Which is important for my wife?

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Swamigaluku adiyen namaskarangal. Anaithu bagavathalukum namaskarangal.

In our house we do Thiruvaradhanam. My wife wants to do certain things like taking out old flowers from the photos, clean the medai, put kolam, make ready new flowers, etc. But if she does that, then her cooking becomes late and results in food not being ready during “Bogyasanam” time of Thiruvaradhanam.

I am insisting that she has to do only cooking while I will do the above things so that the food is ready in time. But she feels bad that she is not participating in perumal kayngaryam, even though I try to reason with her that getting food ready for perumal is also a kayngaryam only.

Swami, please advise.

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