Chandogya upanishad – 172

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Srimate Ramanuja Namaha:

Namaskaram Swamy ,
My name is Yugesh Krishnan Yadav G S , I’m 18 years old and studying CA FOUNDATION.
I listen to Chandogya upanishad in Enpani daily, in today’s audio you have said about “Praana Aahuthi” given to “Vaishvaanar” while having food.

Swamy, in that i have a small doubt that, we have a puja room in our home where we daily do our Nityanusandhanam and offer the food made to our KRISHNA and then have the food made as Bhagavath Prasadham, now whether should we chant the “Praana Aahuthi” Slokas everytime before we have the prasadham daily, if so kindly spare your precious time to inform this agyaani the procedures of chanting the Slokas, and wheather can we chant these “Praana Aahuthi” Slokas before samashsrayanam or should we chant these slokas only after samashsrayanam like how you told for doing japam in the beginning.


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