Doubt on Kalou Sankeerthya Keshavam ?

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Dear all,

(Asking this question as I am failing to become a yogi)

If 100 years merit of krita yuga is obtained in a day in kali, why are not all devotees yogis? All devotees would hv said atleast 10 days equivalent of namam over the course of days in their lives.
What more is required? Where is adiyen wrong?

Adiyen has listened to swamy’s “Kali Kalathil Yoga Shakthi’ En Pani. But please answer with respect to the above fact (100 years merit in one day) and that wrt “Kalou Sankeerthya Keshavam”.


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3 on August 31, 2020

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,


Namaskaram Ram Swami,


With Acharya ThiruvAdi Bhalam and Velukkudi Swami’s Aasirvadham, Adiyen will inform about devareer query.


To become a yogi, there are rules in shastra without which we cannot become a yogi as upanishadh says:

Thaila dHaaravadh Avichinna Smrithi Santhaanaroopa.…” (pardon adiyen for typo errors), anyway what it means is “One should be CONTINOUSLY MEDITATING 24/7 on BhagavAn Sriman Narayan without our any STOPPAGE for YEARS”, like an Oil (Thaila) flowing from a clay pot CONTINOUSLY without any air bubble when a hole is drilled, and not like a tap water flowing where there is water and air bubble like an old Lambretta scooter starting trouble. Air bubble is the breaks/stops that we do while meditating like eating, going office, taking care ourselves and family and once in a while TV, smart Phone, social media, forums even if it is meant for spiritual means……

In Krita Yuga life span is more than 100, 000 years of a person, so one takes the time off from personal life whether material or spiritual, then he completes “Ashtanga Yoga for years” first means controlling all body senses including Mind before starting Meditation (have we attained Ashtaanga Yoga Siddhi?, may be No correct, so further Meditation will be difficult which is the path for Upasana Margham (Karma-Gyana-Bhakthi) to Moksham, which is evident that we cannot follow this Margham for Moksham.

Now about the disconnect in understanding as “If 100 years merit of krita yuga is obtained in a day in kali, why are not all devotees yogis? “, It has to be understood in a different way as below:

A yogi in Krita Yuga after Attaining Ashta Maha Siddhi proceeds for Meditation for Moksham as:
Upayam (Path) is Yogi’s effort,
Upeyam (Destination) is BhagavAn Sriman Narayan A (SriVaikuntam).


So the Phalam is Moksham in Krita yuga

Same Phalam Moksham is attained in Kali Yuga in ONE Day by “SHARANAGATHY MARGHAM (not Upasana Margham) is what Velukkudi Swami is mentioning in the upanyasam.

So the goal is not to become a Yogi but to attain Moksham.


In Kali Yuga the definitions are different as follows.


One who has Spiritually inclined towards Swami Ramanujar ThiruvAdi Sambhamdham by saying Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha and HIS Sri Sookthigal. So we all are already Yogi’s, so why worry about Krita Yuga Yogi concept. 100% Moksham guaranteed in same birth.


One who has both Spiritual and Material inclination by praying BhagavAn Sriman NarayanA plus other Devatas excluding Swami Ramanujar. May or May not get Moksham (50-50 chance) in same birth.


One who is inclined to Materialism ONLY (no spiritual) like Annam, Paanam, Kelikkai etc….. Moksham is doubtful in same birth.


What is devareer’s thought process about these?


Adiyen (ElayaAlwar) Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan

on August 31, 2020

Thank you swamy for answering. First to clarify, adiyen is following sharanagathi path only. Want to become a yogi for the highest experience it offers.

So adiyen infer from your answer that ashtanga yoga becomes a pre requisite.


So assuming that one gets complete sense control in this Kali Yuga, then is ten days uninterrupted meditation after that enough to become a yogi? I hope soo.

on August 31, 2020

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,

Ram Swami,

Yes, Ashtaanga Yoga/Aasanaas is a pre-requiste that needs to be done for years before start doing the Dyanam (meditation) for 200 years or more without any STOPPAGE if one chooses Upasana Margham for Moksham as above Upanishadh vaakyam.

The final granter of Moksham is still BhagavAn, since the yogi cannot go and claim that I did Yoga, please give me Moksham, it’s up to BhagavAn’s discretion to give Mojsham which ever yuga it is.

In Kali Yuga, BhagavAn is giving a allowance since this Yuga is Tamasik Yuga as an Overall, so HE is not expecting the same efforts of a yogi in Krita yuga on this Kali yuga. So as devareer thinking about the assumption of one achieving AshtaMaha Siddhi is NOT POSSIBLE in this Yuga since the above Upanishadh rule CANNOT be followed by anyone. So further thinking about getting a benefit in 10 days is a little over-thinking, Adiyen believe, since we ourselves are CREATING A COMBO ROUTE as “Krita yuga Ashta yoga Siddhi assumption with Kali Yuga Phalam within 10 days”, for which BhagavAn should have laid that route via Pranaamam, which is not there. So what we Ramanuja Dasas do is, after SHARANAGATHY on Swami Ramanujar ThiruvAdi, we do the Aasanaas/Japam of Upasana Margham to keep Body in controlled condition for Kainkaryam in rest of life, and NOT as a means to moksham (since it is impossible in this Kali Yuga to follow Upasana Margham). Other than that Any such Attempt to become Yogi may give BhagavAn an indication or impression that we wanted to follow Upasana Margham for which Krita Yuga would be the right choice, and HE may give another birth due to our icchai. It’s one’s own choice.


So focus on BhagavAn’s icchai about Kainkaryam in this Kali Yuga which is what BhagavAn has laid it for EVERYONE, rather than becoming an Yogi unless we want to become a Yogi to do innumerable Kainkaryams, then there is possibility that HE may bless us a Yogi for which the 100 yes or 10 days or 1 day count doesn’t matter, since our focus is to become a Yogi for Kainkaryam.


Adiyen (ElayaAlwar) Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan

on September 1, 2020

ElayaAlwar Swami…beautiful explanation, very nice to see you back after a long time. 

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Srimate Ramanujaya Namaha

Namskaaram Ram swami and elayalwaar swami..just sharing an analogy below based on the above discussion.
If a person wants to travel from point A to Point B there are different options
1.Getting flying ability
2. Learning to drive a flying vehicle like aeroplane
3. Earning enough money to buy an aeroplane and a driver
4. Just become a friend of some one who has the power of any of the above ..and take a lift.

So above options describe the different methods adopted to reach Vaikunta loka from earth in different yugas. The fourth option is to take shelter of aacharyas who themselves are friend of the top most mystic yogi Sri Krishna.

So as Elayalwar swami has indicated we should focus on the end result and not on the process..
To become a yogi we need 1000s of years but to become a friend of a yogi it takes very less time but that yogi can give us all that is need to reach where we should.

Also , yogi literally means one who is in union with even aalwars can be called as yogi..for some reason..this word has become more attached to ashtaanga yoga.

Also if in satya yuga if “yogis” reached Vaikunatam after 100,000 years and if we in kali yuga reach in 100 years infact we are getting benefit of 1000 years in 1 year , is it not?


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0 on September 2, 2020

Wow! Elayalwar swamy is back.
Hope you would remember me
I am G swamy ( my earlier registered name in dharma sandeha)
{ Adiyen would consider it as my fortune, if you remember me}
Now, i changed my name in dharma sandeha to my original name

Elayalwar swamy, one kind request: please stay in this dharma sandeha and give your beautiful explanations. Don’t go out

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