A question on unity in diversity of Vedanta

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Shri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamikku Aneka Koti Namaskaarangal.

Adiyen always used to say Adiyen’s wife that Bhagavan is present as Antaryami right from Brahma to a worm and all should be equal in our view.

Yesterday, we were listening to an Upanyaasam on Ahara Niyamam of Shri Vedanta Desikar. In Aahara Niyamam, it is said that food seen by dog, cat should not be eaten, food touched by air from a cock’s wings should not be eaten, food when shared with a crow from our vessel should not be eaten etc.

So, she started asking, “Vedantis on one hand treat everyone equal but on other hand discriminate all living beings as in Ahara Niyamam. So, which one is correct.”

Adiyen tried to convince her by giving various explanations but she is still confused.

Such questions may be in the mind of many people. So, it’s not only for our family, but considering loka kshemam, Adiyen request Devarir to take us all into right understanding of Vedanta. Devarir always provide authentic information from scriptures, which may convince all.

Daasanu Daasan Srinivasan Pranesh

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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruvae Namaha,

From upanyasams,

Yes BhagavAta, it will affect anyone who wants to continue in spiritual progress, due to OTHERS KARMAS.

There ard 3 things which every one who wants to spiritually progress, Ahara niyamanam is only one aming them. We discussed before in below thread

Does smelling non-veg bring Rajo and Tamo Guna

Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,
Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,
Sarvam SriKrisharpanam Asthu.

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3 on August 5, 2018

Dear Bhagavata,

Thank you for response. As per Ahara Niyamam Upanyasam Adiyen heard (by Shri Aravindalochanan Swamy), even smelling a food is equivalent to consuming it.

However, Adiyen’s question is different. Its about relating Vedanta and Antaryamitva with discrimination in Ahara Niyamam and understanding the relation in correct sense. Kshamikka prarthikkiren. Adiyen request Shri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy to respond, if Swamy is interested to consider this.

Daasanu Daasan Srinivasan Pranesh

on August 6, 2018

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

“So, she started asking, “Vedantis on one hand treat everyone equal but on other hand discriminate all living beings as in Ahara Niyamam. So, which one is correct.”” – There is no discrimination. In fact everything vis there for a purpose.

Swami Desika says “don’t drink milk from the cow named PArvathi”. So do we go about analysing name of each cow? It means “avoid dEvathA them in any form”

It’s not discrimination. We can avoid swine flu if we don’t eat the food touched by cock’s (bird’s) wings. Instead of culling the birds we can avoid the disease altogether correct?

The same Desika talks about Jeeva kArunyam. By this way we are not harming any creature.

More than anything it’s for mainly SrivaishNava bhrAhmna dharmam. This is to assist AchAra anushtAnam.

Crow is Pitru so Swamy Desikan would have said like that.

If dog sees a food it might think “this guy is eating my food”. So it amounts to our sin. So Swamy Desikan sAdhichiruppAr.

Sharing our food with creatures amount to ucchishtam , so to avoid ecchal we don’t eat.

In fact adiyen used to think the sandhyavandhanam theertham should be dropped in plants or water storage. If we put in drains adiyen feel the entire mantra water does not give effect. So ucchishtam is important
The entire process of sandhyavandhanam gets over only based on where we drop the residual water.

The food should be eaten before it looses it’s freshness. It shouldn’t be stored . So we should avoid fridge.

This clearly means brahmnan should live for the day not worrying about the future .

Any big words kshmikkavum

on August 6, 2018

*Avoid devathAnthram

on August 6, 2018

Sri Ramnujaye Namha

Swami this is adiyen’s understanding.

Paramatma is present in every living being from Worm to Brahma, and even in non living objects.

Only way to see every living being equal is to see them as part and parcel of Supreme Lord as His servant and seeing what service they can do.. But the service is not equal to all..

We need to understand that due to karma, the soul inside material body is contaminated with different level of ignorance /envy.. so we need to help them not commit further disservice, so in fact we are doing good and protecting them by following the sastras..

For example : There are so many people in a city common and equality is that they are all citizens of a country and have certain rights and freedom and privileges. Of them some of them are sick some are in prison etc.. so some of them have to be isolated and some of their rights and privileges have to be curbed to ensure smooth running of society without causing disturbance to others normal in society. By doing so we are respecting the King of the city, the other people of the city, and finally also providing a more secure environment for the isolated people. But all are equally being viewed as citizens of the state. So when we view them they should be seen as citizen of state who in a later stage will have equal opportunity o serve in more full fledged way.






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Thank you all Bhagavatas.

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