archiradi margam and kundalini yoga

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Srimate Ramanujaye namaha,

Namaskararam Swami.

I have heard in your upanyasams that the soul to depart via archiradi maargam need to catch the sushmuna naadi and exit via brahmantra opening in the skull.

This description is somewhat similar to what jnana yogis practice and try to achieve by raising kundaliini to the head to the third eye or so but for that they need to regular mediation practice.

So in the case of a bhakta who is engaged in shravanam, keerathanam and physical kainkaryam how will this happen , does he also need to do some meditation practice which will raise his kundalini above?

Or is it possible that one can catch the sushmuna naadi even without jnana yoga like meditation practices.?






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Srimate Ramanujaye Namaha

Namaskaaram.swami. the answer to the above question has been answered in today s enpani 1603.



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