Did Rama attack someone who did not confront him?

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Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

Understood that Sita Devi saying “Hey prabho, you can attack Ravan only if he committs crime against you”

If this is the case, how was Vali attacked? Vali did not confront SriRam


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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,



Dear BhagavAta,


Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami has explained in detail about “Vali Vadham” in below Enpani #42 “Vaali Vadha Samaadhaanam” based on PoorvAcharyar Vyakyana Chakravarthy PeriyavAchan Pillai Swami’s explanation. BhagavAta’s very same question plus additional questions was asked by Vali itself to SriRama directly after he was hit by SriRama’s arrow. Swami says “நாமகூட ஏனோ தானோன்னு கேள்வி கேள்போம், அனால் வாலி என்னமா கேள்வி கேட்டான் தெரியுமா?”






6 Questions asked by Vali to SriRama in his death bed as seen in Valmiki Ramayanam and Kambha Ramayanam:

1) We both don’t have any of the 3 types of enmity within ourselves like பூமி சண்டை இல்லை , காணி சண்டை இல்லை ,  பங்காளி சண்டை இல்லை , so why did you kill me?.

2) We have never met within each other before. So how could you kill a person a like me?.

3) You are Manushya vargam and I’m Monkey vargham. So we both are totally different varghams and we don’t have any relationship within ourselves. So, why did you kill me?.

4) Evenif you say, Kshatriya Humans hunts animals, there is no history of any humans hunting especially monkeys, since none of monkeys body parts are useful to humans. So why did you kill me?

5) Even if you consider, I’m did some Sin (Paapam/crime), then there is valid reason for you to kill me. But, I never did any crime. So why did you kill me?.

6) Ok, if you think, I did some crime, then you why did you Kill me from a Hiding place behind the bushes instead of face-to-face fighting. You are Ishwaku Kulam who follow Manu Dharma shastram. Nermayai kadai pidippavargal. Appadi irundhum yen maraindhu irundhu yennai kondrai?.


Finally SriRama BhagavAn patiently and beautifully explains to Vali for each of his 6 questions, and finally Vali bows his head down by accepting his mistake and appreciates SriRama’s “Answer and Action” against him.

Vaali accepts his mistake and Prays to SriRama for Nargadhi



When Victim Vali itself accepted SriRama’s answer, adiyen not sure why there is lot of PattiMandram in TV’s about Vali Vadham Seriya? illai Thavara?. May be the TV anchors/host/participants doesn’t read the original scriptures or listen to upanyasams. We adiyaars should elevate ourselves and then start sending Swami’s audios whereever necessary (TV channels etc..) to enlighten others, so Sanatana Dharmam can be understood in a proper way, since other Madhams are criticizing some events in Sanatana Dharmam without knowing the facts.



There was one more type of explanation that adiyen has heard from Upanyasams regarding vaali vadham, which adiyen is willing to share if BhagavAta needs to know. Adiyen think, adiyen posted in some other thread as well.



Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu.

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