🍑Doubt regarding my thiruvaradhana perumal🍑

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🍒Srimathe ramanujaya namaha🍒
Swamy, currently i am doing thiruvaradhanam for shaligrama perumal. I am interested to include Rama’s vigraham for thiruvaradhanam

Can i keep Rama’s vigraham in marble?
Should i keep seetha rama vigraham alone, or else should I include lakshmana and hanuman in it?
Some people claim thar we should not keep Hanuman’s idol in our home. Can i keep it?

🍓(Just a thought 🤔, which roopam of narayana did bhagavat ramanuja kept for his thiruvaradhanam)🍓

🐾Kshamikka prarthikiren🐾
🦋Adiyen Ramanuja dasan🦋

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Namaskaram swami

(Just a thought , which roopam of narayana did bhagavat ramanuja kept for his thiruvaradhanam)- ArulalaPerumal Varadarajan/

5 days ago

That same Perumal is now present in Srirangam, in His own shrine in the precints of Udayavar sannidhi.

5 days ago

Also, the same LakshmiHayagreevar worshipped by Swamy Desikan is now present in Deepa Prakasha Perumal kovil!

What a wonderful sampradayam we are so fortunate to be associated with!

adiyen dasan.

What a coincidence swamy

Adiyen completed Bhagwat geeta kalakshepam ( Kannanin Aaramudu) by Krishnan Swami just few minutes before  and during this 11 chapter 24 th slokam swami visited the same place and explained the charitram behind ” Deepa Prakasha  Perumal Kovil”.

And also to state its absolutely a lot, to cherish about our sampradayam with such great Acharyas who with their works has developed as Krishnan Swami states a straight path which would directly lead us to moksham and that to good and blissful life untill present, yes with Vairagyam . 

5 days ago

Also Krishnan swami faced many obstacles in spreading our sampradhayam even in villages , swami broke all barriers and myths and made Perumal accessible to everyone.

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