Sriperumbudur sri ramanujar

Kinchit En Pani - 1000

Spreading Spiritual Awareness and Bhakthi
21 April 2018

Why Spiritual Knowledge? (2)

Awareness about our Creator – GOD will be the first topic in Enpani Satsangam.

Why should we know about God and what do we ‘gain’ from knowing Him? In today’s world, we are constantly seeking ‘benefits’. Well, one cannot ‘gain’ anything without knowing Him and only He can give anything because He is the KAranam or cause of everything. Even if one were to think logically, nothing materialises magically.

None of us could have actually ‘created’ anything out of a vacuum. The air that we breathe, the sunshine that we enjoy, the tasteful water without which we cannot survive are all due to His Grace because obviously only an external ‘body’, who is extraordinary and of unimaginably superior intellect (Parama chetanan) could have created these. ‘Nature’ by itself cannot create as it does not have intelligence. Mountains and trees cannot create rivers. Hence God is The Creator and everything else is created by His grace. The Vedas unequivocally proclaim that HE is The Only Creator. One recognizes one’s father only when one’s mother, whom one trusts implicitly, identifies him. Similarly, the Vedas, just as our parents/ well-wishers would do, teach us new things – what is right and wrong, all about God, and create awareness within us about Him.

God resides within each one of us – His creations. A goldsmith who ‘creates’ ornaments from gold, or a weaver who weaves the cloth or a potter who makes the pot will not accompany their creations to our homes. But God is so kind that He is always residing within and around His creations, keeping an eye on and taking care of them. Even though we do not realise His presence, He is in there – in our hearts – in entirety and all the time. Although we do not even glance at Him, He sits and patiently waits for us over millions of births to realise this fact and take cognisance of Him much as a farmer who has sown the seeds stands guard day and night over the ripening produce. He waits for the ‘jivatma’, His property, to come back to Him, the Swami. As an employee do we not work for the employer? Considering He gave us this body, intellect, etc. is it not high time that we look inwards and work our way towards seeking Him?

But if we need to seek Him we should know where He resides and how to go about realising Him. That is the purpose of this Satsangam.  Equipped with this knowledge, without further delays, let us reach out to Him. Then even if we do not seek favours from Him, He will shower all the ‘rewards’ – both material (worldly) and also grant us moksha or Paramapadam. So, come let us turn towards Him and drench ourselves in His overwhelming Grace.

Audio – En Pani 2:

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