Kinchitkaram Annual Calendar would be released in April 2020 to coincide with Tamizh New year. Great theme and surprise bonus to commemorate Sri Velukkudi Varadachariar Swamy (Krishnan Swamy’s father) centenary. Booking opens in Jan 2020.
Sriperumbudur sri ramanujar

Perpetuation of Sanskrit and Dravida Vedas

Sri Ramanuja Siddhanta Vidya Peetham – A Pathasala

To celebrate Ramanuja millennium effectively, your trust established a veda and sastra pathasala, called Sri Ramanuja Siddhanta Vidya Peetham at Srirangam. This was started in 2008 and the first batch of 6 students passed out in 2015. The second batch of ten students , successfully completed their course in Pancharatra Agama and 4000 Divya prabandhams in 2017. It has more than 35 students pursuing studies in Vedas, Divyaprabandhas, Agamas apart from getting the benefit of regular education such as in schools. Students who graduated from the Pathashala are already assisting archakas in conducting utsavams and reciting prabandham in smaller/remote Divyadesams.

Honouring scholars who have served for more than 50 years

Our Trust is honoured to submit the title of “KainkaryaSriman” to those noble souls who have rendered selfless service in temples as archakas, adhyapakas, vedaadhyapakas, gardeners, dasanambi and many more. By reading about them we are sure that our youth would be inspired.

Awardees for 2006 – 07 (Awarded by Srimad Paramahamsetyadi Andavan Swamy)

  • Sri U Ve Tirunagari Melatirumaligai Swamy – Tirunagari (Divya PrabandhaAdhyapakas)
  • Sri U Ve Tandri Tatacharya Swamy – Kanchi (Veda Adhyapakas)
  • Sri U Ve Venkatakrishna Bhattacharya Swamy – ThiruAllikkeni (Vaikhanasa Agama Bhattacharyas)
  • Sri U Ve Annadur Rajagopalacharya Swamy – Madhuranthakam (Panchatantra Agama Bhattacharyas)
  • Sriman Devarpiran – Alwartirunagari (Tirumenikkaval)
  • Sriman Srivilliputhur (Pushpakainkaryam)

Awardees for 2007 – 08 (Awarded by SrimadParamahamsetyadiSriman Narayana Jeer Swamy)

  • Sri U Ve Pra. Tiruvenkatachariar Swamy – Tiruvellakkulam (Divya PrabandhaAdhyapakas)
  • Sri U Ve Manavala Tiruvenkatachariar Swamy – Sriperumbudur (Divya PrabandhaAdhyapakas)
  • Sri U Ve Rajagopalachariar Swamy – Tiruvaheendrapuram (Divya PrabandhaAdhyapakas)
  • Sri U Ve Purisai P N Srinivasachariar Varadachariar Swamy – Tiruttanga (Veda Adhyapakas)
  • Sri U Ve Kannan Bhattachariar Swamy – Terazhundur (Panchatantra Agama Bhattacharyas)
  • Sri U Ve Ratna Bhattachariar Swamy – Nagappattinam (Panchatantra Agama Bhattacharyas)
  • Sri U Ve.Azhisur T Srinivasachariar Swamy – Mylapore (Panchatantra Agama Bhattacharyas)
  • Sri U Ve. SeshadriBhattachariarSwamy – Sirkali (Vaikhanasa Agama Bhattacharyas)
  • Sri U Ve. GovindaBhattarSwamy – ThiruAllikkeni (Vaikhanasa Agama Bhattacharyas)
  • Sri U Ve. Vijaya Mani BhattarSwamy – Tiruttanga (Vaikhanasa Agama Bhattacharyas)
  • Sriman Rangamannar – Madhurakavithottam – Srirangam (Pushpakainkaryam)
  • Sriman Kilimalai Sundararajan – Srirangam (Pushpakainkaryam)

Awardees of 2009 (28.06.2009 ) (Awarded by Srimad Paramahamsetyadi Kaliyan Vanamamalai Jeer Swamy)

  • Sri U Ve Tirunarayanapuram Sampathkumara Batacharya Swamy
  • Sri U Ve Mannargudi Sannidhi Sthaneegam K Raghava Dikshidhar (Ravi) Swamy
  • Sri U Ve R.Srinivasa Raghava Battar Swamy, Sri Rangam
  • Sri U Ve S K RangarajaBattar Swamy, Sri Rangam
  • Perumal Koil Sri U Ve Prathivadhi Bayankaram Ranganathacharyar Swamy (Selvamani Swamy)
  • Sri Villiputtur Arayar Sri U Ve Srinivasa Rangacharya Swamy
  • Sri U Ve Pa.Tirumalai Adhinatha Iyengar Swamy, Vanamamalai
  • Natteri Sri U Ve Rajagopalacharya Swamy, Tiruvevvulur
  • Purisai Nadadhur Sri U Ve Sri Bashya Simhasanam Rajagopalacharya Swamy, Kanchi
  • Vaduvur Sri U Ve Madapusi Puranam V R Sadagopacharya Swamy
  • Sri U Ve Sudarsana S SanthanaBatacharya Swamy, PattanamKesava Perumal Sannidhi
  • Sri U Ve IRA NarayanamurthyBatacharya Swamy, Tirupullani
  • Sri U Ve K NeelamegaBatacharya Swamy, Tiruvaheendhirapuram
  • Sri Vaikanasa Sasthra Rashamani Sri U Ve S D Rajam Batacharya Swamy, Haridwaramangalam
  • Sriman T Ramu Azhwar, Mannargudi
  • Sriman A K Srinivasa Ramanuja Dasar, Sri Rangam

Awardees of 2011-12 (24.04.2011) (Awarded by Ahobila Mutt Srimad Paramahamsetyadi Srimathe Sri Lakshminrusimha Divya Padhuga Sevaka Sri Vansadagopa Sri Narayana Yatindra Mahadesikan – 45th Azhagiasingar Swamy and Srimad Paramahasetyadi Srimath Sri Lakshminrusimha Divya Padhuga Sevaka Srivan Sadagopa Sri Ranganatha Yatindra Mahadesikan – 46th Azhagiasingar Swamy)

  • Sri U Ve Doddayacharya Vedanthacharya Swamy (sholasimhapuram) – Divya Prabandha Adhyapakas
  • Sri U Ve Bashyam Iyengar Swamy, Sri Rangam – Divya PrabandhaAdhyapakas
  • Sri U Ve Ganapadi Sadagopacharyar, Tirukudanthai – Vedhaprayanam
  • Sri U Ve Dr. Rajagoplachariyar,Periyakulam – Sri Vaikhanasa Agama Bhattacharyas
  • Sri U Ve Srinivasa Battar, Sriperumbudur – Sri Vaikhanasa Agama Bhattacharyas
  • Sri U Ve Varadhakutti Battar, Vilakoli – Sri Vaikhanasa Agama Bhattacharyas
  • Sri U Ve Lakshmana Dikshidhar, Parthanpalli – Sri Panchatantra Agama Bhattacharyas
  • Sri U Ve Kannan Dikshidhar, Vaduvoor – Sri Panchatantra Agama Bhattacharyas
  • Sri U Ve Narasimha Battar, Melavadayal – Sri Panchatantra Agama Bhattacharyas
  • Sri U Ve Azhiyur Parthasarathy Iyengar (Ashtalakshmi, Chennai) – Sri Panchatantra Agama Bhattacharyas
  • Sriman Govindarajan, Therezhundhur – Meikaval – Tiruvilakku
  • Sriman Dharman, Tirupulingudi – Meikaval – Tiruvilakku

Awardees of 2014 (02.08.2014) (Awarded by Ahobila Mutt Srimad Paramahamsetyadi Srivansadagopa Sri Ranganatha YatindraMahadesikan – Azhagiasingar Swamy and SrimadParahamsetyadiAppanParakala Ramanuja Embar Jeer Swamy, Sriperumbudur)

Panchatantra Agama Bhattacharyas

  • Navalpakkam Sri U Ve Srinivasacharyar Swamy, Sri Vedanta DesikarDevasthanam, Mylapore
  • Sri U Ve Sampathkumara Battar Swamy, Arulmigu Devaraja Swamy Tirukovil, Kanchipuram
  • Sri U Ve Moortha SeetharamacharyaBatacharyaalu, Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Devasthanam, Simhachalam

Vaikhanasa Agama Bhattacharyas

  • Sri U Ve Venkata Narasimha (Kuppu) Batacharyar Swamy, Arulmigu Kalyana Ranganathar Swamy Tirukovil, TiruvaliTirunagari
  • Sri U Ve Veera Raghava Batacharyar Swamy, Sri Adhikesava Perumal Peyazhwar Devasthanam, Mylapore
  • Sri U Ve Chellappa Batacharyar Swamy, ArulmiguTirukachi Nambigal Varadaraja Perumal Tirukovil, Poonamalle
  • Sri U Ve Venkata Sesha Iyengar Swamy, Sri Namagiri Lakshmi Sametha Narasimha Swamy Sannidhi, Namakkal
  • Sri U Ve Sthalasayana Batacharyar Swamy, Sri Adhilakshmi Sametha Sri Audhikesava Perumal Sannidhi, Pondhur

Divya Prabandha Adhyapakas

  • Sri U Ve Srinivasacharyar Swamy, Tirunindravur
  • Sri U Ve Ramanusamuni Krishna Iyengar Swamy, Tirunarayanapuram
  • Sri U Ve Anndhoor Raghavacharyar Swamy, Madurantakam
  • Sri U Ve Bashyakaracharyar Swamy, Tirumazhisai
  • Sri U Ve Rangarajan Iyengar Swamy, Vanamamalai

Veda Adhyapakas

  • Sri U Ve Srinivasa Gopalacharyar (Chellappa) Swamy, Mannargudi
  • Sri U Ve TirupachanurKanthadaiGpalacharyar Swamy, Tiruvaheendrapuram
  • Sri U Ve Kalamega Iyengar Swamy, Tirumoghur
  • Sri U Ve Krishna Desikacharyar Swamy, Tiruvaheendrapuram
  • Sri U Ve Parthasarathy Iyengar Swamy, Tiruvallur

Dasa Nambi Kainkaryaparas

  • Sriman Venkata Ramanusa Dasar, MadhurakaviNandavanam, Sri Rangam
  • Sriman Muthaiyan Ramanusa Dasar, Arulmigu Adhinathar Azhwar Tirukovil, Azhwartirunagari

Publication of books

We publish as well as help others publish

Our publications are

  • Kannaninmugangalulezhu
  • Naan kandanalladu
  • Sri Vishnu sahasranama – brief meaning in tamil and English for all the thousand names
  • Kshetramahatmyam and route map of all the holy places where Sri Rama and Sri Krishna visited
  • 108 Divyadesamahatmyam

We have supported the following

  • Acharya vaibhavamanjari – Book by Puttur Sri Vaishnava Sudarsanam Editor Sri U Ve Krishnaswamy Iyengar Swamy
  • Sri Desikastotrangal with traditional commentary – Book by Sri Poundarikapuramandavanasram – Srirangam
  • Books by Granthaparipalana trust of Puthur

Publication of Calendar

Our trust comes out with a thematic calendar every year. This is unique as it explains difficult philosophical ideas in simple language ably supported by beautiful pictures. We have so far published the following calendars.

2018 – Bhakthi&Mukthi in Kaliyuga
2017 – Jagadacharya Swamy Ramanuja
2016 – 108 divyadesamahatmayam
2015 – Kannaninmaayamennamaayame
2014 – Sri Ramaninpadhaiyil
2013 – Lakshmi Kataksham
2012 – The 12 azhvars
2011 – Sri Vishnu Sahasranama
2010 – Sri Kurathazhvan
2009 – Srimad Bhagavatam
2008 – Bhagavad Gita

Translating ancient tamil and Sanskrit commentaries to English

To make our scriptures available to all even outside the tamil world, especially the youth, we have started translating the ancient commentaries. The first book to be released was Tiruppallandu of Periazhvar translated by Prof. Narasimhachariar.

Kainkarya Sriman

Koorathazhwan 1000th Year Celebration


Ramanusa Idhu En Vinnappame Classes

Yuva Vikas

Ramanusa Idu En Vinnappame – Part Time Spiritual classes

We conduct week end classes at 20 centres in Tamilnadu and Karnataka to teach Nityanusandhana, stotras and Gita. There are about 400 students participating across all ages. This is a ten month program conducted by learned teachers supported by study materials.

List of Classes


  • Sri Karia Manicka Perumal Sannadhi, Tirunelveli Town – 627006
  • Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli – 627002
  • Sri Saradha College for Women, Ariyakulam, Tuiticorin Road, Tirunelveli dt.,
  • Sri Saradha Higher Secondary School, Ariyakualm, Tuticorin Road, Tirunelveli dt.,
  • Sri Rajagopalasway Koil, C.N.Village, Tirunelveli – 627001.
  • Aryass Kalyana Mahal, Near UzhavarSanthai, Maharaja Nagar, Tirunelveli – 627011.
  • Sri Vedic Vidyashram, Madurai Road, Near Thatchanallur, Tirunelveli – 627358
  • Rangaswamy – 9791643445


1. KK Nagar

M12C, Ashok Colony, Anna Main Road, KK Nagar, Chennai – 600078. Opp Ajantha Tailors Bus Stop. Contact no. 9841068885 (Prakash)

2. Ashok Nagar

62, 12th avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai 83. Opp Pazhamudir Nilayam and Apollo Pharmacy. Contact no. 9171900300 (Sowrirajan)

3. Thillai Ganga Nagar

Desika Bhavanam, No.1, 26th Street, Thillai Ganga Nagar, Chennai.

4. Nanganallur

5th Street, Lakshmi Nagar, Nanganallur, Chennai

5. Adambakkam

No 99, 2nd Street, Mahalakshmi Nagar, Adambakkam

6. West Mambalam

Sri Badrinarayanan, No. 32, Postal Colony, 3rd Street, West Mambalam, Chennai. Contact no. +91 94-45-648394


Vagamruthavarshi Bhavanam, 

172, E. Uthira Street, Srirangam

Pulimandapam Road, Srirangam

Ranga Nagar, Srirangam

Rasi Flats, Melur Road, Srirangam

Sri. M.V. Govindan- 9444766851


Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple

Palakkad Road, Near NGM College, Palakkad – Pollachi Highway, 

Pollachi, Tamil Nadu 642001

Sri Parakalan – 9443274390


Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple

Near Olymbus Bus Stop


Baburaj- 9841075544



Ravi S – 99860 38559 –

MG Sriram – 98453 74863 –

Ranganathan – 98451 32766 –

Domlur/ Ulsoor

Parakalan Balaji – 94801 30337 –

Kalyan Nagar

Smt. Vairam – 94490 58080 –

Mathikere / Sanjaynagar

S Prabhakar – 94484 56816 –

Rajan K – 94806 05818 –

Jayanagar / J P Nagar

Vasudevan M – 94494 96425 –

Seshadri N – 99001 02949 –


Prabhakar K S – 97402 83835 – 

Prakash Nagar / Srirampuram

Badrinarayan K S – 99018 97076 –

Sahakar Nagar

S Sriraman – 94487 08585 –

Yuva Vikas

This is a two day workshop for the youth covering 8 subjects of utmost importance in spirituality. We have conducted in Chennai, Bangalore, Srirangam and Coimbatore

Aid to Students

‘Gnana kai taa’- financial assistance to needy rural youth for higher studies.

Based on the academic performance, financial status of the family and subject to other conditions, Trust extends annual financial aid of Rs. 6000 to Rs. 10000. Applications are welcome from eligible candidates.

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