Brahamana(Yagnopaveetham) muthirai perumal vigrahathuku always

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Dear Swamy/Periyava,

Adiyen ramanuja dasan

Kshamikavum for this query. Why there is Marabu or following in all Vigraham or Painting or Drawing perumal portrait displayed with Yagnopaveetham or Poonal as a must. Perumal drawings without yagnopaveetham is not to be followed as Veda guidelines?. Even small child Krishna drawing+ varaha avataram+ singa avataram + matcha or koorma…. ! Originally Perumal in Sri vaikunta itself a Brahmin varnam ?. He is more proud to display to Baktha in Brahmincal views !. Adiyen neechan and I am proud bakta of perumal but want to clarify my query hence asked. Swamy requesting your views.


Adiyen ramanuja dasan.

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swamy , adiyen would like to seek for your advice and views here for my above questions.

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