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Bhagwan Narayan and Mahalakshmi thayar does uncountable things to all of us.. but when chant their names why do we use 108 or 1008 counts..
When we have count of 108 all my mind is on counting.. Is this count really important!

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adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Namaskaram Swamy


Number of times you chant counts or not important depends upon two questions

1. Is there any expectation for one who is chanting?

2.Who really is chanting?

Answer to Q1
If devararer is expecting something thing from Peruman then devararer has to do properly

If devararer is chanting only to chant without any expectation ( even mukthi) then only love is required no numbers

Answer to Q2

If Peruman is chanting himself through the mind Peruman has created and Peruman is having experience of chanting through the mind he has created then Both the doer and perceived is Peruman alone — so it is Peruman’s wish whether how many times it has to chanted – no mind can control

If mind thinks that it is chanting it’s creator ‘s divine namam by itself then count matters

Just ask yourself these questions

And please post the answers
Will help us many ways

Sorry in any way adiyen hurted devararer

adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Vinodh swamy, namaskaram.

Yes, we can chant / recite Lord’s name limitlessly. For example when Rathnakara received sage Narada’s instruction to keep chanting “mara mara mara ma…”, he kept on chanting continuously; he didn’t even know that termite mound was growing around him!

Sage Narada himself is always chanting Lord Narayana’s name. Druva also kept on chanting the mantra given to him almost continuously.

Similarly, we can also keep chanting His name all the time with complete devotion and focus.

But unfortunately my mind is so restless, gets distracted easily, and very lazy. If I am chanting His names without counting, my  mind is traveling all over the universe like a monkey jumping from one topic to another topic in fraction of a second! Or, the mind is lazy and does not chant at all. The mind can also trick us into thinking “Even one name of Perumal is so powerful, then why chant so many times”.

So, to help us escape from such tricks of our mind our acharyas have given us a system to discipline our mind and focus on the chanting atleast a minimum of 108  or 1008 times. Initially, the mind will be focused on the counting and not on the Name of Lord. But focusing on number is still better than the mind travelling all over the universe. With practise, we will be able to focus the mind on the holy Name and the counting is happening automatically without affecting our focus on the name. Even to reach this stage requires considerable practise of disciplined application.

When we do so, eventually we will reach a stage of continuous chanting like sage Narada. Let us pray for that stage, and apply ourselves sincerely to the process prescribed by our acharyas. Ignoring their wisdom and trying to directly jump to the higher plane of devotion is not sustainable. Some rare soul may be able to do it; for individuals like me, it is best to follow acharyas’ guidelines. It is by their blessings all progress happens.

adiyen dasan. 


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Well explained கம்பன் தான் சுவாமி

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