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Consorts of nityuasuris

Updated on October 11, 2021 in General
11 on October 5, 2021


adiyen understood nityuasuris have consorts e.g., Vishvaksenar and Garudar. Nityasuris are those who did not take birth in leela vibuthi. How can they have consorts in Nitya vibuthi?. Is there any family life at Vaikuntam?. In such case, can mukthas also have consorts at Nitya vibuthi?.

As per purana, Garuda is the son of Kashyapa and Vinata. That means he was born in leela vibuthi. Is n’t it?. If it is so, then why he is called nityasuri?.

Is there any misunderstanding on my part?.


SriVaishnava dasan

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10 on October 5, 2021

For “Nityasuris are those who did not take birth in leela vibuthi”

Read “Nityasuris are those who did not take birth in leela vibuthi due to karma”

In the case of Garuda, is that birth the manifestation at Perumal’s will?.


on October 6, 2021

Srimate Raamanujaya Namaha,

Yes, swami there are few audios where swami has clarified that birth of Nitya Suris appearing in this leela vibhuthi is just a manifestation not like a forced birth due to karma.

Even for Krishna’s appearance, He had a birth, parents, etc. but there are not material, though they happen in material world.




on October 6, 2021

True. swamy.

That is why I have indicated in my post.

Waiting for the answer to my query.


on October 7, 2021

adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Namaskaram Swamy

Sorry for lengthy reply kindly read through

Who are Nitya suris
What is Vaikundam

Nitya suris are eternal beings
They were never born
They are in Vaikundam and they are meant only for Krishna kainkerium

Vaikundam is eternal
Vaikundam has knowledge of its own
Vaikundam is Adobe of Bhagwan Krishna


Who are we
What is Leela vibudhi

We have indentifying ourselves by ego or mind or angankaram which has birth death and vasanas or karma

Leela vibudhi is concept of this ego or mind based upon your vasanas

Let me ask you – does the question which you have asked will arise for any of the nityasuris or for garudalvar ?

What do you think

They will not ask this question because they don’t have mind or ego or angankaram

To be still more precise garudalvar cannot know himself that he is garudalvar because only brahmam can know that

If garudalvar knows himself as garudalvar and thinks he is at Vaikundam and he is doing Krishna kainkerium he cannot be Nitya Suri and he cannot be at Vaikundam because it is an act of ego or mind or angankaram

Only Bhagwan can know that

If garudalvar cannot know himself how can he know whether he was born and where he was born and he has consorts

All these things about garudalvar can be known only by Bhagwan

Simply to tell garudalvar or all nityasuris are thoughts of Bhagwan only he can know about them and only Bhagwan make them to do kainkerium and only Bhagwan give them consorts .

Now come to our ( who are thinking that they are trapped in this birth death cycle and waiting to get liberated and to reach Vaikundam) state

If you think carefully we are also actually in the same position of nityasuris and your in Vaikundam doing Krishna kainkerium

But the real problem is because of the unreal vasanas you believe strongly that your a separate entity existing
independently and all our actions and thoughts are ours and so naturally rewards are ours – this is Leela vibudhi

This is because of the birth of ego or mind or angankaram

We are actually never born nor we die
None of us have the experience of being born or experience of death

It is only our ego or mind or angankaram that is being born and dieing out of us using karma

If you lose that ego you will be yourself only and that is the state of nityasuris

So adiyen think that your question has no relevance or purpose for the real You

It is the question raised by your mind because of your vasanas

It is better to surrender your mind or ego or angankaram simply to Acharya – Bhagwan Krishna will take care of everything

Don’t think that surrender is done by you it is also an act of Bhagwan Krishna

So your question is not asked by you
Ask yourself who is asking that question
Your question becomes useless

If this answer looks to you like escaping from answering -. Ask yourself who is thinking like that – the answer will be your mind

Mind is nothing but objectification of consciousness

Mind has no independent existence
Your not your mind your Consciousness or Atman

Be as Atman surrender your mind you will see that your actually at Vaikundam

So your are looking for something which already is there in you and doing all karma yoga bhakti yoga gnana yoga simply trying to be yourself – but still not able to see that your in Vaikundam because Your thinking that your ( mind or ego or angankaram) doing – this thought is the main obstacle to realise yourself

So only way is destroy the ego or mind or angankaram by surrender and don’t think that your surrendering

Teachings of adiyen Acharya
adiyen Ramanuja dasan

on October 7, 2021

Thank you for taking your time and giving a long response.

Mukthatmas and nityasuris have expanded ஞானம் and said to be in line with that of paramatma. Hence, nityasuris know about themselves very much. Due to suddha satvam, they do not have ego. Hence, the reply does not answer  my query.

Contrasting to yourself, my query have relevance to me because I am still a bhaddatma and I am exploring at my age, since I feel I lack knowledge and would like to know and will continue to explore.

Observed too many ‘you’s  in the post.

on October 8, 2021

adiyen Ramanuja dasan
Namaskaram Swamy

Yes Nitya suris know about themselves but what do they know about them selves as

They know about themselves as peace
Not as an identity of themselves

They don’t have identity as so and so that is suddha satva


Swamy replied that your exploring because you lack knowledge

Who is that exploring for want of knowledge, is the real you exploring ?

It is your false you doing so

Is there any one who succeeded in exploring the knowledge of Brahmam?

Nobody can do that

So no point exploring as false you

You will never get the knowledge you want

Give up the false you
That is the only way

This is the adiyen quoted “YOU” many times

adiyen Ramanuja dasan

on October 8, 2021

Swamy shamikkanum if in any way adiyen was wrong

Sometimes it will be difficult to explain certain things by words

just keep discussing in sat sanga

We can learn

adiyen Ramanuja dasan

on October 8, 2021

It is clearly mentioned in the scriptures, a mukthatma (after reaching paramapadam will have same ஞானம் and other qualities same as that of nityasuris) can identify their acharyas and other nityasuris by name. In the same way, nityasuris can also identify themselves.

Bhagavat Ramanujar, in SriBhashyam mentions that Brahma vichara is common for an aspirant, he did not disapprove it and advocates the same. I know very well that it is difficult to understand Him through texts. But one has to put efforts so that his longingness is known to Him and hopefully will make him understand / realise Him at some point of time through His kindness.

Since the inquisitiveness is atma driven, so long as atma is in this body, he has to make use of available senses of the body and mind for this purpose. Hence, the true you make use of false you. Without false you, one can not function here, be it spiritual practice or material work.

on October 8, 2021

adiyen Ramanuja dasan
Namaskaram Swamy

Well said Swamy

adiyen will learn from this

on October 8, 2021

Just give adiyen some time
Will read and tell what adiyen learn and infer from above reply

Let us please only repeat and share what we have heard from acharya purushas. Let us try and avoid our own interpretations.

If at all we have the urge to share, let us please state it clearly, “this is just my understanding”.

On the otherhand, if we have heard clearly from an acharya purusha, then let us share the reference / source with others.

Thank you very much.

adiyen dasan.

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