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Black is an inauspicious colour. Superstition???

Updated on October 19, 2020 in General
6 on October 2, 2020

Namaskaram Swami!

SrimathE RAmAnujAya namaha!!!
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigale Charanam!

Adiyen’s grandmother and other elders in our family have always frowned upon us kids wearing black, especially during functions and such days. Though we were never given any reason, we always followed it so as not to hurt their sentiments. But it has remained an unanswered question till now.

The colour black is related to death in a few western countries but not sure about the relevance in our country. Adiyen would be grateful if anybody could shed light on this. Would like to know after all these years if it’s a superstition or has some real reasons behind it.

Especially, kids these days are not ready to accept things as they are told. So it would help to know the logical reason behind this.

Adiyen RAmAnuja Dasi

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2 on October 2, 2020

Srimate Ramanujaye Namaha!,

Vedas should be accepted based on the  efficacy of already proven concepts they have given 1000’s of centuries ago, ( some of which are proven by modern science in recent years) disinfectant property of cow dung, gomutra, eclipse and planetary movements and speeds.

When we cook rice , we will assess only one sample of one rice particle to assess if it is cooked. Similarly base don the the already proven vedic practices ( more examples can be given in this corona period..Namaste, washing hands, legs  and bathing after travelling out etc).

Coming to this specific question..let me try to provide some reasons..

Black object absorbs most of the light that falls on the object and reflects none or little , that is why it appears black.

Light( Sunlight is the source of all light directly or indirectly)  is considered to be source of purity and knowledge and helps one come out of ignorance.( Easy to relate in corona year)

So the actual light around a black dress is reduced, it does not reflect  the light to the person wearing it or to the people nearby. So  the amount of light (sunlight) purifying the person reduces.

Secondly, all things in this world are classified as Sattva- Rajas and Tamas- Goodness, passion and ignorance. So examples would be white, red and black.   Black being a tamasic colour (may be due to above reasons) is not recommended.

P.S: an interesting argument would be Krishna or perumaal is black..but they are not material black but are a spiritual black, where even though they are black, they radiate brightness equivalent ot 1000’s of suns. so we may not be in a a position to discuss that.. 



on October 2, 2020

As brought out by enpanifan swamy, science says white reflects light and black absorbs light. That’s why, we in tropical countries use white dresses.

But, generally our people advice not use a dress with even a spec of black. We have to ponder.


on October 7, 2020

enpanifan swamy,

Just a wild thought has come now, may not be correct. Perumal absorbs everything during pralayam, that may be the reason for His black colour.


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0 on October 2, 2020

Adiyen bahu dhanyAsmi Swamis _/\_

Yes very true, our ShAstrAs are to be followed to the word. But sometimes, due to some confusion, it is not clear as to which is from our VedAs and which could be a superstition…

Anyways, thank you for the detailed explanation Swami!


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0 on October 3, 2020

Srimate Ramanujaye Namaha!

Agree that there is a confusion between man made / introduced superstitions and actually prescribed by vedas.

Swami’s recent audio  # 1884 has relevant information regarding the same. Swami says that in Manusamhita , Lord Manu says that if there are more clarifications required please consult the senior most woman of the family.

To clarify the confusion of which customs and practices to follow , if we hear enpani audio regularly most of the things will be clarified. One example of one practice was discussed in audio # 1884. (many such practices have been discussed in the past by swami).



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0 on October 19, 2020

Colours are associated with Gunas. As per Hinduism.

Colours are associated with moods. As per Psychology.

Black, grey or Dark colours are Tamo Gun. Psychologically it reflects grief, depression and negative emotions.

Red is colour of Rajo Gun. Psychologically it refers an aggressive and bold emotions.

Golden yellow and light bright colours are Satvik to without Gun. Psychologically it reflects bliss.

White is very controversial. As per psychological studies it’s associated with loneliness, dejection and negative moods. As per Hinduism, some say it’s satvik and some as very inauspicious colour. I have personal opinions that white is very inauspicious colour, that’s why married women never wear white color.

Ramunja Dasan

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