Any eligibility criteria to teach Divyaprabandham (Nithyanusandhanam) rote learning?

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Adiyen🙏 Namaskaram. Adiyen understand that anyone can learn and recite Divyaprabandham.
Of course, there may be some exceptions like only prapannas can recite Thiruvaimozhi etc.

Let us consider the majority of the Nithyanusandhanam here (specifically Thiruppallandu, Thiruppalliezhuchchi, Thiruppavai, Neeraattam, Poochoodal, Kaappidal, Senniyongu, Vaaranamaayiram, Amalanadipiran, Kanninun Siruthambu) which have no constraints at all. Anyone can learn and recite these.

But, is there any criteria for a person to teach the above mentioned prabandams to others? – is it necessary that the person has studied the vyakyaanams under an acharya and then only eligible to help others in memorizing the same?

Let me mention a bit of a background here. Adiyongal live in the US and our kids have been learning Nithyanusandhanam for the past 4+ years from a noble Bhagavatha(very well qualified) through Vedics foundation. Though the sandhai is not a typical paksham-wise one, it has been an excellent journey for my kids(and many other kids). It started off like 3 days a week, and now, it is 5 days a week. So, it may be a slow-paced one (compared to the traditional one) but very effective for my kids. They can now recite all of the above mentioned prabandams (and upadesa ratnamalai) in Nithyanusandhanam from memory. Adiyen is very grateful for the same🙏

While adiyen”s kids are/were going through the classes,, adiyen is/was not able to join them. But parallely, in the last 4 years, adiyen put an effort on my own (in my own pace, along with my kids’ help) to memorize the above prabandams in Nithyanusandhanam and adiyen is now reciting all of those every day while cooking. Adiyen is very comfortable reciting the ones that I have memorized myself (though without a proper sandhai method).

Now, is it ok for a person like me to teach any other kids, for example, adiyen’s niece and her friends, or any other kid for that matter? Adiyen has been blessed to listen to various discourses by Swami Velukkudi Krishnan swamy. But, other than that, adiyen has not gone through any acharya’s teaching in person for vyaakyaanams. Adiyen would like to follow at least a little bit of what Swamy Ramanujar has mentioned (to teach Divyaprabandham). But, concerned, if adiyen is even qualified to do the same!

Also, sometimes, I find that the following pattern of learning is more effective for myself
— for the third time of repetition, repeat from the beginning of the paasuram till the point wherever we are in that paasuram.

So, my questions are
Is there any eligibility criteria to teach the above mentioned prabandams to others?
Is it ok to follow any method to learn/ teach? (irrespective of the number of days and the method,, as long as the goal of memorizing is met)

Adiyen 🙏

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