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Bhaghawan’s Avatars originated from HIS “Para” or “Viyuha” Roobham

Updated on January 6, 2019 in Avatars
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Namaskaram Swamy,

Adiyean heard from Devareer’s Upanyasams that Bhaghawan’s Sri Krishna Avatar originated from HIS “Para” roobham; HE came down to Bhoo Logham and completed the Avatar within the period when the Nithya Sooris were doing “Dhooba haarthi”  in Sri Vaikuntham.

However, in another upanyasam, Devareer mentioned that all HIS Avatars are originated from HIS “Viyuha m(Sheeraapthi-Paar kadal). The same is also taken from Sri Andal’s ThiruppaaVai paasuram.

So, Bhaghawan’s Avatars are originated from HIS “Para” Roopham (Vaikunta) or from HIS “Vihuha roopham?

Adiyean Ramanuja Dhasan.


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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,

Dear BhagavAta,

In Vishnu Sahasranamam 2011 KKT Calender CD, Sri Velukkudi Swami explains how Acharyar Swami Parasara Bhattar has provided explanation/Vyakyanam for Sri Vishnu Sahasranaamam in HIS Grantham “BhagavAt Guna Dharpanam”. Please also check the Enpani app “SriVishnuSahrananam” short audio clips,where Swamis explains the same and very lucid, but the answer may be scattered in different audio clips.

Here is the 3 PRIMARY hierarchy of BhagavAN Sriman NaryanAn’s avatar categories in order.

Para → Vyuha → Vibhava.

1) Para Vasudevan does “Sanklapam” of the Shrsiti,

2) Vyuha avataram does “Execution” of ParaVasudevan’s Sankalpam (Shrishti),

3) Vibhava Avataram does “LIVE RELAY” and set an example by showing us how to follow Shastras/Vedas/Upanishadhs, like SriRama and SriKRishna Avatars along with Human mankind.

[The 4th and 5th “Antaryamai (Inside us) and Archai (Deity) are considered as same as Para Vasudevan and Vibhava Avatar.

Antaryamai cannot be seen or Prayed by us except by Rishis or Mahans with Yoga Valimai, which is same scenario as Para Vasudevan cannot be seen by us except by NithyAthmas and MuktAhmas.

The Archai (Deity) form is same as Vibhava Avatram, since we did not see SriRama or SriKrishna during their period, so HE presents himself in deity forms in temples.]

1) Para Vasudevan:

* This form Seen Only In Sri Vaikuntam/Nithya Vibhoothi (Other side of Virajai Nadhi where NithyaAthmas and MukAthmas are present)

* Amarndha Thirukkolam (Sitting Posture)

* Never descends in this FORM to Leela Viboothi (this side of Virajai Nadhi Samsaram where ‘WE’ BhaddAthmas are present).

* 1st 122 naamas talks about ParaVasudevan.


2) Vyuha Avataram:

* Para Vasudevan Descends to Leela Vibhoothi by changing HIS form WITHOUT Compromising any of HIS Kalayana Gunas.

* Next 24 naamas, from 123rd till 146th naamas (MahaTapaha: till Sahishnuhu:) talks about Vyuha Avataram.

* Para Vasudvan (Vaikunta Vasudevam) changes to 4 Vyuha forms without Imparting HIS Kalyana Gunas to other JeevAthmas.

    1. Vasudevan → Para Vasudevan form changed to Vasudevan to “Execute” ParaVasudevan’s Sankalpam.

    2. Pradhyumnan → Intial Creation (Samashti Shristi) like Mahan, Ahankaram, Pancha Bhootha Panchikaranam etc…. is done by BhagavAn HIMSELF, before Brahma post is created and a JeevAthma is chosen for this post. After this, Brahma (JeevAthma) does Vyasthi Shrishti and creates other posts like Shiva, Manu etc where other JeevAthmas who has NOT surrendered their Punya Karmas as “Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu” are chosen……..

    3. Aniruddhan → Dharmam/Protection done BY HIMSELF

    4. Sankarshanar → Samharam/Absorption (Layam) done BY HIMSELF.

3) Vibhava Avataram:

* Vibhava Avataram is from Vyuha Avataram to do LIVE RELAY and set an example by shoeing us how to follow Shastras/Vedas/Upanishadhs, like SriRama and SriKrishna Avatars along with Human mankind.

* How to do Sharanagathy  on Acharyas Lotus feet and reach Moksham with Alwars Anugraham etc….

* Any Vibhava Avatarams like Varaha, Koorma, Hygreeva etc.. are from the Vyuha Forms, but once these Vibhava forms are completed, BhagavAn returns to Sri Vaikuntam straight. During “Dhoopa Haarthi” in SriVaikuntam, Para Vasudevan took Vyuha Avatram, then Vibhava Avataram as SriKrishna, and after completion, SriKrishna returned to Sri Vaikuntam straight, but the other Vyuha and Vibahava Avatars exists till the Maha Pralayam.

Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,

Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanam Asthu.

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0 on January 6, 2019


Thank you kongil piraati swamy for your time in describing passionately about the Bhaghawan’s roopams.

However, Adiyean’s query was that in few Upanyasams it is mentioned that “Sri Krishna Avatar originated from HIS “Para” Roobham; HE came down to Bhoo Logham and completed the Avatar within the period when the Nithya Sooris were doing “Dhooba haarthi”  in Sri Vaikuntham”. The Nithya soorees did not even aware that Bhaghawan was not there due to the prevailing Dhoop (Pugai mandalam).

Also, in Ramayanam, it is mentioned that Bhaghawan departed to Vaikuntham with all His subjects(Kudi makkal). Of course, He kept them in between before they reached Sri Vaikuntham.

Hence, there are pramaanams that Both SriKrishna and Sri Ram reached SriVaijuntham after completing their respective Avatars.

Thus, adiyean has this doubt.

Adiyean Ramanuja Dhasan.

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