Bharanyasam vs Pancha Samskaram

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Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah! Sri Sriranga Narayana Jeeyar swamigale saranam!

Dear Sri. Velukkudi Swami,

Today I came across a new term called Bharanyasam from a Srimad Andavan disciple, where he explained this as performing Prapatthi or Saranagathi; submitting or surrendering the Baran or the weight of your soul to the Lotus feet of the Supreme Lord of the Universe. My understanding was that when we recite Dvayam and Charama Slokam, the first time after receiving from our Acharya through Pancha Samskaram, the surrendering is complete (as also explained by you in your Saranagathi Gadyam Upanyasam, where Lord Ranganatha confirms this to Ramanujacharya) and we become Prapannas. Can you help us understand the difference (if any) better? 

I already received Pancha Samskaram from my Acharya Sri Sriranga Narayana Jeeyar Swamigal, the 50th Pontiff of Srirangam, who just reached Sri Vaikuntam early this week as you know. Do I have to do another process called Baranyasam for complete surrender? 

PS: Thank you so much for providing a wonderful brief on adiyen’s Acharya in enpani 1077. It was very nice to learn about your family’s longtime association with him. BTW My Paternal grandfather and He were so good friends as we are from Coimbatore and live very close to Gheradi Koil and Jeeyar is the one who named me both after my birth and my rebirth (Pacha Samaskaram). Our family like yours is also closely associated with him over a long time and adiyen had the mercy to do some kaimkariyam to him during his last few months on this planet.  


Badrinarayana Ramanuja Dasan!

Portland, OR, USA

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1 on July 16, 2018

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

Our Velukkudi Swamy has said “Sampradhaya Bedham Undu” meaning there is a difference in Sampradhayam.

It’s a huge question but the answer can be simplified by example in adiyen’s opinion

One sect: We are like cat’s kitten and it’s cat’s responsibility to shift and safeguard kittens. Kittens don’t ask.

Other sect: Only crying baby gets milk


Thank you Swami, you’ve confirmed my current understanding. So in our sampradayam (Thenkalai) there is no fear of falling down during this process (from the day we got Pancha Samskaram and surrendered to the Lord until we leave this Material body). 


Badri Narayana Ramanuja Dasan!

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Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,

Asmadh Sarva Gurubyo Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruvae Namaha,


ஸ்ரீவேலுக்குடி சுவாமி திருவடிகளுக்கு பல்லாண்டு பாடி திருவடிகளே சரணம்.


தேவரீர் உபன்யாசங்களை மேற்கோள்காட்டி விளக்குவதற்க்கு அடியேனை அனுகிரஹித்து அனுமதிக்க வேண்டும்.


Yella Thenkali & Vadakalai Adiyargalukku Vanakkam,

Out of MANY sub-sects in ‘Ramanuja Dharishana” Margam for SriVaikunta Praaptthi in same janma and Nithya Kainkaryam & BhagavAt Anubhavam, Thenkalai and Vadakalai are two of the sub-sects among many sub-sects and they are beautiful sects applicable ONLY for those who has “MAHA VISHWASAM” on UDDHARAKA Acharyar Swami Ramanujar’s ThiruvAdi.


Some Glossary needs to be understood to understand the Thenkalai & Vadakalai sub-sects.

  • “Nyasam” in sanskrit means surrender & is also called as “Prapathi”. Means, Surrendering or Returning the stolen property (Athma ourselves) to the Owner ‘Sriman Narayanan’ through Acharyan ThiruvAdi.
  • “BaraNyasam” is Prapatti. Means, Moksham pogum Bharatthai Acharyan Thiruvadiyil Samarpittha pinbhu, Perumal Anugrahatthirkkaaga Kaatthu kondu iruppadhu.
  • “PanchaSamskaram” as per age old shastras ” Thaapaha, Pundraha, Naamaha, Mantraha, Yagjyaha”.

Swami says “Parashara Smrithi” many Shastra vaakyams tells about the 5 samskarams (Parama Ekanthikal aaga irupadharkku intha 5’dhum mukkyam).

Pancha Samskaram, means doing 5 samkarams. Anyone is allowed, men, women, kids from any Varnas can do Pancha Samskaram with an Acharyan and get Acharya Sambhandham and get Moksham ‘SriVaikunta’ Praapthi in smae birth.

1a) Thaapaha (Sankhu & Chakra Laanchanam on both shoulders)

1b) Pundraha (12 places on body with Thiruman Kaapu and Sri Choornam)

1c) Namaha (Acharyan gives a Dasa naamam)

1d) Mantraha (Acharyan gives Upadesam on Thiru Mantram, Dvayam & Charma Slokam)

1e) Yaagam (Acharyan teaches how to do ThiruArdhanai (Poojai) to Perumal in a simple way)


Endha 5’dhum seidhatharkku piragu dhaan, namakku ThiruVaardhanai seivadharkkaey Yogyathai (eligibility), Moskham povadharkku Arugathai (Qualification). So ‘Prapatthi or Pancha Samskaram’ is only “ELIGIBILITY (யோக்கியதை)” for Moksham, but we cannot force Perumal with this eligibility to give us Moksham, since Perumal is the final decison maker who has “NirAnkusa Swathantriyam” (Non questionable Independance). HE will decide which Shisyas get Moksham depending up on theie own Acharyan’s Nishati.

So, can anyone be an Acharyan and do this Samskaram to others, then the ANSWER is NO. since Shastras say How an Acharyan needs to be and the Qualifications:

Definition of Acharyan as per Shastras as Swami says:

Bhagavan Sriman NarayanAn takes Shastras (rule Book) on HIS hand and takes “Acharyan” Avataram.

1) “Aasinothihi Shastrarthaan” (Kattrukolgiraar)

Means, Thaan mudhalil Vedatthai , Ithihaasatthai, Puraanatthai, Shastratthai YEALLAVATTRAYUM nangu kattrukolgiraar

2) “Acharye Sthapayathyapi” (Kattradhai Anushtaanam Seigiraar)

Means, Thaan kattrukondathai mattum vittu vidaamal, adhan padi Ozhugi Nadanthu kaattugiraar.

3) “Upadesam seigiraar”. Thaan Kattrapinn, Anushtaanam seidha pinn, Adhan pinn thannudaya Shishyargalai, Adhan padi nadakka vaikkiraar.

So, all these three together QUALIFIES an ACHARYAN.


Swami has said in past upanyasam that, Acharyan Swami AndraPoonar (Vadu Nambhi) says, ONLY Swami Ramanuajar Qualifies to be called as an ACHARYAN and NO one else as they don’t Fully Qualify to be an Acharyan like Swami Ramanujar.

  • So, all Acharyas other than Swami Ramanujar is called as UPAKARAKA Acharyas. Means who surrenders ourselves Athma on Swami Ramanujar Lotus feet and inturn Swami Ramanuajar is NammAlwar THiruvAdi, and we get Mosksham “SriVaikuntam”.
  • Hence, Swami Ramanujar is called as UDDARAKA Acharyan (Woo lifts all His Shisyas which is our PoorvAcharyas) to Moksham, and in-turn we shisyas belonging to those Acharya lineages who rely on Swami Ramanujar also gets Moksham ‘ParamPAdham’.

So, Thenkalai or Vadakalai, doesn’t matter, as long we understand (Either present Acharyas and their Shisyas) that by doing Bharnyasam or Pancha Samskaram, we get “RAMANUJA SAMBHANDHAM, then their ATHMA UJJIVANAM occurs for SriVaikunta Praaptthi in Same Janma.

So, if an Acharyan says, I have surrendered your soul to Perumal lotus feet, then that Acharyan is bypassing PoorvAcharyas, which means, HE has to qualify all the three by himself to be an Acharyan like Ramanujar. In this Kaliyuga it is difficult, so All Acharyas rely on Swmai Ramanujar for their Moksham itself.

Hence, Sri Velukkudi Swami clearly says, when one (either Achryan or Shisya) leaves their body, they reach their Acharyan THiruVadi (தன் ஆசார்யன் திருவடியை அடைந்தார் ). That Acharyan reached His acharyan feet, and son on in the ladder and fianll reach Swami Ramanuajr ThiruvAdi and finally NamALwar & tehn Thayr-PErumal ThiruvAdi whcih si Moksham SriVaikuntam.



In Thenkalai, during Ramanuaja Sambhandham (Pancha Samskaram plus Prapatthi /Nyasam is done at same time) with “Achrya Nishtai”, but outside we say using one word pancha samskaram, but both are done at same time.

In Vadakalai, during Ramanuja Sambhandham, Pancha samskram and Prapatthi (Nyasam) are done at two different separate times depending up on the shisyas interest.


However, it is being popularly told that Swami Pillai LokaCharyar/Swami Manavaala Maamunigal followed Thankalai, and Swami Vedanta Desikar followed Vadakali, but in actual both of them didnot create any Kalai’s, they only followed Swami “Ramanuja Dharishanam”. Only Abhimaanis of these Acharyas created a Kalai for their following.

So, present Acharyas or Shishyas either whatever Kalai need to understand that Swami Vedanta Desikar went to Moksham due to Swami Ramanujar Krupai (Reference Yathiraja Sapthathi) & Swami Manavaala Maamunigala went to Moksham due to Swami Ramanujar Krupai (Reference Aarthi Prabhandham).


Adiyaargal Vaazha Aranganagar Vaazha, Sri Velukkudi Swamiye innum oru Noortraandu irumm.


Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,

Uyya Oraey VAzhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,

Sarvam Sri Krishna Kudumbham,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu.

on July 18, 2018


Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha.

Thank you Srimathi  for this wonderful clear explanation.

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadilage Thanjam.


on November 8, 2019

அறுமையான, “நிற்கப் பாடிய”, எளிமையான, தெளிவான விளக்கத்திற்கு மிக்க நன்றி. 

அடியேன் மின் அஞ்சல் இல் தொடர்பு கொள்ள விண்ணப்பிக்கின்றேன். 




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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha, 

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruvae Namaha, 


Yellam Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamiyudaya ‘Anugrahatthaalum’, 2014’lil Thann Acharyan ThiruvAdiyai adaindhu ThiruNaadu (SriVaikuntam) Alangarittha adiyenudaya Asmadh Acharyanudaya ‘Arulaalum’, Poorvacharyargaludaya ‘Abhimaanatthaalum’ ,  JagadhAcharyar UdayavArudaya ‘Krupaiyaalum’, Alwarudaya ‘Kataakashatthaalum’,  Divya Dampathigaludaya (Thayar-Perumal) ‘Karunaiyaalum’, adiyen oru karuviyaaga unarndhu Sri Velukkudi Swamikku “Kainkaryamaaga” koorinaen, avalavudhaan.


எல்லாம் ஸ்ரீ வேளுக்குடி கிருஷ்ணன் ஸ்வாமியுடைய “அனுகிரஹத்தாலும்”,

2014’லில், தன் ஆசார்யன் திருவடியை அடைந்து திருநாடு (ஸ்ரீவைகுண்டம்) அலங்கரித்த அடியேனுடைய அஸ்மத் ஆச்சர்யனுடைய “அருளாலும்”,

பூர்வாசார்யர்களுடைய “அபிமானத்தாலும்”, ஜெகதாசார்யர் உடையவருடைய “க்ருபையாலும்”,

அல்வாருடைய “கடாக்கஷத்தாலும்”,

திவ்ய தம்பதிகளுடைய (தயார்-பெருமல்) “கருணையாலும்”,

அடியேன் ஒரு கருவியாக உணர்ந்து ஸ்ரீ வேளுக்குடி ஸ்வாமிக்கு “கைங்கர்யமாக” கூறினேன், அவளவுதான்.


Sri Velukkudi Swamikku adiyenudaya Panivaana Samarpanam,


During Samasrayanam in 2012, adiyen’s Acharya niyamanam is to do “Kainkaryam” in any possible ways based on adiyens Yatha Shakthi to Devareer (Sri Velukkudi Swami), and at any point adiyen is “not suppose to reveal to  Devareer or anyone else that, that adiyen is the one who is doing kainkaryam to Devareer”. This is adiyen’s Acharyan Aanai, and then later in 2 years, adiyen’s acharyan attained HIS acharyan lotus feet in 2014. Honestly, adiyen didnot know how to accomplish Acharyans ThiruUllam. Then at one point, adiyen found Dharma Sandeha, which was the right platform to execute adiyen Acharyan Aanai, and adiyen took “KongilPiratti form” to do kainkaryam to Devareer (Sri Velukkudi Swam). Till now, adiyen is continuing that Kainkaryam as a “Parathantran” with adiyens yatha shakthi till adiyens shareeram falls down. This is known between adiyen and adiyens Acharyan only (but, adiyens acharyan now in SriVaikuntam, but Acharyan gas left HIS SriPadham to adiyen, which adiyen keep on adiyens Shirasu everyday morning). But now adiyen is in a position to share this and adiyen has revealed it in a creamy layer form.

Adiyenai Shamikka Prarthikkiraen.


Adiyen has a original Dasa naamam, under which Devareer already know adiyen and has blessed adiyen and adiyens Athma Bandhu couple of times in adiyens original form (Acharyan given Dasa naamam).


Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan, 

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi, 

Sarvam SriKrisharpanam Asthu. 

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ஸ்ரீ மதே ராமானுஜாய நம: ? ஶ்ரீ ரங்க நாராயண ஜியர் சுவாமிகள் சரணம்?

அற்புதம் அற்புதம்! எவ்வளவு அன்பு! எவ்வளவு பணிவு! அடியேன் பாக்கியம் செய்தேன் தங்கள் கருனை கிடைக்க பெற?

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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Adiyen is SriPadha Thooli of both Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami & adiyens Acharyan.

Sarvam Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdiyil Samarpanam.

Swami beautifully says in enpani 1083 “பகவான் யாருக்கு முக்தி கொடுக்கிறார்” related to this topic referring to Swami Ramanujar’s vaakyam, which is applicable to all Sharanagathas who has done prapatthi.

Another reference from Swami’s upanyasam Ramanuja Noorthandhadhi paasuram 45.

பேறொன்று மற்றில்லை நின் சரண் அன்றி * அப்பெறு அளித்தற்கு ஆறொன்றும் இல்லை * மற்றச்சரண் அன்றி ** என்றிப்பொருளைத் தேறுமவர்க்கும் எனக்கும் உனைத்தந்த செம்மை சொல்லால் * கூறும் பறமன்று * இராமானுச! மெய்மை கூறிடிலே.

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami is Ramanujar.

Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,
Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,
Sarvam SriKrisharpanam Asthu.

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Thank You Kongilpiratti Swami. I was about share the same and you beat me :), which is good!


Ramanuja Dasan!

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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam,

Adiyen is more happy if every bhagavatas start referring from Swami’s Pravachanams (either Enpani or Upanyasams), which most of the bhagavatas in this forum are already doing it. This itself is a kinchit kainyaram to Swami.

Nadri Bhagavata for the thudippu to share Swami’s audios.

Varthadhaam AbhiVarthadhaam…..

Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,
Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,
Sarvam SriKrishna Kudumbham.

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