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Maintenance of Historical Sites

Grahapravesam of Sirupuliyur House – THIRUMAAMAGAL ILLAM on 23.08.2018


Our trust completed the renovation and samprokshanam of Appakkudathan temple at Koviladi in January 2016

We were fortunate to offer part service in the renovation of Sirupuliyur temple completed in June 2012.

The Trust completed the renovation of the Raja Gopuram and Oththakkal Mandapam of the Thiruvattaru Adi Keshava Perumal temple and is coordinating the remaining renovation works for samprokshanam

The Trust also provided a new pallakku ( palanquin) to ThirumeyyamSathyamoorthyperumal temple.

There is a beautiful temple on the way to Badrinath at Pandukeshwar. This shrine was the route when Swamy Ramanuja visited Badri. Our trust took up renovating the path and this temple. It is so serene now on the banks of the Holy Ganga and in the backdrop of the mighty Himalayas. A good number of pilgrims visiting Badri have started visiting here. This got washed away in floods and is being rebuilt now.

When Rama entered Dandakaranya during His exile, He visited Sutheekshna asrama in Madhya Pradesh. This is a remote hamlet in a forest. We renovated this whole place which was a welcome help to the sadhus who live there.

A Memorial at Sri Pillai LokacharyaTiruvarasu Sri Pillai Lokacharya was one of the great acharyas who lived in the 13th and 14th century. When Uluk Khan invaded Srirangam in the year 1325, this acharya safeguarded the reclining deity of Sri Ranganatha by raising a stone curtain. He fled towards south along with Namperumal,theutsava deity in a palanquin along followed by a few faithful devotees. They found a hideout called Jyotishkudi at the foot of anamalai hills near madurai. Placing the deity in a cave, they lived there for about a year. Age and disease overpowered Sri Pillai Lokacharya and he attained eternal bliss. Today this place known as Kodikkulam village, retains its serene atmosphere and scenic beauty. Our trust has renovated the cave and also established a memorial at this historical site and consecrated on 11th April 2007.

In 2004, our Patron Velukkudi Sri U Ve Krishnan swamy was instrumental in building a temple at the birth place of Sri Kulasekharaazhvar at Tiruvanjikalam (50 kms from Trichur, Kerala). A separate trust and committee are formed to maintain this temple. This is the one of the few temples in Kerala built and maintained as per Tamilnadu Srivaishnava sampradaya.

Ramanujarya Divyajnya

Following the divine command of Swamy Ramanuja to maintain the holy shrines and ensure that flowers, chandan and prasadam are offered to the deity, we do daily maintenance as well as renovation of divya kshetrams.

Daily Maintenance

To develop the above Divya desams , we appoint a bhagavata in the divyakshetram for complete maintenance of the garden. Nandavanam (garden) is maintained right from tilling and arranging source of water to wreathing garlands and offering to the deity. We also supply the required provisions and financially assist the paricharaka (cook). We have now taken up this service in Tirukkannangudi, Koviladi, Sirupuliyur, Kattumannarkoil, and Tirunagari (Tiruvali).

We invite you to come and serve

Bhagavan gave us this body to serve him. For our members to realise this and reciprocate, we have established small facilities at 6 remote divyadesams. We invite you to come with family, stay here and do all possible services to the Lord. You will feel the spiritual energy. We invite you come with family, stay in our facility and serve the Lord there atleast for two days. To book your days and Divyadesam please click the below button:

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Other projects taken up directly by our members under the guidance of Sri U Ve Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy

  • Providing gold to the kalasa in the gopuram of Nagamangala temple, Karnataka
  • Providing gold to the horse vahanam at Azhvartirunagari
  • Offering silver simhasanam for Aravamudan at Kumbhakonam

Anna Danam (Poor Feeding)

The holy Vedanta orders “annambahukurveeta” (grow more and feed everyone). Our Trust assists institutions, which perform anna danam. We also offer food where there is a large gathering for an occasion.


Koviladi Samprokshanam

Suteekshna ashramam


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