Thayar Atmava or Satvamaya Swaroopama?

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Adiyen ramanujadasan,

Swamy in your upanyasam many times you mentioned that thayar Kan asavil perumal anugrahirar , sirshtikirar endru. This doubt came in my mind, whether thayar Atmava or special sirshti with Swaroopam by perumal ? .

How the difference of 33000 crore of Swaroopam defined or designed ?. Lakshmi thayar Swaroopam and sarasawathi thayar Swaroopam how it differs. Atmaku roopam kidyathu allava?.

Kshamikavum if it’s not a good question.

Dasan adiyen

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Although I’m so satisfied that dharma is always winning against silliness🙂
Keeping in mind that ,Above question might be little contradictory to vadakalai and thenkalai belief about our thaayar,I have great respect to both communities and their elders also towards our thaayar since I learnt lot from both, I choose to remain silent with fondness🙏🙏🙏

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