Divya Prabandham and Vedam

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Dear Swamiji,

Please accept pranamam from this Adiyen!

I have a question regarding ‘Divya Prabandhams’ being considered as ‘Dravida Veda’.

Being the followers of ubhaya vedanta siddhantam, I understand that for Tamil Sri Vaishnavas, both Sanskrit Srutis and Divya Prabandham are like two eyes.

Being born as a Tamil, makes it advantageous for us to enjoy and absorb in Divya Prabandham.

But is it fair to impose this ideology to rest of the citizens of this Bharata Desam? What about crores and crores of people who live and speak different languages in this country?

To that extent, isn’t Sanskrit a uniting factor for all of us?

From a different perspective, doesn’t it limit the expansion of ‘Ramanuja Darshanam’ to rest of the country? I agree it still has an impact in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

But imagine a situation where somebody following a different Vaishnava siddhantam say, in Assam. How will somebody from there be able to appreciate Divya Prabandham?

I’m sure Jagatacharya Ramanuja’s darshanam is not meant for elevation of Tamils only.

My apologies if there is any trace of disrespect in my communication.


Srivatsan S.

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No one restricted Ramanuja Siddhantam to Tamils. All his works are in Sanskrit and has been well appreciated and followed all over Bharata desam. Even today in Assam, Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar and Nepal there are sections of bhaktas who follow Ramanuja sampradaya. They recite Gadya Traya and Stotra Ratnam. They also try to recite Tiruppavai with their own sweet accent. No one compelled them to recite or laid that as a condition for moksham.

on August 17, 2016

Thanks, Swamiji.

The question was out of my ignorance.

I now remember reading a book titled ‘Ramanuja Sampradaya in Gujarat’ written by Dr Haripriya Rangarajan long back.

I wish some great scholars like Dr HR take initiative to disseminate the expansion of our sampradaya.

Thanks once again, Swami.


Srivatsan S.


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