Alwargal “Thiruman Srichurnam” ittu kondargala ?

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Dear Swamy/Periyava,

Adiyen ramanujadasan

Today I am listening to “Valmiki Ramayanam” by damodhar deekshtar – while explaining about Naming ceremony for Rama – he was quoting about “alwargal thiruman srichurnam ittu kondadhillai” – after Ramanuja period only Thiruman Srichurnam was marketed ! Oordva pundagar only practised by alwargal he mentioned.
Request you to clarify swamy/periyava.

Also deekshathar mentioned “Rama” name came as combination of keeping both Vishnu/Siva. He mentioned.

Adiyen ramanuj dasan

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1 on July 27, 2022

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Sri Varaha Mahadesikaya Namaha
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy Thiruvadigaley Sharanam


Thiruman was found from very old stone age carving. That too Vadakalai like U shape. I saw long back in social media.

Keeping it apart, whether it is BrahmaSri Damodara Dheekshitar Swamy or Vittaldas Maharaj Swamy’s Ramayanam the lineage of Anantarama Dheekshitar Swamy

All are extremely good upanyasakars no doubt

Only problem is, they cannot forego lord Shiva. Every possible way they inject Parameshwara prabhavam in Srimath Ramayanam

One thing adiyen learnt, listen to them but leave what you don’t think relevant.

See, it is obvious, being Iyer they cannot fully submit to Perumal. In fact Vittaldas Maharaj Swamy is more SriVaishnavite than all of us here.

He sings so many bajans but they are stranded between lord Shiva & Perumal when it comes to upholding Sampradhayam

There should be a straightforward answer to the question
Shiva or Vishnu?

Vittaldas Swamy said:
“I pray to ayyanar & local deities for Sri Krishna Bhakthi”

The essence extracted & influenced by Sri Krishna Premi Swamy

So being Krishna Bhaktha we should let them be on their own & not interfere

Unfortunately Krishna Premi Swamy family also talks about lord Shiva (Rudra) & stuff nowadays

Premi Anna was more determinant on spreading Perumal Bhakthi in olden days but it slowly faded

Sri Hariji Swamy or Smt Vishaka Hari or grandchildren don’t do upanyasam like Premi Anna

Half the story of Thirumazhisai Azhwar was swallowed due to caste fear in Tamilnadu

That Athmartham is not there. First upanyasakar should beleive in what he/she says. Summa double standards vechundu sonna adhu shobikkadhu

Why even our Velukkudi Swamy didn’t talk much about yOgam during olden days!!!

During “Sollin selvar” title conferring upanyasam not even once he uttered yOgam stuff & its merits in Srirangam or SriRanga Mahathmyam

Because apdi onnu illa so sollala, irundha solli irupparey !!!

In fact it’s other way round:
I clearly remember our Swamy said “We SriVaishnavite need to do SandhyAvandhanam it contains sashtanga pranamam, pranAyAmam, dhyAnam & japam, no need for seperate routines”

Swamya illa nu solla sollungo pakalam

Nowadays dhyAnam and yOgam is the talk of the town

Even last EnPani talks about dhyAnam for illness prevention. Question is how? Who is guru? Who teaches it? Where does it fit in between Nithya KarmAnushtAnam? What is the syllabus?

Kapala Bhathi
Hatha yoga
Kriya Yoga
What else & what not?

Our Srivaishnavite community don’t support monetarily

We talk loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu
But won’t take a Paisa outside

Iyer contribute more to Sampradhayam & they are more in numbers

So to run the show some compromises have to be made

Kaalathin Kolam

We left a SriVaishnavite (periya vachan pillai parambarai) to suffer (monetarily) & shaivism protected SriVaishnavism & gave Krishna Premi Swamy back to us

Technically we should be thankful to them

They have to say both being thraiyak pundram (horizontal). Ref: Sri Velukkudi Swamy on pundram terminology

Almost every Shaivaite say “Let the creator be anyone” why this uncertainty?

Ivalukkey doubt, nAma roopa Bedham unda kedaiyadha nu

Either say lord Parameshwaran or Sada Shiva the creator or accept Sriman Narayana why double standards?

We clearly say Sriman Narayana Preethyartham
They say Parameshwara Preethyartham

So to have a positive perspective,

Please understand they say Ramayanam for Shiva bhakthas and not for Sri Vaishnavites

It is their Ramayanam, with their interpretations, we just have to digest it

Adiyen can quote hundreds of analogies
Shiva Dhanush
Comparison of Sita to Shiva
Equalising parakramam of SriRam with Shiva
Rameshwaram quotations

Rama & Lakshmana driving away deers & angry on all mrugam

Sri Ram was so compassionate on squirrel but Vittaldas Maharaj Swamy says they both were angry on all animals espm deer

Sri Vittaldas Maharaj Swamy’s Ramayanam is Hanumayanam because Hanuman is direct amsam (representation) of Shiva it seems even though vayu putram

Hanuman could have finished Ramayanam but he left some chance for Sri Rama!!?

Na directa vey soldren avalala shivana vittu kudukka mudiyAdhu

Adhu thavarum kidaiyadhu. That’s their view.

Shiva Purana Thula Vishnu va kollanumna konnu dhana aganum !!!

Perumalukkey Shivanoda kaal theriyadhu.

So avalukku doubt varardhula ashcharyam illa

Setting these aside, let’s drink SriRamamrutham and let go others in filter because we don’t know Sanskrit & they do. It’s as simple as that .

Today my son’s nakshatra birthday Punarpoosam
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy & other BhAgavathAs please bless

Aparadha kshamApanam


on July 27, 2022

Many thanks Swami ! Pallandu pallandu vazga thangal pudhalvan – vetri avanudhe ! Sure I will ignore those saiva promotion but they mention all these in TTD channel hence worried ! Infront my family they started asking why deekahsthar saying like these… Etc..m

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0 on July 27, 2022

Nowadays a new trend by upanyasakars

“Upanyasakarkku VIshayam Theriyardha nu pakadheengo”

Why not? Appo kekkarava muttala?

Mathi Mathi sonna apdi dhan keppa


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1 on July 27, 2022

Ippadi pesina enna odhikki vechuduvaley?

Ama Galilieo va kuda dhan odhukki vecha. Unmaiyai yar sonna enna?


on July 27, 2022

Sure neenga engloada sampradhya Wikipedia ! We don’t ignore

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0 on July 27, 2022

Unfortunately, even in our own veda pathasalai (Srirangam) and even Ahobilam, there are plenty of smarta kuzhandaigal studying vedam. The reason is simple. They are focused on vedam and yearning to learn it (at least a section of that community).

We accorded equal status to Divya Prabhandam and Vedam and treated them as a pair of eyes, however, prefer to be blind.

Adiyen did mention in one of the threads earlier that even in Tirumalai veda parAyanam (SVBC), we find 90% of Smarta periyavAs than our own sampradAya kaaragal! 

We can only pity it because we are responsible for that failed system.

Would it be the wildest dream to think that we will eventually become dependent on smarta periyavAs for performing (days 1-12) death-related karmA?

– Adiyen

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0 on July 27, 2022

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

Our Swamy exact statement on dhyAnam

“EdhO oru pulliyai dhyAnikkarELey adhu yaen Perumal ThiruvadiyAi irukka kudAdhu?”


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namaskAram gOvindhan swAmy,

We must first of all know that dhIkshithar is an adhvaithi. And secondly adiyEn asked this query of dhEvarIr with an AchArya purushar adiyEn knows.


This is adiyEn’s understanding from what adiyEn heard from him.


‘In thirukkuraL we find this kuraL:

கற்றதனால் ஆய பயனென்கொல் வாலறிவன்
நற்றாள் தொழாஅர் எனின்.

Its meaning: (which adiyEn found in the net which is more or less the same)

தூய அறிவு வடிவாக விளங்கும் இறைவனுடைய நல்ல திருவடிகளை தொழாமல் இருப்பாரானால், அவர் கற்ற கல்வியினால் ஆகிய பயன் என்ன?


So this means we should always worship emperumAn’s lotus feet. Since thirumaN represents His lotus feet we have the understanding that when we sport thirumaN, we are always worshipping emperumAn’s lotus feet. So it is clear that thiruvaLLuvar indicates about thirumaN here.

In thiruvAimozhi, we find this pAsuram:

நெற்றியுள்நின்றென் னையாளும் நிரைமலர்ப்பாதங்கள்சூடி,

கற்றைத்துழாய்முடிக்கோலக் கண்ணபிரானைத்தொழுவார்,

ஒற்றைப்பிறையணிந்தானும் நான்முகனும் இந்திரனும்,

மற்றையமரருமெல்லாம் வந்தெனதுச்சியுளானே.

Please refer to the meaning here (coincidentally aNNan’s thirunakshathram is also today!):
So this indicates that sporting thirumaN and SrichUrNam was certainly from AzhwArs’ times’
adiyEn dhAsan.

Also one more thing. Please ignore the errors in adiyEn’s understanding swAmy. adiyEn request dhEvarIr to take only the essence.

Another reference which adiyEn found in the net:

In thiruvAimozhi 4.4.7, nammAzhwAr says “nIRu chevvEyidak kANil thirumAladiyAr enROdum” (நீறு செவ்வேயிடக் காணில் திருமாலடியார் என்றோடும்) – if I see any one wearing the soil in a vertical fashion (Urdhva puNdram), I will consider/appreciate them as a servant of srIman nArAyaNan.

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Adorning thirumaN (Urdhva Pundram) is there in SkAndha PurANam. – Srimath Andavan .

My question:
Is Azhwar older than purANam?


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