Apacharas to be avoided in divya desams By a devotee.

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RamAnuja dhayApAthram jnAna vairAgya bhooshaNam 
srImath vEnkatanAthAyam vandhE vEdhAntha dhESikam

Namo Narayanaya.
Asmad Gurubyo namaha, Asmat Parama Gurubyo Namaha.
Swami ThiruvadikrAu Enadhu Namaskaram

Please forgive us to utilize your precious Time

What are the apacharas which should be avoided in Divya desams by a devotee.
If before Becoming a devotee if one commits an apacharam, Will lord ever forgive us?
Is there a prayaschitha if one realizes his/Her sins commited because of Ajnana.

Elders gives always an example of how ajamila got moksha, My doubt is How would i know whether i have commited less sins then him. 
My self as  a badhatma in the first place i hesitate to forgive me and feel guilty sometimes. How is lord able to fogive us? 

Bhagavad Apacharas and Bhagavatha Apacharas are very Catastrophic 
If one commits an apachara to bhagavatha unknowingly, will it not definetly affect ones devotional position
what common prayaschitham shoud be done for Known and unknown Apacharas

When does lord get angry on me? 

Namo Narayana. Sastanga namaskarams.
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If we have committed an apacharam with a Bhagavata, we have to seek pardon from him only. Repent and resolve that we won’t repeat it. Pls listen to en PaNi clip on this subject

on September 18, 2016

 Namaskaram Swami,


I have done one apacharam to the jeer swamigal of Sriperumbutur. I approached him twice empty handed but he gave me fruits in return.  After listening to your audio i understood that it is an apacharam. I want to do the prayaschitam.  My hands are tied currently and I cannot move anywhere. What can i do now?Please guide me swami.


Thank you,




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