Sriperumbudur sri ramanujar


To celebrate the millennium of Swamy Ramanuja and also to know and practise the services that he rendered at various kshetrams, we conducted two yatras Jagadacharya Swamy Ramanuja Anu Yatra in 2016 and 2017 covering Ujjain, Panchadwaraka, Prabhas, Pushkar, Kurukshetra, Haridwar, Mathura, Gokul, Brindavan,Nandgaon, Ahobilam, Simhachalam, Srikoormam, Puri, Kashi, Gaya, Ayodhya and  Namisharanyam.

In 2018, a unique Yatra was organized to Badrinath involving stay at Badrinath itself for three nights and four days and where yatris had the divine experience of listening to Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy elucidation of the detailed meaning of Thirumantram from Swamy Pillailokacharya’swork Mummukshuppadi.

The Search

As an enduring endeavour, members of the Trust take up research on mythological and historical sites. First we conducted a study of a few locations visited and consecrated by Bhagavat Ramanuja in Karnataka. Based on this study about 430 members went on a 3 day yatra named “Sri Ramanuja in Karnataka” during May 2006.

Based on Valmiki Ramayana and international research publications, a team of volunteers searched the holy locations visited by Sri Rama during his two journeys across the length and breadth of India. As a result of a one year search a unique pilgrimage named “Sri Rama Anuyatra” was planned and executed in August – September 2006. 350 devotees with an average age of 67 attended this unique programme covering 8500 kms spread across two countries and 6 states in 22 days. This yatra was repeated in 2010 with 600 pilgrims and in 2014 with 1200 pilgrims.

Our volunteers mapped all the important sites related to Sri Krishna in the vrajabhumi. This culminated into a memorable yatra named Sri Krishna anubhavam in which about 1600 members participated and visited over 90 sites in and around Mathura, Gokul, Govardhan, Brindavan, Nandagram and Kamyavan. This yatra was repeated in 2011 with a record number of 8000 pilgrims.

In 2014, 1700 of our members joined and went to Mangalagiri, Simhachalam, Srikurmam, Puri, Bhadrachalam and Ahobilam. This is a different experience as all the shrines were on the hills.

Selva Pillai yatra

Malayala Divyadesa Yatra

Sri Rama Anuyatra

Krishna Anubhava Yatra

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