Amazing Conversation Between Perumal and Sri MahaLakshmi Thayar

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Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,

Sri Velukudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,

Asmadh Sarva Gurubyo Namaha,


Dear All Bhaktas,


“Very Interesting Conversation between Perumal (Sriman Narayanan) & Piratti (MahaLakshmi Thayar)” from Swami’s Sharanagathy upanyasam . Adiyen couldn’t control the JOY of how Thayar was supporting us with HER Karunai irrespective of Perumal’s Rules. So adiyen would like to share this small seqeunce from a blog to All Bhaktas for BhagavAt Anubhavam with Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami and Acharyan ThiruvAdi Anugrahatthal.



Though Perumal has these great gunas classified as Paratvam (Vallamai/Powerful to establish any Seekers needs) and Saulabhyam (Easy Access/Seekable), unfortunately Perumal also two gunas Kovum (anger) and Swathantriyam (Serukku- Independant and no one can question HIM), which Perumal exhibits on seeing our Dhoshams (Paapam/Sins).

All father act and advise for teh best of teh children. Unfortunately, children sometimes or many times doesn’t undertsand what father is saying. Then father gets angry on the child is not understanding irrespective of so many explanations. Similarly, our Nithya Pitha (Permanent Eternal Father Sriman NarayanaAn/Perumal/SriKrishna) also attempts to teach us and mend us. If we Jeevathmas donot understand, then HE gets angry on seeing all the sins/paapams we jeevathmas continue to do. This kovum is like the ASH which covers the fire “Neeru Pootha Neruppu Pole Irukku”. This Kovum ‘Ash’ covers Perumal’s other Good Kalyana Gunas like KARUNAI etc….

Perumals anger (ash) is kindled by seeing our sins. So Perumal anger (ash) comes first. LIke how we kindle fire covered by ash using a rod or blowing air. This role of removing the ash (anger) of Perumal, so that the inside fire (Karunai) of Perumal is visible, is to be done by someone else.

So, someone needs to come between ParamAtham and JeevAthma to solve the anger (Ash) of ParamAthma, so that the JeevAthma gets FULL BENEFITS of Perumal’s Kalyana GUnas (Fire). We need a MEDIATOR.

Like how Acharyan helps us to keep us in good ethical track, same way someone also need to help Perumal to remove the ash that is covered on HIM. Perumal cannot remove the Ash by himself, as HE is not capable though HE is ParamAthma. That someone ‘MEDIATOR’ who can remove the Serukku/Ash from Perumal requires some qualifications as below, and a JeevAthma cannot do this by oursleves.


The ‘Mediator’ needs the following criteria:

1. someone who doesnot have any fault (dhosham/paapams),

2. someone who Perumal ALWAYS Likes (Preethi/Sneham),

3. someone who is not scared of ParamAthma,

4. someone who is closer to JeevAthama,

5. someone who ALWAYS likes JeevAthama (Anbhu/Paasam),

6. someone who want the JeevAthma to get liberated from Samsaram (reach SriVaikuntam).

All these Criterias/Qualifications FITs ONLY to our ONE-and-ONLY MOTHER “Jagath MaathA” Sri MahaLakshmi Thayar. These is no one else who can do this.


Sri MahaLakshmi is “PURUSHAKAARA BHOOTHAI”. BhagavAn is like HOT water, since JeevAthma has not been following the Rules (Shastras) and is filled with paapam due to “akruthya karan, kruthya karan, bhagavat apachara, bhagavat apachara, asakya apachara and many other paapams/sins. HE is teh one who has laid the rules (Shastras & Vedas), so HE cannot ignore just like that, if people are not following the rules. So, to make the hot water to WARM water, we need COLD water mixing with hot water. Piratti Thayar is ALWAYS with HIM (Agalikillaen Irayum Endru Alarmel mangai Urai Maarbhaa…..) and FULL of KARUNAI.

So, Perumal Protects us only when HE is giving Sevai to us as “SRI LAKSHMI NARAYANAN“. So, don’t pray Perumal directly is what Acharyan advises us. When we go to Perumal Temple, Pray first Thayar’s ThiruvAdi which is Alwars/Acharyas, then Pray Thayar, then last go to PErumal Sannidhi, since Acharyas/Alwars corrects us and recommend us to Thayar and Thayar inturn corrects Perumal’s Ash and recommend us to HIM, with which we get all the DIVINE Perumals Blessings/Karunai (Fire).


Here is how Thayar corrects Perumal Ash and recommend us. Beautiful conversation.

  • Thayar: Why are you not giving Moksham/SriVaikuntam?
  • Perumal: He is full of Dhosham (sins/paapam),
  • Thayar: Who is there without dhosham?. You will not find anyone without dhosham.
  • Perumal: I have defined rules (Shastras) and hence, i need to go by them. What are you suggesting? To stop looking at the rule book (shastras) and stop following the rule book (shastras)? Should i take back all the shastram? Don’t we need Shastram? Don’t we need to follow shastram?
  • Thayar: No, I didnot say so. We need Vedas, Ithihasaas, purans, upanishads, prabhandhams and need to follow the same.
  • Perumal: Then, I have to punish them as per rule book.
  • Thayar: (In mind, Thayar thinks, endha Aalu yeppadi paasinaalum, rule book mattum paesaraare). If your just see your rule book only, then how will we able to see your karunai and how will you showcase your karunai? I’m more worried about our karunai and interested in showcasing your karunai than the rule book.
  • Perumal: Devi, I’m stuck-up between ‘Karunai’ and the ‘rule book (shastram). what are you suggesting? Should I seet eh rule book or show case my karunai?
  • Thayar: If Devareer is interested, i will explain.
  • Perumal: Oh ho!, you seem to be knowing more. I thought i’m the one who has FULL knowledge. Ok, yes, explain me your thoughts and wishes. [Note: Piratti Thayar aim is to ensure that HER Husband is always a Purushan the one who is giving Moksham (SriVaikunatm). While She is trying to achive this goal, indirectly, she is helping us ‘The JeevAthmas’. This is like, how a women need to take care of her husband and their children. Piratti Thayar JagathMatha tries her best to ensure that Perumal showcases HIS Karunai and at the same time, She needs to take care of their children stuck-up in this samsaram who is doing the paapams. Jamatha Dasamograha – Mapillai is 10th planet/graham. Namperumal (SriRama) is Azhagiya Manavalan who shows Mapillai Murukku. JeevAthma on the other side continues to do mistakes. At times, even after accepting mistakes, instead of staying away form mistakes, jeevathma continues to make mistakes which is bigger problem. Thayr needs to bring these two ParamAthma and JeevAthma together].
  • Thayar: I have a way in which you can follow as per rule book (shastras) and at the same time, showcase your karunai. Can I explain?
  • Perumal: Oh ho! Devi. Now, you seem to have a solution as well. Where did you learn to get a solution, that I’M not aware of. If such a solution exists, i will be happy to follow. Explain me the same.
  • Thayar: Yaar yellam ‘SHARANAM’ yendru sonnargalao, avargal paapam yevalavu irundhaalum ‘KARUNAI’ kaamitthu Shamikka vaendum. Paapam seidhu vittu ‘SHARANAM’ yendru sollavillai yendral, Satta-Thittam (Rule book) paartthu, yendha lokatthil (Naragam) thallanumo angu thallikongo.
  • Perumal: Greta solution Devi. Where did you learn this from? I have been known as “Sarvagyan” and you are under me. But, you seem to know the solution. How do you know?

Piratti Thayar just SMILES and She speaks only when there is need to explain or talk. Wife (pathini) need to talk only to get the things done. Once, the task is completed, she should just maintain silence and leave the chattering conversations to teh Husband. All Piratti is focussed to get teh task done.

Piratti Thayar thus looks at Perumal with Anbhu/Affection/Priyam and it is for this Perumal is doing all the creation and leela. This smile of Piratti (Oran kan siritha paarvai, punmuruval, kan paarvai angeegaram) is all that Perumal is longing for.

Acharyar Swami Parasara Bhattar (Swami KoorathAzhwan’s kumarar/son) says “Yentha oru kadi kann Perumaanai Aanandha pada vaithatho, Jagath Shristiye prayojana pada vaithatho, antha paarvaikku adiyenudaya vanakkam vanakkam vanakkam”.

Appadi patta Thayar Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam yendru irukkum Alwar/Acharyar Thiruvadigalai Naam Pattri Thayar-Perumal Krupaikku Paathiramaaga irundhu SriVaikuntam yendra ParamPadhatthai adaivom.



Most Bhaktas follow this rule while we do Dhandam on our Gruhasta Acharyan and His Thunaiviyar (wife). Acharyan’s wife is Thayar and Acharyan is Perumal. For Ramanuja Sambhandhi Sanyasi Acharyas, both Thayar-Perumal is themselves.

Same way, when we go and do Dhandam to Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami, first we need to get blessings from Swami’s Thunaiviyar (Wife) Sri Radha, then next get Swami’s blessings, if we see them together in any upanyasams or anywhere, since



Sarve Janaha Sukhino BHavanthu,


Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishan Dasan,

Thayar-Perumal-Alwar-EmperumanAr-Jeeyar-Acharyar Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu.

Sarvam SriKrishna Kudumbham.

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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruvae Namaha,

Above Referenced from Swami’s “Sharanagathy Questions and Answers” upanyasam,

Sita PirAtti Thayar is MahaLakshmi Thayar Avataram, and how Thayar showers HER karunai on all JeevAthmas (HER childrens) irrespective of ignorant people blaming SitA PirAtti Husband SriRama, which inturn hurts SitA PirAtti when someone talks bad about HER husband, and we call ourselves as Bhaktas by doing such talks.

Finally, after having no MahaVishvasam (blaming) SriRama’s actions, still we want to claim that we are Sharanagathas and claim that we did Prapatthi on Acharyans lotus feet and SriRama will deliver Moksham like Sabari “Saakshi Bhoothan”. What a pathetic situation for our Divya Dampadhis as well as for the true followers of SitA PirAtti and SriRama, when we see such people blaming the Param Porul SriRama BhagavAn and still expecting BhagavAn-Thayar to give us Moksham.

Adiyen would like to add further about Thayar Perumal Karunai that each Bhaktas should remember referring to Swami’s Enpani 713.

Divya Dampadhis (all three Nachiyars) are here to remove our Karmas (both paapa and punya), so we can be with them and enjoy the Samyapathi Moksham.

Indha unmayayai puriyadhavargal, sharanagathan’aaga irundhum, yenna payan?, Moksham poyi avargal yenna payan?

அட்டையை (புழுவை) பிடித்து மெத்தயில் (ஸ்ரீவைகுண்டத்தில்) போட்டது போல் ஆயிற்று,
புழு நழுவி கீழே தான் விழும்.

Sharanagathanukku Naala buddhi yeppa varudhunnu thaan paarpoam. Appuram thaan Moksham kidaikkkum.

Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,
Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,
Sarvam SriKrisharpanam Asthu.

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