About Us

An Exclusive Matrimony Portal for the Sri Vaishnava Community.

It is a proven fact that marriages within the community are happier and more stable. Married couples feel more comfortable in common social and cultural environments and are able to jointly celebrate traditions and values that were part of their upbringing.

Lakshmi Kalyanam is an exclusive matrimony portal catering to the special matrimonial needs of the Sri Vaishnava Community across the globe. The portal offers several benefits to its members, primary being the pleasure of searching for a life partner within one's own community from across the globe at the click of a mouse.

For Sri Vaishnava's who value tradition and are passionate about their roots, this portal will help them connect with a partner from their community irrespective of whether they are from the same city or several thousand miles away, across continents.

Highlights of Lakshmi Kalyanam :

  • Profiles from the Sri Vaishnava Community only!
  • Global and wide set of profiles including NRIs.
  • Free and easy profile registration.
  • Safe and secure site. 100% privacy guaranteed
  • Alerts when members contact each other.

Knowledge center

In this sector Lakshmi Kalyanam provides some important articles related Sri Vaishnavam and Hindu marriages.