Sriperumbudur sri ramanujar

Ramanujarya Divyangya – DD Serve

Following the divine command of Swamy Ramanuja to maintain the holy shrines and ensure that flowers, chandan and prasadam are offered to the deity, we do daily maintenance as well as renovation of divya kshetrams. 

Daily Maintenance

To develop the above Divya desams, we appoint a bhagavata in the divya kshetram for complete maintenance of the garden. Nandavanam (garden) is maintained right from tilling and arranging source of water to wreathing garlands and offering to the deity. We also supply the required provisions and financially assist the paricharaka (cook). We have now taken up this service in Tirukkannangudi, Koviladi, Sirupuliyur, Kattumannarkoil, Thirunagari, and Alwar Thirunagarai.





Alwaar Thirunagari


We invite you to come and serve

Bhagavan gave us this body to serve him. For our members to realise this and reciprocate, we have established small facilities at 6 remote divyadesams. We invite you to come with family, stay here and do all possible services to the Lord. You will feel the spiritual energy. We invite you come with family, stay in our facility and serve the Lord there atleast for two days. To book your days and Divyadesam please click the below button:

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