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Kinchit En Pani – 1000

Spreading Spiritual Awareness and Bhakthi


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Introduction (1 & 2)

vk“Salutations to the Guru Parampara.  Namaskaram. This is Velukkudi Krishnan.  I have tried to make use of Technology to form a Satsangam group called KINCHIT ENPANI.  Even though one is interested in gaining spiritual knowledge, lack of time is a constraint.  In spite of that, many of you are traveling long distances to listen to two-hour discourses. En Pani Audio broadcasts use technology to deliver encapsulated ‘Spiritual awareness’ at your doorstep – it involves listening to a topic for about five minutes at your convenience!

Should one listen to these regularly, one will be rewarded with Spiritual Awareness. Regularity is the KEY.

Audio – En Pani 1:


The main purpose of forming this group is to spread Spiritual Awareness (Anmiga munnetram) and Bhakthi which is akin to medicine but which over time transforms into a feast!

God Realization and Service

There are three steps to God Realization.

  1. Spiritual Awareness (Gyanam)
  2. Spiritual Experience (Anubhavam), followed by
  3. Service (Kainkaryam)

Evolution of En PaNi

En PaNi started its journey in Whatsapp in 2015.

Why Whatsapp?

Youth always asked each other “What’s up?” i.e. “What’s News? What are you doing, when? Where? Etc. Technology came up with an ‘Application’ – Whatsapp – to serve this need. I thought of an Azhwar pasuram which directs us to ‘apply’ oneself to performing service to God and His devotees (En Pani – my duty) rather than questioning the whys and wherefores of the said service (enna pani)! Hence ‘Whatsapp’ rather than ‘what’s up?’

Moving to the App from March 2017

The response to the subscription through WhatsApp was nearing close to 70,000, 70 volunteers were sending the audios on a daily basis from different parts of the world, Post 2017 with continuous increase in subscription we shifted our service through dedicated mobile app in the same Name En PaNi, it’s available on Google Play Store and Apple iStore.

Guidance on Listening to En PaNi

Awareness of God automatically leads to Spiritual experience with which one can be of service to God, Acharyas and society. When one decides to be of service to God, one must do what one can without questioning the pros and cons. The benefits from service are innumerable.

One can give a two-hour discourse (Upanyasam), else, the same concept can even be explained in a few minutes. As my father used to say, ‘Gajendra Moksham’ (Upanyasam) could extend for 30 years or 3 seconds. In three seconds it is explained thus:

  1. VAranam (Elephant)
  2. KAranam ( Moola KAranam – Bhagavan)
  3. NAranam ( Narayanan)

Elephant Gajendra prayed to Lord Narayana and was saved (attained Moksha).


Hindu Dharma extols 16 Samskaarams, tenets to be followed in one’s life. Some occur in the Vedas, some in Smritis, Some in Grihya Sutras, and so on. Right from the time of birth to the time of the last breath, these tenets prove to be a guiding light. Of these,… Read More


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