Considered inappropriate Tamil usages in today’s context

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Namaskaram Swami !

Adiyen has a petty doubt. 

If chaste Tamil words like ‘Soru’, ‘Kazhuvuthal’, etc., existed in our Sri Vaishnava literatures, then how come these terms become alienated to us, rather considered inappropriate for use today?

Is this a divide between the written and spoken forms of the language ?

– Adiyen

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One more word to the list: நாற்றம். Unfortunately, in today’s colloquial use this word carries the exact opposite of its original meaning!

Also, in the Tamil nadu context (may be in other parts of India too) some of the simple ordinary bland English words have evolved to carry utterly despicable meanings, that we have to hesitate to use these words even in a normal circumstances. This change has happened just in a matter of 2+ decades! (should I say “… in a time frame of 2+ decades” to be safe?) The so called comedies in our movies which impose double entendre even using normal words has been the primary reason for this change.

adiyen dasan.



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