Chanakya Niti & other Sanskrit Texts

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Dear Swamy,

Can I refer to Chanakya Niti? Is it sanctioned to be followed in our Sri Vaishnavism? Also adiyen finds many Sanskrit texts – be it Sutrams or Tenets or Niti. Can I follow such texts? What is the thumb rule to know whether a text is sanctioned in our sect or not? Adiyen feels it is impossible to ask some acharya for each and every book whether it is ok or not? So please suggest some common rule by which we can know whether a text is fine with our society.

Kindly ignore any mistake


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1 on November 20, 2019

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

Namaskaram Ram Swami,

Regarding devareer question,
“……Can I follow such texts?……….. So please suggest some common rule by which we can know whether a text is fine with our society.”

There are primarily FOUR MAJOR types of Societies:

1) Vishista Vesham Society,
2) Nishkrishta Vesham Society,
3) Sandhi Vesham Society (juncture of 1) & 2)).
4) Kashmala Vesham Society.

* We Prapannaas belong to type 2) society and we have many texts related to that, as written by Poorvacharyas and Swami’s kalakshepams.

* Chanakya Niti belongs to type 1) society. There are also numerous endless texts addressed to these people who belongs to type 1) society. Like Vidhura Neeti, Manu Dharmam, Vaanaviyal shastram, etc……

* BhagavAt Gita belongs to type 3) society. Other similar texts…….

* Any texts that doesn’t fall in the 1st three categories fall in type 4) society people. Texts like Art of Mixology, Drunken Botanist, any other maganizes etc…….we can name it. There are countless texts which helps one to take rebirth over and over again.

Depending upon one’s own interest, they can decide which society one need to belong and follow those texts accordingly. First three category texts are advisable, but the one in type 2) society normally focus less on type 1) and type 3) society texts.


Kurai Irundhaal adiyenai kShamikka Prarthikkiraen,
Nirai Irundhaal adiyenudaya Acharya ThiruvAdi Bhalatthaal, Velukkudi Swami Aasirvadhatthaal.

Adiyen Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan

on November 20, 2019

Very nice explanation swami. Adiyen got to know those four societies from you. Let me act accordingly. Thanks.


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1 on November 21, 2019

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,

Ram Swami,

Honestly, Adiyen only shared a COLLECTIVE information by gathering bits and pieces of scattered knowledge from Swami’s multiple upanyasams and kalakshepams and clubbed it in 1,2,3,4 points related to this topic using adiyen’s little “Ooha buddhi & Apohaarttha buddhi” (2 out of the 8 levels of buddhi that each one posseses) WITH Acharya ThiruvAdi Bhalam and Velukkudi Swami’s Aasirvadham.

All credits to Velukkudi Swami.

Adiyen Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan,

KKC Sholinghur DhoddayAcharyar-VedanthAcharyar-KumaraSingarAchayar-Velukkudi Sri Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam.

on November 22, 2019

Yes swami agreed. Credits to Velukkudi Swamy for the enlightenment.


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Great Explanation Swami!!! This is how adiyen sees it:

Let’s say someone has to go from Chennai to Delhi today at the earliest. They are near the airport, ready to leave and have a business class ticket in the best airline that will leave in the next 1 hour with escort service and VIP entry, why would they even look at other options. 

Similarly, we prapannas have Udayavar’s airline, are fortunate to have a ticket from our Acharya, the guidance of our Velukkudi Swami, Divya prabhandams as our reading material and bhagavad / bhagavatha kaimkariyam to pass our time, adiyen doesn’t see a reason why we have to look at other things. 

க்ஷமிக்க பிராத்திக்கிறேன்


on November 21, 2019

Beautiful question.

More beautiful answer!

Beauty even more emblellified by Badrinarayana-swamy’s comment. “the guidance of our Velukkudi Swami, Divya prabhandams as our reading material and bhagavad / bhagavatha kaimkariyam to pass our time, adiyen doesn’t see a reason why we have to look at other things.”


I have tried to share this thought so many times before but I haven’t been effective in getting across. It is likely because of some annoyance and arrogance in my expressions. I apologise to everyone here.

When we have the priceless guidance of our Velukkidi swamy which more than sufficient to fill the rest of this life, when we have other bonafide reading material and kainkaryam to pass our time, why even take our mind to other sources – like “nostradamus prediction” or so called inspiring movies songs or movie dialogues and so on.

Extending this further, our achayas have given us so many bonafide festivals to observe in our tradition. We simply have to know what they have given and follow that to cultivate our devotion for acharyas and perumal and express our gratitude to Them. We don’t have to explore outside sources or invent new ones. In Sept. there was a post on observing ‘Teacher’s day’. And there were some arguments persented in this forum opining “oh! we don’t know it is actually commomerated as a birthday of such-n-such personality”. The point is, it is impossible for us to know every detail of everything the wordly people come up with (may be only google can remember). So, the only thing we have to do is to faithfully stick to our acharyas: If they have given something we will follow. If they have not given it we shall not follow even if it seems attractive. For example, I can feel devotion and gratitude towards my acharyan / guru every single day. I don’t have to use the ‘teacher’s day’ observance effected by worldly-minded people as a reason for me to express my gratitude and devotion to my guru/ acharyan.

Following this strictly will not only protect us from accidentaly distractions, but more importantly it will help us preserve the purity of the teachings and pass it on to the next generation.

adiyen dasan.

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0 on November 21, 2019

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,

Adiyen Charamavathi Dasan to all Adiyaars ? for நேர்மறை சிந்தனை.


Velukkudi Swami ThiruvAdi === ( equal to) UdayavAr ThiruvAdi === Acharya GuruParamparai ThiruvAdi.

This “ThiruvAdi’s function” is DOUBLE EFFECT as
“வந்த நோயை போக்கும், வரும் நோயை தடுக்கும்”.

வந்த நோய் here means Samsaram yennum kadalil irundhu vidudhalai (போக்கும்) “Athma Ujjivanam” kidaikkum (Moksham) in this Janma,

வரும் நோயை here means Agyanam (ignorance) that is surrounding us waiting to doom us in this samsaram will be blocked (தடுக்கும்).

இகலோகத்திலும் ஆனந்தம், பரலோகத்திலும் ஆனந்தம் ?

Adiyen Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan

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