behavior is as PIOUS as actual Thayar MahaLakshmi.

So when the Abhimaani of Smt. Kanthimathi (Smt. Bhoomi Piratti) maami treated her as Thayar Bhoomi Piratti itself, then it is obvious to consider her Kanavar as Perumal. Moreover Swami’s Ramanuja’s father name is also Kesava which matches BhagavAn Kesavan’s name.

So, while they were in this World doing kainkaryam and given birth to a very Pious Uddhara Acharyan (Swami Ramanujar), there is no doubht that they can be treated same as Thayar & Perumal, which is what the Abhimaanis of them are doing it and it is very well valid.

Now, when it comes to Kesava Somayaji returning to ParamaPadham is considered, and Smt Kanthimathi Maami’s rest of the life till she reached ParamaPadham at a later time, we have to consider the Practicality of Samsaram and accept them as very PIOUS SOULS (and not actual Thayar-Perumal) who lived their life with HIGH ecstasy exactly as per Shastra Vaakyam “Maatha Pitha Guru Deivam”.


Adiyen Srinivasa (DhoddayaAcharyar) Dasan.


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Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Sri Varaha Mahadesikaya Namaha
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy Thiruvadigaley Sharanam


Even SriRam’s mothers lost their husband Dasaratha. So? In SamsAram anything is possible is adiyen’s understanding

Its not predictable.


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Here is the answer based on my knowledge. Not all the avatarams are poorna avatarams. Rama, Krishna, Narasima, Hayagriva, Varaha,  Vamana and few others are poorna avatarams . It means Perumal himself directly took those forms.Consequently Sita, Rukhmini,Sathyabhama are poorna avatarams of Sridevi and Boodhevi. At the end of these avatarams, he will ascend to Srivaikuntam with his divine body and will not leave mortal remains like any of us. Avatarams like Parasurama, Balarama, Vyasa  and few others are Avesha Avatarams. Consequently their consorts are Avesha Avatrams of Sridevi. It means perumal enters into a jeevatma who is ordinary human being like any of us ,but are exalted souls with good deeds accumulated in previous births. Those avesha avatarams are bound to die once purpose of the avataram is over. Perumal will leave their body and the should shed their body as it is the rule for any jeevatma  including  four headed Brahma and other devas.

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