Thayar Atmava or Satvamaya Swaroopama?

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Adiyen ramanujadasan,

Swamy in your upanyasam many times you mentioned that thayar Kan asavil perumal anugrahirar , sirshtikirar endru. This doubt came in my mind, whether thayar Atmava or special sirshti with Swaroopam by perumal ? .

How the difference of 33000 crore of Swaroopam defined or designed ?. Lakshmi thayar Swaroopam and sarasawathi thayar Swaroopam how it differs. Atmaku roopam kidyathu allava?.

Kshamikavum if it’s not a good question.

Dasan adiyen

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Swamy and periyava any one share your view ? If it’s wrong questions admin please delete this content. Adiyen ramanujadasan! 🙏

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Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

No question is wrong Swamy as it came to our mind
“ahalihillen” so thAyAr has no seperation from Perumal.
PirAtti Mahalakshmi thAyAr is supreme that’s all Adiyen know
Whatever powers Perumal have , thAyAr also have
As aprAkrutham is not only for PerumAL but thAyAr too. 🙂

ThAyAr is not created by Perumal and shares the same Swaroopam as to that of PerumAL this is my understanding

For that matter any jeevAthmA too is anAdi & not subject to creation

This question may have come in this forum many times. Devareer can search for the same.

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