Adiyen shake being traped with loukika^2 people totally immersed n materialistic things?

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Sri U Ve Velukudi Krishnan Swamy thiruvadigale saranam
Due to unavoidable COVID circumstances adiyen got trapped to live with loukika square people who are extremely immersed in
materialistic and adiyen spent few months and got out of it finally but the after effects of being associated with these people due to unavoidable COVID circumstances is staggering.
Is there anyway to rescue myself from the effects of these people swamy?
In reality adiyen should not have been affected by them but adiyen did feel affected by them to some extent as adiyens confidence prior being associated feels difference
Dhanyosmi devareer

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3 on July 4, 2020

even after doing bhagavat dhyanam and thiruvaradhanam adiyen feels some after effect by them due to past few months

on July 4, 2020

Please Pleasee Help answer adiyen swami
Adiyen feels so insecure on adiyens Vaidika path after being with them , is adiyen being oversensitive?

Srimathi Ramanujaya Namah! Sri Sriranga Narayanana Jeeyar swaamigal saranam! Sri Velukkudi Swaamigal thiruvadigale saranam!

Please forgive adiyen for jumping the gun before our Swami reply to this. Adiyen’s personal advice to get rid of the bad effects would be following in order of preference

1. Try to take time off and go serve Devareer’s Acharya
2. If not serve true bhagavathaas
3. If not visit a Divya Desam and serve Perumaal
4. If not listen to a upanyaasam of our swami
5. If not read any Vaishnava scripture (Thirumaalai is adyen’s favorite for these kind of situations)
6. If not recite or sing Emperumaanaar Namam
7. If not recite or sing Emperumaan Namam
8. If not recite or sing Thayaar Namam and this will certainly help Devareer


Dasarathy swamy namaskaram.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience. This reminds all of us the importance of satsanga; often we take it for granted. You have kindly reminded us of how grateful we have to be for the situations arranged in our life.

Badrinarayana Ramanuja swamy, thank you very much for listing all these ways to attract special blessings of acharyas and Perumal to purify oneself of certain bad effects.

If I may add, 6, 7, 8 or dvayam japa or Gayathri japa can be done in the presence of cow in a cowshed or in a Goasala. Presence of cow is so purifying to our heart. Rendering some service to the cow is also very powerful. At the very least, we can feed some grass lovingly.

PhalaShruti 8

Rogaarto Muchyate Rogaat Baddho Muchyeta Bandhanaat |
Bhayaan Muchyeta Bheetastu Muchyetaapanna Aapadah ||8||
Meaning: He, who recites these 1000 Namas of the Lord, who is suffering from any disease will get over it. He who is in bondage will be relieved of it. He who is affected by fear will become free from it, and he who is in difficulties will become rid of them. 

So, by regular recitation of Sri VishnuSahasranaamam, we can get rid of the disease / infection of the mind, the bondages formed because of bad association formed over the past few weeks, the fear arising out of such experience, and all the subsequence difficulties.

adiyen dasan.

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correction: (i) bondage, not bondages. (ii) subsequent, not subsequence

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0 on July 5, 2020

Sahasranamam works best for adiyen

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5 on July 5, 2020

Adiyen recited sahasranama and periya thiruvandhadhi to slowly revive in vaidika path swamy, Dhanyosmi kambandasan,ramanuja dasan and badrinarayana swamy.

Kindly continue for some time, swamy.

adiyen dasan.

Listening to Thirumaalai upanyasams with Vyakhyanam is the medicine and Amrutham.

Thank you so much Swami, for confirming adiyen’s understanding. Everytime when adiyen hears Thirumaalai with Devareer’s upanyaasam, it increases the urge to take darshan of periya piraatti and perumaal🙏

கோடி நமஸ்காரம் at ஸ்வாமியின் திருவடி! தங்கள் கருணைக்கு மிக்க நன்றி, ஸ்வாமி.

on July 5, 2020

Dhanyosmi Sri Acharya Swami
Acharya Sri U Ve Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigale Saranam🙏🙏🙏🙏

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0 on July 7, 2020

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan
Adiyen’s humbleness and compassion, respect towards bagavathas who are not in sathsangam or not vaidhika by birth but still aspiring/practicing vaishnavism amidst this samsara has increased multifold because of this experience.
Adiyen is grateful to asmadh acharya and acharya U Ve Velukudi Krishnan Swami , Sri perumal for the Krupa Kataksham.

Thanks a lot swami

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