Avatars of sriman narayana in each chaturyug

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Namaskaram Swamiji,

Thank you for enlightening about Moksha and Pralayam through En Pani.

Swamiji, I am having one more doubt. As per Srimad Bhagwatam, there are many avatars of Narayana. Matsya Avatar might be the first avatar of this chatur yug. But in the previous chatur yug, some other avatar might be the first. And the sequence might be different. Does that mean that, all the avatars repeats in each chatur yug? Does that mean Ram avatar and Krishna avatar were present in previous chatur yug as well?


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Yes. Avataras repeat in each Chatur yuga. All avataras happen in every Chatur yuga

on August 22, 2016

Swamiji…does that mean ravanan, vibhishan, hanuman and every one will be present in all avatars. If thats the case, vibhishan already did sharnagati and attained moksha…How is it possible again he is reborn? Also, Jay-vijayan took birth as Ravanan – Kumbakarnan due to curse. Does that mean in every chaturyug they will get that curse?


on August 22, 2016


Sorry for barging in !


I too had this doubt.

In an infinite (anaadi and anantam) existence, do we have only finite list of avataras that will repeat itself on a cyclical basis?





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