If Advaitar travel archiradi,will that soul realize its actually ‘sarguna’ brahmam=perumal enroute?

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adiyen ramanuja dasan

Sri acharya sri u ve velukkudi swamigal porpadhangale saranam

Swamy as different philosophy like dvait,advait,maadhva all have different
teachings, but shakshath sri athisesha as sri ramanujar established its sarguna brahmam sriman narayana ,adiyen has a doubt whether the vaishnava souls from other sects like advait,dvait realize about who perumal is and as parabrahmam enroute to archiradi margam ? (Hence they have been taught and following entirely different concept like nirguna etc their entire life as per their birth and teachings.)When do they realize that paramathma is actually sriman narayana opposite to their teachings?Please clarify devareer.

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Udayavar swamy, namaskaram. Each soul is likely to take its own trajectory to reach Perumal. For some the transformation from the partial-truth-philosophies to ultimate-truth-philosophy could occur in an instant, and for others (like ourselves) it could be a prolonged process. And it could occur at any time … each soul having its unique way of realising the ultimate truth of Perumal as the Parabrahmam and ourselves as His servants. So I believe it is difficult to generalise how it will happen for everyone.

adiyen dasan.

Good explanation swami


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